WD-40 Is Made Out of Fish Oil

And Other Stupid Things People Will Believe Because Its Retweeted or Reposted on Facebook

Remember a while back, Tim Yap mistakenly tweeted that some reporter had won the biggest Lotto prize?  A lot of people re-tweeted it and believed it because they thought that Yap was a credible journalist.

TV host and active Twitterer Tim Yap has apologized for wrongly claiming that Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter Miko Morelos won the P741 million jackpot prize of the 6/55 Grand Lotto. Yap Tweeted: “It was an honest mistake. My apologies if any of you were offended by the mistweet, although I clarified it in my next tweets that Mr. Morelos wasn’t the winner but the reporter who covered the lotto proceedings. I tweeted those messages without any malice or ill intentions. I have already spoken to Mr. Morelos and personally apologized to him.”

His apology for being inaccurate MISSED THE POINT by a whole mile! The identity of a Lotto winner should never be revealed because of the probably harm that may happen to them.

Three years after Yap’s embarrassingly thoughtless tweet, we have yet another instance where thousands of people believed something just because it was tweeted by a supposedly “credible” person.

Carlos Celdran, cultural activist and ambassador of freedom, said through Twitter and Facebook on March 18, 2013:

SM will try to convince Olivier Ochanine of the PPO on Wednesday that they are committed to building a “state of the art venue” at the Philamlife Hall. CONFIRMED. They are tearing down Philamlife. And of course you know “State of the Art” means CHEAP, UGLY, BADUY architecture in place of a half century old classic. Seriously. FUCK you, Sy Family. FUCK YOU. #FuckYouOfTheDay


carlos celdran says fuck you henry sy

As it turned out, SMDC had not finalized any plans for the Philamlife Building or the Philamlife Theater.   This makes Celdran’s rant unfair, baseless, and speculative.

How could Celdran at all say that “State of the Art means CHEAP, UGLY, BADUY architecture” when no architectural plans had been finalized?  It seemed he was critiquing something that existed ONLY IN HIS MIND.

Fuck You SM Carlos Celdran
Does this look like a person you can engage in a dialogue? I don’t think so.

What made this worse was his use of libelous profanity against the entire Sy family!

This is just plain wrong on so many respects, not the least of which is that Celdran’s use of profanity cut the route towards FREE and OPEN dialogue  — something that could have helped immensely in convincing the Sys to preserve the Philamlife Building, IF THAT WAS CELDRAN’S OBJECTIVE.

Can you imagine, if instead of engaging in “shocktivisim”, Celdran sought the more sober and dignified route?  Perhaps this could have convinced the Sys about the architectural and cultural value of the entire building.  After all, the Sys are shrewd business people and if there IS value in something, it would be against their interests to destroy it.

Of course, all that is speculation at this point and we will NEVER know what could have happened — all thanks to Celdran’s drama.

As it now turns out, it seems that ONLY the Philamlife theater will be saved instead of the entire building and this is largely credited to Olivier Ochanine — NOT CELDRAN.

Music lovers can rest easy after residential property developer SM Development Corp. (SMDC) said it would “save and preserve” the “culturally historic” Philamlife Theater in Manila following pleas from heritage conservation advocates.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the firm led by tycoon Henry Sy vowed to preserve “the complete theater, including all its elements and most especially its acoustics” in close consultation with the country’s music, acoustics and design experts.

The commitment was made following a dialogue between SMDC vice chair and chief executive officer Henry Sy Jr. and Olivier Ochanine, music director and chief conductor of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.


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John B

That was quick!

I’m a WD-40 user and I don’t beleive it is made out of fish oil, if so then I would be taking it as a dietary supplement. Ha ha. In this day and age of technology being within arms length of everybody, this age where you can say anything for the world to see even the most trivial thing like, what you are eating where now, you are depressed now, it’s really easy to believe anything. Filipinos wouldn’t now how to filter tons of information provided by these technology, that is why we have a joke of a president and… Read more »
gersky arellano

And let’s make Celdran one of the directors too of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra..lol..

Johnny Saint

Wonder how Carlos Celdran would react if someone started a Twitter campaign announcing HIS demise? Or possibly his disappearance perpetrated by shadowy business tycoons who do not appreciate his irresponsible rabble rousing 😉

Johnny Saint

BTW YouTube is shutting down after they announce the contest winners 😀

Carlita's Way
Nagsalita si Mang Salvador… https://www.facebook.com/notes/atanacio-salvador/of-liars-and-haters/628816110468464 Of Liars and Haters by Atanacio Salvador (Notes) on Friday, April 5, 2013 at 10:12am My Facebook activity has been limited to occasional forayson certain issues, rarely do I go online. But in the past couple of weeks Ihave been active on Facebook because of my posting of my views on CarlosCeldran’s “F*ck You” series of posts, comments and photos against magnate HenrySy, his family and their property development corporation and the resultingreactions to these. Many have posted about SMDC’s purchase and possibledevelopment plans and the effects on the Philamlife building and specificallytheater in Manila,but… Read more »

I was watching a video on Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, and an actor said, “It’s never the events that make us disturbed, but our view of them,” (the premise of REBT). Looks like those thinking SM is lying and will still demolish the theatre are disturbed only by their view of the SM issue, even if events show otherwise.


And this is another lesson on journalistic “kuryente” brought to you by WD-40.

Don’t give the guy in the dunces hat too much credit. Not only does he not deserve it but it is almost certainly a fact that the clown had little or nothing to do with whatever decision was made by the family to do whatever they saw fit to do. Giving the family the benefit of the doubt by saying that they “see the benefit in it” is pretty absurd as well. Like any whore, whatever is in their own best, self-serving interest, that is what they will do. It doesn’t matter at all what anyone, especially the idiot in… Read more »
Mega mall manic speaks some more hate towards whats right in the Philippines and that’s Carlos Celedran. Don’t you get tired of the stupid campaining and dumb songs at 6am in the morning and then through out the day, no you don’t because your buddies are about to make killing talking smack on TV with no debates what so ever and then it’s on to stealing the money legally, it’s time somebody comes out to speak with his middle finger rigid and stiff at SM and other mega Chinese owned malls they all suck to hell, so do these same… Read more »