Filipino penitents crucified for real in observance of the Easter ‘Holy Week’ in the Philippines

Wasn’t Saint Peter crucified head down because (as tradition tells us) he did not feel worthy to die like his Lord Jesus Christ? Apparently some don’t subscribe to that belief. Keeping to a renowned tradition of subjecting themselves to extreme self-flagellation, Filipino penitents have themselves crucified — for real — in Mining, Pampanga, Philippines. The whole thing was captured by photographer Benny Aldaba.

See the complete album of photos on Facebook here.

* * *

Centurion and cohorts looking for the accused–with a motorized detachment (above).

A really long nail (above).

The agony of a two-inch nail driven through your palm (above).

Hammering the nail in (above).

Nailed (above).

Penitent whipped with palm stalks (above).

* * *

[Photos published here with permission from photographer Benny Aldaba. For more info or to get in touch with Benny, refer to his Facebook profile at]


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[…] friend Karl to the Philippines. They should visit during the Holy Week celebration and try being crucified like Jesus Christ. The problem is, there are so many onion-skinned Filipinos that are not mature enough to handle […]

Hyden Toro
Sometimes, I think religions made people crazy. They nail themselves to crosses. They strapped bombs to their bodies, and blow themselves up, and the non believers. They sit down for a long time, emptying their minds. They go and bath in some Rivers, they believe are Holy…Politicians used religions to deceived people, in order to win elections. Ancient Kings and Emperors called themselves Gods….to have absolute Powers…Cory Aquino is being nominated for Sainthood, inspite of her Greed on massive land scam of the Hacienda Luisita…Maybe, her daughter, Kris Aquino will be the next, to be nominated for Sainthood. This is… Read more »

Emperor Constantine in his quest to stay in power allied himself with the troublesome but very fragmented Christians whose strategy of fanatical terrorism is very much similar to that of our present day Talebans. Thus was sown the seeds of organized religion.

Daido Katsumi

I can never dig to this. Even Archie Gerona calls this as an insult. And indeed it was.

Yes, this is indeed insulting. True Christians do something more constructive- and more heart felt than this trash demonstration of ‘faith’. I don’t think that most Filipinos are real Christians. To begin with, when has there ever been a filipino leader of ANY organisation of any kind employed the Christian values that taught them? Not anyone who said ‘Lord, Lord’ is saved. God would rather spit people out who are spiritually lukewarm. Now, I’ve met atheists who are even more Christianly than most of these other ‘Christians’. I don’t mind rituals if they are expressions of their love for God.… Read more »

And I don’t think it’s a Spanish thing either. The Spanish were into self-flagellation, but they weren’t so stupidly religious that they would get crucified for the fun of it.

They showed how real crucifictions were done by the Romans on NG, and it isn’t at all anything like what the Pinoy Priders do. The real ones were meant to squeeze every pain receptor in the body for all their worth, while making the victim suffocate, like drowining in air. All the Pinoy Priders do is show off and lay bullshit.


[…] in the Philippines is renowned for its tradition of penitents performing actual self-inflicted crucifixions during the Easter […]


Folk catholicism. *facepalm*

Filipino priests would encourage it rather than tell people to get off their hungry asses and work.

They even crucify people in the wrong manner. Just goes to show they don’t do real research into their faith and the history behind it. It’s not about Jesus’ suffering and humiliation anymore, it’s for promoting Pinoy Pride.


To begin with, when has there ever been a filipino leader of ANY organisation of any kind employed the Christian values that taught them?
-this is just wrong to say..

Priests have been trying to stop the people from the ritual even condemning it, it’s hard to remove from the culture

Try and visit and help them understand

I truly do not understand the real reason why some people do this. Is it due to ignorance of the true reason why Jesus Christ died on the cross? Don’t they know that penitence does not get rid of sins? If what they want is for their sins to be forgiven all they have to do is to humbly ASK the Lord for forgiveness; repent. (Isaiah 55:7 Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them TURN to the LORD, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for HE WILL FREELY PARDON)… Read more »

[…] [ad_1] Many non believers are curious to know why Jesus had to died on the cross for their sins when…n order to offer up his life blood as a ransom for our […]

Sean Akizuki

Epal politicians might as well crucify themselves: