Filipino voters should be blamed for the Philippines’ problems

I don’t think there is a point in holding elections in the Philippines. It’s so expensive and the whole process just disrupts normal activities and keeps Filipinos from moving forward. What is the point in going through something that won’t even change or improve how things are being run in the country anyway?

Before every election, the candidates use literally the same song and dance routine to entertain the voters. After the election is over, the candidates go back to doing everything they can to protect their family’s interests and virtually nothing that could benefit the rest of the population. It’s just ridiculous.

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If the Filipino voters are going to choose and elect their public servants from candidates who come from the same families who have been ruling the country for decades, then these families ought to just take turns in having a go at those lucrative positions in government; something like a contractual term will do. That’ll save us from bearing with all the empty slogans, campaign jingles, and adolescent mudslinging in the months leading to Election Day.

It’s getting harder and harder to feel sorry for Filipinos nowadays. They keep blaming others for their miseries when the fact is they are the ones who vote for the same people who cause much of their miseries. One can be forgiven for saying that Filipino voters are simply stupid, arrogant and just a bunch of losers.

At the moment, there are 178 dynasties ruling 73 of the 80 provinces in the Philippines. Now, that’s a lot. Who voted for these people? The answer: the same people who continue to complain about their wretched lives. Even a convicted plunderer can run again and again for public office. As long as he is popular, he and the rest of his family’s chances of winning are strong. It’s so pathetic.

Every three years the voters have an opportunity to vote for someone new and yet they still choose to vote for the same bozos. If Filipinos are tired of the same families who are running the country, why can’t they demand the end of the ruling of the dynasties? It should be easy enough to do if the clamor to end it is loud enough. The clamor for better candidates should culminate on Election Day, when voters choose someone who doesn’t belong to a ruling elite and someone who holds a true vision for the country.

Some Filipinos think that blaming the candidates is the way to go. Yes, majority of the candidates are taking advantage of the voter’s ignorance. These candidates deserve the scrutiny and some of the valid criticism. However, let us not ignore the fact that the voters are responsible for choosing the candidates.

Take a candidate like Nancy Binay. She is using her father’s popularity to win the election. Some of her critics are actually too harsh on her when they should be directing their anger at the voters. Nancy Binay or Bam Aquino would not even think twice about running if they knew they didn’t have a chance to win – if they knew the voters use their heads. But they know that having a popular family name is enough for them to win. What Nancy or Bam are doing may be unethical or wrong but they are comforted by the fact that it was the people who want them to win.

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According to Bobby Tuazon who is the director for policy studies at the Centre for People Empowerment in Governance, the country’s political landscape is ‘getting worse’. Here’s what he had to say about the mid-term elections:

Tuazon projected that when all votes are counted, 21 of the 24 Senate seats will fall under the control of political families. That includes former President Joseph Estrada’s two sons from different mothers. In the House of Representatives, about 80 percent of the 229 seats will also be dominated by dynasties.

“The government will remain under the control of the traditional political parties,” he said.

‘These are the same elites who control the economic resources of the country,’ Tuazon said. What is even more alarming for him is that clans are no longer content in fielding two or three family members each election cycle.

In the province of Maguindanao, where 34 journalists covering a campaign were killed in 2009, about 80 members of the Ampatuan family, which has been implicated in the massacre, are running for office.

I can’t help but think that Tuazon is letting the Filipino voters off the hook with regard to the worsening state of Philippine politics. It’s as if the Filipino people are not free to choose. Filipinos are free to vote for the right candidate but they choose the wrong ones most of the time. President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino is proof of this. I mean, why would the voters in Maguidananao still want to put any of the Ampatuan family in power after senior members of the clan allegedly massacred 52 innocent people? It’s so inconceivable.

Shaming the members of political dynasties does not even work. They have become dense and do not seem to have any shred of decency left. Since that is the case, shaming the voters could work instead in changing the political landscape in the Philippines. If the voters still prefer giving up their right to have a decent life, then members of the dynasties should just take turns ruling them, indeed. At the end of the day, Filipino voters should be blamed for how the public servants they voted for run the country.


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sadly Filipinos vote on
1. who they see on tv
2. who has entertained them the most
3. the last-name they’re familiar with

issues in terms of governance are ignored and qualifications are pretty much non-existent

scary thought that will soon be a nightmare reality the Philippines will face?

2016 Presidential Candidate: Kris Aquino
2016 Vice-President: Vice Ganda

ewan ko na lng ano ang mangyayari sa bansa pag nangyari na yun

“it’s more fun in the philippines!” di ba..

If only 80% of the voters pay their income taxes whether correctly or not, maybe we might see some improvement in electing the right people to public office.The most abused and most exploited group of people whose taxes are witheld to ensure payment also looks like not part of the plan. A columnist once suggested that voters who pay their income taxes should only be the one allowed to vote. He has a valid point there. Why will we allow non payers and they are the overwhelming majority of the voting populace decide and determine who to install in public… Read more »
I agree that nothing can be expected from the self interested politicians who consistently show themselves to be the dregs of human excrement and the height of political hypocricy. The system itself also acts as a closed shop and a practical deterrent to any potentially good candidates who are either priced out from running, shut out by the media, or shot down by motorcycle riding thugs. ‘Goons, guns, and gold’ is an appropriate summary of politics within the philippines, and representative of 3rd world politics in general. An example of the feudal system are the singsons of ilocos sur who… Read more »

If voting changed anything, then it would be declared illegal

In democratic countries voting is a right and duty, in the philippines it is a sport, and both a bloody and dirty one at that.

Voting day is the last time you see your political representative until the next election campaign

Voting is the political equivalent of signing a cheque for someone to steal your taxes.


team p-noy being very generous in giving back tax-payers money in the form of vote buyng.
they are not even hiding it now – must be desperate and sure of no repercussions.


Politics is showbiz for ugly people – an ATM machine for the corrupt, and a way of avoiding work for the lazy


Filipinos nowadays. they are so ignorant, for the way I see it,the basis of their vote is not on what they can do in the country but instead they base it whether that candidate has a good campaign jingle,a tv ads and WORST of all,what I really hated the most is those running candidates dancing or singing for the masa just to garner a vote.


Filipinos nowadays. they are so ignorant, for the way I see it,the basis of their vote is not on what they can do in the country but instead they base it whether that candidate has a good campaign jingle,a tv ads and WORST of all,what I really hated the most is those running candidates dancing or singing for the masa just to garner a vote.


God bless the Philippines. Filipinos just never learn their lessons. We can’t deny the fact that only a handful portion of the economy composes those who really scrutinize and use logic when casting their votes. Im sad.

Hyden Toro

If these candidates win. They will entertain us with Song and Dances , also. While they steal our taxmoney to buy condominiums in New York. If you will not dance to their tunes. Wala kang ibubulsa…na Pork Barrel. Aquino politics…it stinks…


filipinos are deprived of good and affordable education. during the spanish time, education is limited to the elite and even jose rizal, the national hero was not spared from the insults of the whites.

it’s a pity that up to now, filipinos are victims of billionaire psychopaths, and their business greed.

so, is being dumbed the issue or is it greed?

Agree. Everything is broken and only a few dare fix it. We can blame what happened to us in the past(spanish, american, japanese, church, media, etc) all we want for eternity and STILL be mired in mediocrity. Its because the ruling “masa”, who all these retard politicians court with noon-time-show-like-entertainment and dreams hand outs, are to blame. And, sorry for sounding like a conspiracy theorist here but why does the government let our education system tumble and falter? So the “masa” are left ignorant and un-educated so their minds are easier to manipulate? Sounds like they want them to be… Read more »

It’s just so pissing that I, who didn’t vote for these idiotic politicians, also had to suffer the consequences of having these same politicians in power, all because of the stupid voters who voted for them… >.<


I run a personal campaign to educate the Filipino voter in just one simple concept –

“It’s a secret ballot! So, take all the money that you are offered, from anyone who offers you money, help yourself to the groceries and whatever else is going, and then go and vote for the people whom you think will suit you best – you don’t need to “stay bought”!”


To all of you bashing the voters, one question: Where were you during the election campaign? If getting the right candidates to win is so important for you, what did you do to help that candidate win?

Get off the internet and start doing some legwork if you want to see change.


I help my candidates just by voting them. That’s it, simple as that.
They may say I’m stupid for voting them. Well, it’s a free country everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just like a conversation with a fellow in line on our precint. After exchanging who is our bets he said ” Magaling yun, kaya lang hinde mananalo un, sayang lang ang boto ko” Who do you think is more stupid?

@benig0 What I’m putting forward is that we can do more, much more than writing how stupid people are, to influence these things. How difficult a concept is that for YOU to understand? @Ilda I totally agree with your point. Platforms should be the basis of being elected. However, given the current situation, voices that need to be heard are those that are very hard for the people to hear. Is it wrong if we add ours to theirs if we support their platform? Should we be employed by the candidates first before we actively support them? What is so… Read more »

What is to look forward for our country. None. The people have spoken and they have utter the wrong word. Election have no more sense on its word as we do not see the urgency for national recovery. Our government is bound to fail, it is imminent.


its true that intelligent voters are out numbered by the lazy brains but dare not point your finger at anyone. 🙂


Republic of the Philippines pala??? Akala ko Kingdom of Philippines —> political dynasties eh

Pedro: Tatakbo ka ba sa susunod na election???
Juan: Oo, kaya mag-aartista muna ako

____ Resign! _____ Resign!… Ibaba natin sa pwesto.
*ang pwesto —> gawin na lang mayor