Crowdsourcing Raissa Robles’s shoplifting allegations

Recently we exhibited the most current case study of the banal bias that top-dog Filipino media network ABS-CBN consistently applies in its “news reporting” when it featured as its top headline a blog post by “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles on the alleged vast United States property portfolio held by Chief Justice Renato Corona.

According to Robles, the information that went into this “report” was obtained “through ‘crowdsourcing’ in her blog”. By this, she means that she was given “leads” by a mob of readers and commentators who follow and participate in the “discussion” on the comment threads of her blog — a self-styled “Plaza Miranda” of Filipino “netizens”.

For those who are not familiar with the buzzword, “crowdsourcing” is turn-of-the-century consultingspeak for the process of obtaining the sort of information Pontius Pilate worked with when he had Jesus Christ crucified. In short, it is not a new concept. Like the good consultants that concocted the Y2K scam that built the tech carpetbagging empires of the late 1990’s, Robles merely applied a glossy coat of tech-speak over a medieval approach to inquiry. She follows the tradition of other famous atrocities that justified themselves on groundwork laid by “crowdsourcing” — the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Holocaust to name a few.

But then

Crowdsourcing is a distributed problem-solving and production process that involves outsourcing tasks to a network of people, also known as the crowd. This process can occur both online and offline. The difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific other body.

Mmmbut of course it is, Moneypenny.

To be fair, perhaps we live in a society where the mantra “if we can’t beat ’em, join ’em” has proven to be an excellent survival strategy. Indeed, Philippine politics and governance is built upon that elegantly simple philosophy. So let’s apply a bit of Robles’s investigative expertise to our own mini-Inquisition on the perceived “fairness” and “objectivity” of some Philippine media honchos, shall we?

Since Robles is in the habit of using only one “crowd” as her “source”, perhaps we should also lazily confine our journey to a single crowd as well — the netizens of pioneering discussion forum (PEx). In the thread titled “On Karen Davila, Raissa Robles, ABS-CBN, Inquirer and other members of Yellow media”, the crowd has spoken. Tele-journalist Karen Davila is perceived to be “neutral” though one commentor called her “an airhead” who only speaks English with the right accent and tends to disproportionately agree a lot with “Senator” Antonio Trillanes. Former vice president Noli de Castro is also perceived to be neutral (perhaps a tad critical of the present administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquuno III), though some call him Noli “Kabayad”.

One commentor came to Davila’s defense (responding to the “airhead” dismissal) but also provided a counterbalance to his/her said defense…

She’s probably a good person, and is one of the most well known news readers sa Pilipinas, pero di ko talaga gusto style nya [“though I really don’t like her style”].

Parang medyo mababaw ang pinag huhugutan, at medyo forced ang style nya na gawing [“A bit shallow and rather forced in a way that makes…”] more important and historic and earth shattering yung news than it actually is.

But it seems that there is consensus that Conrado de Quiros, Ted Failon, Rene Saguisag, Willie Esposo, and of course Raissa Robles are biased in favour — perhaps even under the payroll — of the ruling Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan. Some words used to describe them include “ultimate Aquino Apologist”, “real yellow media zombies”, “Noytard”, etc. The “crowd” there was also quite convinced that “social news network” is as Yellow a media operation as yellow gets. Reacting to the way Davila retweeted Robles’s tweet, “Pls. compare Villaruz’ testimony with my piece interviewing Dumayas. He signed actual tax declaration 4 Corona condo”, a PEx member there observed:

umepal na naman sa Twitter ang Yellow zombies na sina Karen Davila at Raissa Robles. here’s a Tweet of Yellow Zombie Raissa that was retweeted by fellow Yellow Zombie Karen … [above quote of tweet followed]

Translation of Tagalog parts: “Yellow zombies Karen Davila and Raissa Robles are grandstanding on Twitter again…”

…which was followed by a query on whether both (or maybe just Robles) wrote for — it seems, a natural assumption considering that is seen to be “so yellow [too]”. As another observed while, at the same time, indicting veteran tele-journalist Cheche Lazaro as another one of them “yellows”: “Cheche Lazaro is, if i’m not mistaken, one of the founders of Rappler. we all know what Rappler’s real color is.” It seems that many in the “crowd” mistakenly consider Robles to be a conscript as one observed that “naglalabas ng lagim ngayon ang since nawasak ang prosecution” (“The gloves are off at now that the Prosecution case had been demolished”) in reaction to the posts “hindi pa rin nagbago itong si Raissa Robles” (“Raissa Robles still hasn’t changed”) and “ginagawa lang ni Raissa ang trabaho na ipinatrabaho sa kanya” (“Raissa is just doing the job she was commissioned to do”).

Some of the dynamics between supposed “Twitter friends” Davila and Robles raised eyebrows

Just in DZMM.

Reporting about the alleged properties.

Vic Lima: Who’s Raissa Robles??? Blogger ba yan?

Karen Davilla: (quiet, no answer)

I find it odd that they “seem” to be “acting” that they don’t know her all of a sudden. Aren’t Karen and Raissa twitter friends? I find it hard to believe that for once Karen has no comment nor a backgrounder on said person.

It seems the “crowd” had noticed the way Davila suddenly distanced herself from Robles after her status as a blogger (given undue profile by Davila’s employer) came to light.

And this

Anthony Taberna just now stated on air that Raissa Robles is a contributing reporter for ABS-CB[N].

Um. Didn’t Vic Lima and Karen Davila [get] a memo/notice about their co-worker?

Quite peculiar indeed.

The plot thickens as another member of the “crowd” noted just yesterday, the 27th March that “Karen just confirmed that she does not know Raissa ‘personally’ and that her work is ‘balanced journalism’. Let’s hold on to this.”

Most intriguing of all was a post as of 3:22 am (Philippine time) today, the 28th of March…

gash! is it also true that Raissa Robles is a KLEPTOMANIAC?!

She was caught in a posh botique shop somewhere in greenhills (one of my amiga personally know the owner of the shop and we have shops in greenhills din no, so ang news madaling kumalat yan! hahaha!) and her husband only arranged to the owner of the shop not to file charges as an exchange she will undergo a psychiatric evaluation!

As of this time, that piece of information remains unverified. But then, hey, if über network ABS-CBN News is in the business of publishing “unverified” reports delivered to them from “investigative journalist” wannabes, then I suppose there’s no harm in highlighting a few choice gems from the PEx “crowd”, right? What was the term again? Oh yeah, crowdsourcing.

Well there it is. To give credit to myself, I used a “crowd” for my sources that is not directly affiliated with moi. Can’t say the same for some “investigative journalists”.


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great article 🙂


LOL.. ang husay.. hindi boring…


Hahaha love it! Crowdsourcing versus crowdsourcing. Nice one!

adolfo mortera

Ok then, let’s “crowdsource” Raissa Klepto, oops, Raissa Robles. Play her game. Tits for Tits, oops, Tit for Tat.

Great article, amigo. Keep it up!


Tee-hee. Very clever article. Let’s beat her in her own game. ^^


can say crowdsourcing journalism????


very interesting. that puts these non-journalists in their place – at the bottom of the pile.

robles seems unbalanced not just in her writing but now clearly in her head. shoplifting and lying are cries of anger. very revealing.
no wonder her husband alan lives in brussels, with his ‘friend’, according to sources.

and shame on karen davila – but she sold out a long time ago. – follow the money.

they are too unethical to even feel shame about how they poison young uneducated minds with their partisan reporting.

Ronaldo Patrocinio

This article deserves an award for being awesome! Hahahha XD


crowd sourcing?..kaya pala

nelson ongpauco

may ibedensia ba kayo sa nangyari sa greenhill baka naman naiinggit lang kayo .dahil madalas na siyang na babalita sa gmanews

Domingo Arong
BenignO Kleptomania is defined as “an obsessive impulse to steal regardless of economic need.” So, I don’t think Robles falls under the “economic” aspect of that mania, but she might very well qualify instead as a shoplifter or even a pickpocket, the professional kind you regularly meet “sourcing” among the sidewalk crowd. There’s also this “admitted rumor” that Robles was seen walking with a limp sometime a few weeks back which may have a direct connection with this other event–or may be spun to have. Thus, the “unverified” part of this Robles-seen-limping tale that any weaver of takes should pursue… Read more »

this is in response to what she is also doing… crowdsourcing… naniwala sya sa mga sinabi ng kanyang mga supporters “kuno” so why not believe in this too? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Sabi nga nila kung ano ang itinanim mo sya ring aanihin mo. Mararamdaman din nya kung ano ang pakiramdam ng ginagawa nyang paninira sa kapwa nya. Wala sanang masama kung may patunay sya kaso crowdsourcing lang e, parang “mob”.


let raissa robles come clean about her statement of working for the times of london and the BBC. (they have standards she would never understand, or remotely achieve) – the truth – she never did, but she carefully says “pieces for”!. what is that – a street interview.
clearly likes to embellish/distort the facts!
failed journalist seeking attention and wants/needs money for old age. a presstitute.

Amir Al Bahr

At the end of the day, benign0 can simply say:

“No, I’m not saying that Raissa Robles tried to rob a shop in Greenhills. Heavens, no.”

Crowdsourcing, as she is bound to realize, ultimately yields quantity of data with very little quality (substance). And Filipinos are suckers for this.

ma.cristina jesus
ma.cristina jesus

nag-improve na nga konti miss karen davila,dati kung magtanong yan sa mga guest nya walang sustansya,but regardless of that improvement,I still think they art in cahoot with this destroy the CORONAS.a very big SHAME ON YOU yellowtards!


what’s wrong with the crowdsourcing idea? I don’t know why you would want to hit ms. raissa robles and her blog post. She simply asked other people to fill in information about the truth on links to CJ or relatives having property abroad? What’s wrong with that? She never accused CJ of having property there outright. It’s the other Corona-tards who are insinuating that. If you want to do crowdsourcing, you might want to do that too. Just my two cents.


why shoot the messenger? instead of a shoplifting allegation, why not try to refute her article? siguro dahil hindi na maikakaila ni cj. huwag ibahin ang usapan!


well, a couple of phone calls and it is clear that the mainstream journalists want nothing to do with raissa robles, hence they have not picked up on/developed her story – other than the obvious abs-cbn-inquirer.
the general concensus is that she can call herself a blogger but never a journalist. they see that as an insult to the few independent professionals left. as such she is regarded as an irrelevance.
that sounds about right.


Hwek hwek. On her blog she says she majored in “imaginative writing.” So, her first love is fiction, second is gossip. She puts those two together under the guise of “investigative” journalism. Hwekenanginah.


Posted a comment on her blog to ask for her reaction, comment wasn’t allowed. I guess I’m not allowed “free speech” the way she exercises “free speech” against the CJ?