Teach me how to fish…not to dougie

First he called it a “pro-poor budget”; now he calls it an “empowering national budget”.

Read in the papers that the President calls the PhP2.006 trillion national budget “…an instrument to give the common man the power to control and improve his life…”

I find three items in the General Appropriations Act of 2013 that wouldn’t fit my simple definition of “control and power over how to improve one’s life”, these items are:

• PhP8.4 billion allocation to programs and projects proposed by local officials
• PhP17.5 billion allocation to local government units
• PhP44.2 billion allocation to the conditional cash transfer program

Bullet number 1 is controlled by local officials and politicians while bullet number 2 is the same dog with a different collar. Bullet number 3, it is like – I play the music and you dance.

For bullet number 1, a local government unit proposes a project to the Palace and the Palace grants. Will the Palace favors one local government unit from another? Is that a question?

For bullet number 2, the delivery of that allocation is delayed or fast-tracked depending on which side of the fence you are in.

For bullet number 3, they say it is promoting a “culture of dependency”. Why are they doing it? Because it is easier to give “dole-outs” than to fix, for example, our problem on joblessness with the recent National Statistics Office (NSO) figures at 2.8 million unemployed people.

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All bullets are “popular” budgeting move; designed to create waves and a lot of noise.

The budget secretary was quoted and he identified two factors that will “…support the economic upswing we have enjoyed this year…” and these two are: pre-election infrastructure spending by local government units (from bullets 1 and 2); and, “the feverish spending for the May 2013 elections”.

Popular and short-sighted.

I wish it is as simple as saying that all we need is a good economy and this starts with jobs for everyone or at least for the majority. Jobs come from business and from investments. I wish it is as simple as saying that we need to attract investments and investors with the government coming up with sound policies and regulations and not be tempted to change business and economic policies and regulations midway just because that move or change is “popular”.

I wish the government would stop dancing; or making us dance.

Well, isn’t it that the key to life is going back to basics; making things and solutions simpler?

You want to empower me? Give me a job.

Teach me how to fish.

Do not teach me how to dougie to your music.


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I am working with a large-scale mining company that adheres to responsible mining and sustainable development principles.

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I am working with a large-scale mining company that adheres to responsible mining and sustainable development principles.

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Pastor Ernie
What is wrong with serving the poor? The Bible is very clear that we must serve and help the poor. Luke 14:13, 14 “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” I am tired of you “fake Christians” who just talk about being a Catholic or a Christian yet do not do what their Bible says is required of them. You can’t just talk the talk you need to walk the walk. Do you even know your own Bible? Why don’t actually spend time on reading… Read more »
If “kindness is your goal” are you sure what you are doing is actually a kindness? Giving someone sustenance rather than giving them the opportunity and freedom to earn it for themselves is slavery, not kindness. 15% of discretionary funds at the disposal of congressman and senators lack any proper accounting. They are considered “unspecified” because of the lack of information about the projects the money is used for. Deputy House Speaker Lorenzo Tanada III justified this by saying detailing all the information “becomes too tedious” for the barangays. Politicians at the Provincial and Municipal levels regularly grant contracts to… Read more »
Thomas Jefferson

I am for teaching the poor how to fish. It is more acceptable than the palliative mendicancy program of the current yellow administration. But then, BS Aquino is teaching all of us examples. Examples that should not be emulated.



Points to consider. 1. In reality, we can’t have every able-bodied and unemployed person get a job.(given there are other factors on not getting a job like qualification and unemployment will always exists)and at most cases, the job is way underpaid. 2. Doling out the poor is a good way for the tax payer in “helping the poor” who can’t find no means at all. 3. If you think dole-outs given to the poor with taxpayer money is not well-managed, might as well do it yourself.(charity works) 4.Of course you can teach a man how to fish the only question… Read more »
Lord Chimera

Jesus a socialist? Next we know the imposition of a socialist system on our state is justified because it is the lord’s Will. Pastor I will tell this to your face Jesus had no particular affiliation and no amount sweet talking in your part will not hide the fact that your sweet words have poison in them. Truth be told your are interpreting the Good Book according to your will not God’s will. Hmph, false teacher…..


I suggest you folks ignore “Pastor” Ernie. GRP is starting to turn into a theological forum.

Capitalism is the noblest triumph of humanity. Not the kind of government controlled, crony capitalism that is crippling economies around the world but the kind that encourages creativity and ingenuity. In a vibrant, successful economy there will always be found people willing to help others.


Pastor Ernie forgot one important scripture:

2 Thessalonians 3:10

“He who does not work should not eat.”

Makes me wonder: Are the poor, poor because they refuse to work? In the end people need jobs. They should work for their own keep.


Teach people ‘how to fish’ is really a simple solution, basically. But we all know that our problem is not really that simple. It would take a president longer than a regular term to address the complexity of the problem. Or it would require a not so simple approach to solve it even beyond the current administration’s watch.


Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach him to use the Internet, and he won’t bother you for weeks!

Dear pastor, Stop giving genuine believers a bad name. And stop misinterpretting and taking the word of God out of context. Remember how the devil tempted and tested Jesus by distorting a passage from the book of Deutoronomy? Look this up in the godspells of Matthew and Luke. And it’s a shame that you think our Lord is a socialist. Socialism even negates the authority of an absolute leader. And God is an absolute who actually walks his talks unlike the rest of us. Remember this quote from Jesus “My kingdom is not of this world”? Shouldn’t it be clear… Read more »