Grace Lee: In love? Or another PNoy spokesperson?

Philippine television host and radio disc jockey, Grace Lee has been gracing the headline reports of major media networks lately. The Korean expatriate has been thrust further into the limelight after President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) admitted that they are “seeing each other”.

Despite the age and racial difference, Lee willingly spoke about the status of her relationship with PNoy and confirmed in an interview that she is dating the 52 year old Chief Executive. The 29-year-old even said that PNoy’s courtship style is “normal.” She said that as if everyone is expecting PNoy to be abnormal. His reputation for being a ladies’ man probably precedes him. Here is what she had to say:

“I don’t know about calling everyday, I don’t wanna divulge too much details, pero yes very normal, like any normal guy,” Grace said in an interview on “24 Oras,” Feb. 2.

She has also received “a couple of chocolates and flowers” from the chief executive.

“He’s just very sweet,” Grace added.

Lately, it’s hard to tell whether Lee and PNoy are already officially an item or are still dating. It’s even harder to tell if she is just gushing with excitement about dating PNoy or if she is acting as the President’s spokesperson because she has been making a lot of statements that seem like an attempt at giving PNoy an image makeover.

If Lee is not yet PNoy’s girlfriend, why is she going out of her way to fanatically speak on his behalf? A recent news report claimed that Lee is even “willing to debate with critics of President Benigno Aquino III who say the Chief Executive is not smart.” This is very surprising coming from someone who, just a few days ago said that “We’re still at the stage of getting to know each other.”

But apparently, a few dates with PNoy were enough to move Lee to say that “He’s brilliant, he is the most intelligent man I’ve met in my life,” Here’s the most revealing — if not disturbing — of all:

“Whatever we talk about — whether politics, economics, books or music — he’s so knowledgeable. He knows a lot. Whenever some critics say bad things about him, that he’s not aggressive or that he’s not matalino, I’d debate them and tell them he’s very smart,”

Now, we’ve all had girlfriends who fall for guys who we do not agree with. We might even ask, “What do you see in him?” We ask this question because we are concerned for the welfare of our girlfriend because we might see something they don’t. It could be the guy they are dating is either “facially challenged” or acts like what one would call a douchebag. And our girlfriend’s typical answer would be something similar to what Lee says about PNoy – trying to justify why she likes him – to which we will likely simply nod in agreement despite failing to find any substance in our girlfriend’s claim.

Regardless of whether what Lee is saying about PNoy is true or not, it seems like she is very much infatuated with the President. And her very vocal praises for PNoy comes at a time when the Filipino people are getting so frustrated with his leadership skills. Indeed, it could even be possible that Lee is just another front in Malacañang’s on-going media blitz to win over the hearts and minds of Filipinos even as PNoy’s efforts to deliver real achievements so evidently falter.

I’m sure a lot of Filipinos wish that they too could get a glimpse of PNoy’s brilliance before his term ends in four years. The Philippines could use some of that knowledge PNoy shared with Lee at least even the part of it that has something to do with the economy.


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Francis Santos

Lee for Vice President


She (Grace Lee) doesn’t look at all pleased in that picture. 😛

Lord Chimera

What a coincidence that when everything is looking bad for Pnoy when all the sudden a popular personality is gushing with pride and admiration to brilliance and intelligence of a man who clearly lacks said traits.

Oh and for the record I don’t believe in coincidence.


Grace Lee works with GMA Network isn’t she? If she marries Noynoy Aquino then probably the Aquino-Cojuanco clan (KKKK’s and oligarchs) will have a full control of the local media networks in the long run.


Yaaaawn. Am not falling for it. What was she thinking?

mamang sorbetero

Could it be that grace lee is just a ploy created by PR from showbiz and media to divert the Filipino’s attention from the worsening flip-flopping of the prosecution team and PNoy’s poor economic performance?


picture caption

grace lee ” no – i didnt say ‘do duck face’ i say
‘you f…. face’

3-4 dates only and wants ‘ time and space’ but grace lee gives extensive interview on p-noy in todays philstar (where else, and obviously with malacan blessing/scripting). ” witty,.. intelligent,.. smart.., humble,.. hardworking,.. knowledgeable,.. gentleman.., down-to-earth.. and he is president because of the peoples love for him” from grace lee interview Who is this demi-god. P-noy, or the comms group couldnt have written it better!! Expect more of same in coming weeks and useful that she has a radio programme to stir up the youth. They said they needed a social network strategy. The grace lee project fits the bill.… Read more »

oh puhlease. Grace Lee just said on national TV that PNoy is the, “most brilliant” man she met.

and you expect her to debate with anyone who doubts the President?

hotness level fail for Grace Lee.


wait…. isn’t Grace married? what kind of image does this give out? :/

Is Noynoy actually thinking that dating a popular radio celebrity will make him popular too? It seems like one of those “does not follow” arguments. But a well-timed distraction this is. He’s going to need a lot of it in the coming weeks. If we follow the thread of thought the author has set above, the following question is begging to be asked: exactly what is Grace Lee’s standard of “knowledgeable” and “smart”? I’ve listened to her morning talk show on the radio a few times, and she seems to struggle in keeping up with her co-hosts. “Maboka”, and “madaldal”… Read more »
Even if Grace Lee is willing to debate, I won’t. PNoy is smart naman ah. Ask Sec. Coloma. He said on the radio months ago that PNoy was an expert on Google. He was freakin’ ecstatic about it, too. How smart? He’ll probably give you an answer before you can say “Google it.” Seriously, he’s smart enough to know that he can be president of a country. That’s what he did. Now, if PNoy is dating someone who looks like Francine Dee or even someone who looks like Arianny Celeste, I’ll say that something is seriously brewing in Malacanang. In… Read more »
Mo twister blog from 2009, talking about grace’s boyfriend kevin who is an author – but obviously not as bright as p-noy or her other conquests! “Oooops! Wait, don’ t go just yet. I almost forgot the hottest topic for today. GRACE LEE IS GETTING MARRIED . She wanted it so badly to be married this year. That’ s if her boyfriend proposes. Wait, he already proposed, but Grace is so numb she didn’t get what he means. O well, that’s what every guy wanted right? Stop the marriage. I’ m just kidding. We totally understand that Grace. You love… Read more »

Wonder what’s so important about this anyway? LOL


grace lee said today that p-noy offered her ‘PSG protection’. she sensibly declined.

“So happy to hear that PNOY offered
“protection” for Grace. PSG baby! But
Grace said she doesnt need it and
can handle. Gentleman!”

the interesting thing about this is p-noys need to control/imprison/spy. classic. insecure and immature.

grace has more to lose than gain in the long run.
if it really is genuine!

Ilda, i remember your previous insights into the pschological make-up of p-noy, and it dawned on me that the description by grace lee in philstar is exactly the image p-noy wants to ptoject which underlines how staged and scripted it was ( this would never have been done without malacan arranging/approving/controlling) Intellectual – this is his biggest hang up. Wants to be seen as thinker and intellectual like his father, hence the love of honorary degrees. I dont think he has written a paper/article or taken part in an open debate in his life. Not one thing on internet. Normal.… Read more »

It is very late for PNoy to involve himself in such an affair. Pnoy should know his disposition. People like him are no longer entitled to explore options to be intimate or more so even to marry. This is something that he should have done before. Obviously Pnoy has very poor time management skills. He wasted his time as a bachelor and as a senator. He has 4 more years to go as president and I hope that a big wake-up call comes to him. He should realize his role.

he finds reasons/diversions to avoid the hard work/decisions/responsibilities. keep busy on the surface but with trivialities. grace lee may have political diversionary benefits but it also is a mental diversion for p-noy. this usually happens when people are under stress and fill their mind with one thing as a means of pushing more important things to the back of their mind. its referred to as avoidance strategy. common in people with personality disorders. i know. i have dealt with them for 10 years. its a learnt behaviour in childhood and if not corrected becomes an issue in later life and… Read more »

P-noy’s hide exposed

He hides his stupidity behind scriptwriters.
He hides his sexuality behind ‘PR dates’
He hides his cowardice behind womens skirts
He hides his failures behind propaganda
He hides his motives behind lies
He hides his unpopularity behind false surveys
He hides in moments of crisis. Full stop

What a wimp


grace lee should also think, that once he loses the presidency and hacienda luisita then he is just a dirty old man with no respect and little money.