I Have Seen the Future and it is EXPATS!!!

I was thinking about the future of the Philippines in regard to Expat retirees and the consequences are turning frightening and it is only the beginning.

When I moved here in 2005, the Philippines was a relatively quiet place relative to the number of foreigners that were here or let’s say “I perceived to be here” On any given day in any city (Manila to an extent, Davao, Cebu, Dumaguete) I could literally count on one hand if that, the number of foreigners I would see in that day.

philippines_retirementSeven years later that is a distant memory and now takes multiples of hands and feet and then some to do the counting. Frankly, what is evolving is fast becoming a nightmare that could spell disaster for the CULTURE of this Country. The expression “Be Careful What You Wish For” could soon become a reality (within three to five years) and many will probably regret it happening!!!

Now a lot of what I am about to write is conjecture on my part based on my good common sense, some logic and statistics that cannot be argued with!!!

Most of the guys I have been meeting over the past 7 years are retirees of the “Baby Boomer” generation. I too am a Baby Boomer but at the tail end of the time frame. For those of you not familiar with this, let me clear it up for you

From 1946 to 1964, more than 76 million babies were born in the U.S.A., part of the generation known as the “Baby Boomers.” On January 1st, 2011 the very first Baby Boomers turned 65 and beginning on that day and every single day since, more than 10,000/day of these Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65. This is going to keep happening every single day for the next 19 years until ……are you ready mathematicians 2030!!! And this does not include “Baby Boomers” from Europe ( ? ) Australia(5 million), Canada(8 million), Japan(7.7 million) and other Asian countries. HELLO!!!

Now as I alluded to earlier, only seven years ago the Philippines was a relatively quiet place expat population wise. That is now changing on such a drastic level that in my opinion, the Country can and in fact Will Be totally overwhelmed and overrun by foreigners within the next three to five years. But it’s such a large country many would argue. True but not true. There are many rural areas of the country that are technically habitable by westerners but in reality most foreigners will end up as they are now, settling within comfortable driving distance of the more popular towns and cities. I could name many of these places out of my head as they don’t really amount to as many as you might think. Therein lays a problem. Overcrowding

Right now in Dumaguete I am starting to feel like the Filipino are the visitors and the expats are the permanent residents. I see so many here and on recent trips to Cebu and have no doubt the same condition exists in Davao and other cities as well.

Let’s look at some of the logical reasoning behind this;

1. 10,000/day turning 65 (just from U.S.A. alone);

2. Too expensive to live in the States for many on fixed income (Philipines is very affordable offering a nice life for the typical SS income); In fact 40% of retirees are dependent on fixed income and to live and countries like the Philippines are attractive living options;

3. Beautiful young and attractive women (or not – all types available) here for the taking even if you have leprosy and weigh 500 lbs. you can still pick and choose;

4. Nice Weather (very attractive for all those guys from Michigan lol);

5. English widely spoken;

6. Friendliness of the people;

7. Did I mention about the very hot women and cheap living costs;

8. Great medical facilities;

9. Affordable housing;

10. Malls

You get the picture!!!

I mean where are these retirees going to go? Yes there is Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and parts of Central and South America and they too are starting to experience an expat population explosion but the Philippines is the only one of the bunch that has a fairly good English speaking population.

So what exactly will be the Negative and Positive consequences of all this.


1. Inflation from increased demand for goods and services from a growing middle class much of it occurring from increased foreign investment in local call centers and other domestic opportunities for the Filipinos here and OFW incomes being sent home. Also from increased demand from foreigners for housing, food, etc…;

2. Overcrowding from both Filipinos and Retirees;

3. More road traffic (from more affluent Filipinos and Foreigners alike)

4. Lack of infrastructure to keep up with this;

5. Lack of resources to keep up with this;

6. Loss of identity for the Country;

7. More crime and scams of foreigners by foreigners to each other and from Filipinos;

8. More violence against foreigners from locals much of it nationalistic from our taking too many of their women in such a short time frame

9. A less than desirable demographic of expat retirees coming here many representing the lower levels of American Society: The uncultured, uneducated, mentally challenged (from Vietnam and other PTSD causing events), with addictions such as alcoholism and drugs, some with tendencies toward violence against women, pedophilia and many other less than desirable factors.

Yes I realize I am making some broad (wide stroke) insinuations but, I believe them to be credible!!! Remember I have lived here for seven year and run into people like this all the time. I didn’t invent them.

1. Better availability of various westernized and other foreign products;

2. More private housing for rent and sale;

3. More restaurant options.

The writing is on the wall. 10,000 Americans a day RETIRING!!! And many of them looking to Countries like this to live

About the only thing that can change this trend is a stronger peso as this will force many fixed income expats to move to other countries like perhaps Cambodia and Vietnam to name just two right now. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish “just a little bit” for this to happen. I actually like and would prefer the tranquility of things now and really dread the idea of it continuing on its current expat growth path despite my writing a blog aimed toward that growing market.

Regards: Corey -  http://mylifeinthephilippines.com


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Complete nonsense.

The foreign population comprised 0.2 percent of the 92 million total household population


Abu Sabayag

Corey, the solution to this is to establish your own terrorist organization to scare them all away. You can rival the MILF down south. Call yourselves the MILF Hunters.

Paul Farol (@paulfarol)

Nice one Corey!

However, if it were me, I wouldn’t have place “hot women” in the same sentence as “cheap living costs”.

Otherwise, I agree with what you said here.

Nonsense. Lots of vague statistics, but not one that reflects an official figure of immigrants/retirees from the Philippines Dept of Immigration (and obvious source for credible substantiation no?). Huge conclusions leapt towards in relation to the ‘nature’ of expats in the Philippines. Not all are sex tourists, drug addicts and undesirables… It’s a shameful generalization and shows a very limited mindset by the author. Likewise, a very one-sided portrayal of the ‘attractions’ of the Philippines. It’s relatively (by Asia standards) expensive to live here if you desire any western (imported) comforts. Likewise, visas, fees and the un-ending ‘skin tax’ makes… Read more »
Robert Haighton
Corey, I wonder in what statistic do you yourself fall under? Secondly, we – the dutch – are dealing with same problems here. (Too) many imports from countries like Turkey and Morocco (both non-EU-members). I suggest the dutch government would set new rules for others to permanently reside here by imposing a law of education. YOu are only allowed in the country if you have graduated from at least a specific level of scholing. At this moment the only thing a non-EU individual has to do is an integration exam and a language exam. The latter is only to prevent/avoid… Read more »

Initially, I fell under the sex statistic. But I got a major heart attack literally one month after I moved here, so I had to change my original motivation which was to try and break sexual encounter records. Instead, I met a great woman and we settled down and had a beautiful daughter. I still have lots of sex, but with my partner LOL Oh darn Sorry, now its called “making love”

I agree that most americans here are uncultured and loners who also seem to be losers in life, with more chips on their shoulders than a branch of mcdonalds, ( i see them everywhere and understand why US gets little respect in the world), usually too fat, old, and ugly to get a decent woman in their homeland, and always with an anger about their own country, so they boost their low self-esteem by getting a desperate, low educated young girl here to try and impress ( akin to legal paedophilia), but thats americans for you – not the sharpest… Read more »
on a serious note i agree that there is a missed opportunity to provide a holistic retirement plan to foreigners – i even discussed it with a senator a couple of years ago. specific locations, retirement villages with care, facilities etc. the models exist elsewhere and particularly when nurses cannot get jobs here and the health care system is generally good. reciprocal tax agreements. panama is the model and always comes out as top retirement destination in the world, and even no tax there for retirees. when i lived in cyprus i realised why so many filipinas were employed there… Read more »
I know two gentlemen that are planning on doing just this here in Dumaguete. One man is a super rich foreigner that is doing a kind of time share/condo unit medical tourism facility. You invest in a unit that would house a patient and receive a percentage of his or her room rental. Another guy is planning a hotel for sick people. Come and stay and get oxygen as well type of thing. I think if we waited for anyone in government to do anything unless it was self serving we would be waiting a long time. One great things… Read more »
This article is close to being rubbish.. Consider this: 1. Of the 10,000 retirees a day, how many of them would be willing to up roots and come here..yes, I’m Filipino and travelled around. The level of quality available in Thailand and Malaysia does not even compare to the Philippines. 2. Your description of foreigners who would want to retire here seems very judgemental! I’m sure there are people like that but by and large, everyone should stop perpetuating that foreigners (specifically white men above the age of 40) is only here for some flesh. It is very offensive to… Read more »
3. You also cited loss of identity – what is there to lose? If anything, the Filipinos are so insulated. It would be good for them to be exposed to outside thinking and be influenced by good habits. I can name some more. The most important thing is this: the possible investment boom that come from the baby boomers (if they do choose to live here) is positive. I see no point as to why you would want Filipinos not to welcome THIS HUGE OPPORTUNITY. It should be embraced by every Filipino citizen because it will give them job opportunities… Read more »

Yeah, even germans (and I think the whole Western European countries) are seeing this trend.


tom shaw
Most countries have a large expat contingent and many of them contribute to culture. A fine example, I was looking for a filipino novel in the amazon book store. I chose the Filipino best seller dan brown’s hell is home to heroes and angels. I really enjoyed it. I like reading a chapter a night in bed. But imagine my surprise, the author is a foreigner. In our town the small shops benefit from expat pensioners. Overseas pensions help our town and the old folk are quiet people. We have construction, resorts, one factory all financed with foreign money. what… Read more »
Overpopulation? Count the number of children born to Filipinos because of lack of contraception, this is whats causing overpopulation, you goof. Hot women? Hot women come at a price and if foreigners choose to pay for it whats wrong with that which ever way it goes the Pinoy economy is benefiting with influx of western money. Prices going up? Thats not the foreigner fault, tht the fault of GREEDY CHINEESE COMPANIES LIKE ‘ROBINSONS’ CHARGING HIGH PRICES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN. More foreigners are leaving the Philippines than arriving because they are being screwed here in every department. They have no… Read more »
I have mixed feelings about this posting. First, I agree with feeling greatly offended that all of us Kano in the Philippines are here for the 17 year olds! I am married to the same wonderful Ilocana x 25 years and live the Philippines for itself, not to “try to break sexual records.” Can’t tell you how offensive I found that sentence. At least you seem to have grown up some since then. However, I also agree with many of the sentiments. Americans do tend to act badly overseas AND the Philippine government tends to treat foreigners badly also. Fine… Read more »
If you want to see the future of the Philippines, you can probably look to Thailand, where retirees, expats and shorter and longer term visitors have reached very high levels. Personally I think this have had a huge impact, not on Thai culture or the Thais, but on the perception of foreigners and living costs. Violent crime against foreigners have increased in places like Phuket, living costs in Bangkok in particular have skyrocketed and there is a general sense of Thais being fed up and annoyed by the large number of foreigners. For that reason, I don’t think Thailand is… Read more »
I am a 40yo man who lives with his mom. I was a kept man in my 20s and early 30s, then I got old and my luck ran out. I’m sort of lazy and have been well taken care of by boyfriends of the past and my family. I finally want to be on my own but I don’t have a degree or great work history. I don’t have much money. I dropped out of college. There’s not much I can do in The US. I applied for govt services, but I’m more well-spoken than the caseworker and I… Read more »
Justin Karcher

Hello Keyboard warrior….
Trott off and do a short course in global economics in order to work out the major positive benefits of your little, almost never heard of before town, attracting expats.
God forbid, you might end up with a job as the local journo, but you need to pick up your game when it comes to research!

Well I don’t see much balance in the article and as the author stated, there are no real facts here just conjecture, xenophobia, prejudice, etc. I am in Colombia and you can find a steady stream of similiar postings by some frustrated local guys who speak enough english to post in the expat forums claiming same things…foreigners stealing their women and driving up the price of real estate. I recall looking into the statistics, not easy to nail down, that in the city of Medellin with like 4 million Cololmbians where there are like 8000 permanent foreign residents. Yea that’s… Read more »

So an expat complaining of expats. Brilliant. What an idiot hypocrite. Name any country and you can find groups you don’t like. I got an idea, if you don’t like where you live, move. Good day.