PNoy supporters pre-judge Corona impeachment trial

It seems like most Filipinos either do not know the meaning of “due process” or are simply too impatient to understand and observe it properly. God forbid that one become the subject of an investigation or an impeachment bid in the Philippines. Once the Filipino public gets a hold of any information that can be used against a person, the chances of clearing his or her name in court are very slim. Apparently, it is more fun destroying someone’s reputation in the Philippines for media pundits and for people who see themselves as belonging to “civil society” groups.

Take the case of Supreme Court Chief Justice (CJ) Renato Corona. Members of the so-called Philippine “elite” are calling on CJ Corona to step down before his impeachment trial even begins for various reasons — most of those reasons favorable to them, of course. They are so convinced that Corona is “guilty” of his crimes that for them, going through the impeachment trial is just a waste; never mind that these people shouldn’t even be divulging or discussing any evidence outside of the court to begin with.

Two such noisy voices of fallacy are Akbayan spokesperson Risa Hontiveros and Black and White movement spokesperson Leah Navarro. According to Hontiveros, “the Chief Justice can no longer ignore allegations that he has enriched himself in office way beyond his legal salaries and allowances as a member and now head of the Supreme Court” while Navarro insists that “Corona’s resignation would spare the country from a tedious political exercise”. They are of course referring to “explosive” evidence exposed by the head of the House prosecution panel, Niel Tupas, “that Corona had bought a 300-square meter penthouse worth P14.5 million in an exclusive enclave in Taguig City as well as other high-end properties”.

Don’t get me wrong; promoting transparency involving our public servants is good. Hontiveros and Navarro are even on the right path towards uncovering the truth. But asking Corona to resign just because they found out that he has properties out there is not only lame but also reckless. They are obviously playing with the public’s mind.

They are also ignoring the fact that being Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is not Corona’s first job. He held senior positions in both public and private companies in the past including stints at the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and at the prestigious accounting firm, Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co (SGV). Investing and having some savings in the bank must be a totally alien concept to people like Hontiveros, Navarro and Tupas. They think that Corona’s current salary is his only source of income. Besides, I don’t understand why they are making a big deal of Corona’s investment properties when I personally know of people with regular jobs that also own investment properties.

More importantly, they are ignoring calls to quit revealing evidence to the public before the trial begins. Some rational members of society including Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, already warned Tupas against his penchant for rabidly announcing to the media what should only be discussed during the impeachment process. Enrile even went as far as telling Tupas to go back to school:

“Kung gusto nilang litisin yung kaso sa labas ng impeachment court e di i-withdraw nila yung kaso at isiwalat nila sa buong mundo yung gusto nilang ebidensya (If they want to try the case outside the impeachment court, then they should withdraw the case and expose whatever evidence they want to the entire world),” he said in a phone interview on Thursday.

Enrile said he would be ”˜very lenient’ to the prosecution team but warned that the impeachment court could cite them in contempt for presenting to a press conference documents pertaining to a high-end apartment in Taguig City that was allegedly owned by Corona.

Enrile specifically trained his gun at the chief prosecutor, Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr., who made public disclosure of the documents against Corona.

“Sabihin mo kay Cong. Tupas mag aral muna sya (Tell Cong. Tupas to study the rules),” said the Senate leader when told of the lawmaker’s remark that he had not violated the impeachment rules.

Preemptory language of Rule XVIII of the Rules of Procedure on Impeachment Trials states that the presiding officer and the members of the Senate “shall refrain from making any comments and disclosures in public pertaining to the merits of a pending impeachment trial.” The said rule applies to the prosecutors, to the person impeached and to their respective counsels and witnesses.

Where does President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) fit in all this?

For a guy who has devoted much of his term to single-mindedly persecuting his political opponents and those he suspects are conniving with them, PNoy seems to be acting totally clueless about attempts at pre-judging Corona’s case to pressure the SC chief to resign. PNoy is not even concerned that the case might get junked if the prosecution ends up being cited in contempt of court for violating the rules of the impeachment process.

PNoy is even allowing his own celebrity sister, Kris Aquino to influence the public’s opinion through the use of media network ABS-CBN. In a television interview during a show on Vice Ganda, Kris once again tried to appeal to the people’s emotion by saying that “her family needs the vote of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago in the impeachment case of Chief Justice Renato Corona.” She’s assuming of course that what her family needs is also what the country needs and what the public wants. Does Kris even know the details of the case? Whether she knows about it or not, somebody needs to tell her to shut up about it as soon as possible.

PNoy’s number one apologist in media, columnist, Conrado “Noynoy is like Aragorn” de Quiros has also gone into full gear, attacking even those who are merely reminding everyone to be objective.

It appears objectivity is actually what PNoy and his minions are trying to avoid. De Quiros’s latest article was exclusively devoted to undermining the credibility of Senator Joker Arroyo who will also act as one of the judges in CJ Corona’s impeachment trial. He lumped Senator Joker Arroyo together with Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Mirriam Defensor-Santiago as being loyal to former President Gloria Arroyo (GMA) while giving high praises for PNoy whose only achievement so far is to further divide the Filipino people.

PNoy must be gushing from all the love he gets on account of all the kudos coming his way from the left and the right. He is awfully quiet nowadays, a far cry from how he stood up for pet members of his cabinet when they were under scrutiny. When it comes to his allies, President Noynoy Aquino is normally quick to use the “rule of law”. On several occasions, he defended his cabinet and staff members from public inquiry by saying that we have to follow procedure or due process.

When his friend and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary, Rico Puno got embroiled in allegations that he was one of two trusted Aquino officials who were receiving proceeds from the illegal numbers game jueteng, this is what he had to say:

“We are conscious about that and that is why if I am expecting loyalty from them, I can also provide loyalty in the sense that they will be given due process and we will not be carried away by speculations or suspicions, allegations that are baseless,” Aquino said.

[Author’s boldface for emphasis]

Puno was also criticized for the bungled rescue operations and negotiation during the hostage crisis in Manila that resulted in the death of eight Hong Kong tourists last Aug. 23. Of that one, this was what PNoy had to say:

“Their work will be wasted if we immediately remove a person and say he is guilty when under our laws he is presumed innocent. So, we have a process. We should give the same process given to our enemies to our friends and allies too. They should also undergo a process. I cannot hang him just because some people asked me to. I don’t think that is right,” he said.

PNoy dismissed calls for Puno’s resignation even after Puno himself already tendered his own resignation. He even dismissed his own party-mate, Senator Franklin Drilon’s advice who said that Puno’s resignation “should give President Aquino an opportunity to act decisively on this raging issue before the public”.

Considering PNoy knows a lot about due process, why the heck is he letting loose his attack dogs? Obviously, it has something to do with their Plan B, which, according to some, is to rile the public up against Corona as a back up measure in case the impeachment bid gets junked or withdrawn — a possibility that can only be ultimately blamed on PNoy’s prosecution henchmen in Congress.

For goodness sake, let people like Corona have their day in court and stop talking about his case outside of court!


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Der Fuhrer

Looks like BadNoy has things that smell bad and has to be explained:

1.Associate Justice Antonio Carpio owning a P38million,800 square meters condo suite with swim pool at the penthouse of Avignon Tower in Makati.

2. Customs still looking for more than 1,000 containers that just vanished.

3. CCT scam with its ghost beneficiaries.

4. PEACE Bonds scam.

5. LEDAC meeting food expenses(2 eats) worth P860,000.

6. Executive Secretary Ochoa’s P60Million mansion and lot.

7. Plan to buy BadNoy’s Air Force One. Brand new or second-hand?

Name your own____________

the whole process is shameful and shameless and shows a 3rd world flawed democracy playing at work and avoiding the economy and so many other real priorities. i dont know if corona is guilty or innocent. what i do know is that all these rabid archair experts know jack sh*t about the law, the constitution or decorum and are turning a questionable action into an utter farce with public ‘opinion’ being fuelled by leaked and largely irrelevant gossip/pieces of information. no doubt horse trading/bribes are being handed out which is ironic and hypocritical at its worst since 185 of the… Read more »

And in the midst of rumors about Carpio’s wealth, Pnoy said the focus should be on Corona, not Carpio.

Spell double standard.

It is more fun in the Philippines.


As what Sen. Santiago told the Black and white movement “show power of attorney signed by God designating you as His spokesperson”. This group thinks they have monopoly of truth and righteousness.


there was a text message saying that the Malacanang offer 400million pesos to every Opposition Senator that will allow CJ Corona to Impeach and the money will be coming from CCT of DSWD
I don’t know if it is true but i hope that the truth shall prevail…

Lord Chimera

As much as we hate to admit, Pnoy’s minions do actually know the value of influencing the massing to side with their versions of events and it’s not a good thing.

Vincenzo B. Arellano

Ayaw pa ksi mgresign. Alam naman ng taumbayan na malaki ang utang na loob nya kay Gloria. Walang delikadesa. Buong supreme court dinamay pa ng cheap justice na yan.


The distortion of news (which contained minimum information and maximum comment) and political issues here in the country is atrocious.

People have been living so long under the rule of politicians and newspapers that they have begun to like it. The result–yellow zombies.

Phil Manila

“Tupas against his penchant for rabidly announcing to the media what should only be discussed during the impeachment process.. .”

Hmmm, call it a soft launch. 🙂

Representatives Tupas, Quimpo, et al, could be using the forthcoming impeachment trial to score early ‘pogi points’ in possible runs for the Senate, not unlike what their former colleagues Escudero, Cayetano etc. did in their successful bids earlier. Malacanang may not be necessarily behind their moves.


Nakakatuwa nmn ung picture dito ni Abnoy, parang ngyun lng sya nakakita ng salamin o di kaya nakita nya s salamin ung pogi nyang reflection :D, back to the article, im sure maraming sasaw-saw dyn kasi marami gustong makilala/sumikat, lalo n yang si Tupas, congrats sikat n sya ;D

Der Fuhrer
Tupas and his circle of comrades are fawning sycophants. They try to please the dictator Aquino in exchange for more perks and privileges. Expect no justice or gentility to come from the prosecution. They might even try shouting tactics to try to confuse, cow or flame CJ Corona. Pre-judgement of enemies, hate-think, cruelty, ridicule and black propaganda is a pattern that will repeat itself again and again. Perceived enemies are treated as second class citizens while his KKKK are protected, coddled and granted impunity… as long as they do not go directly against Mr. Aquino. As I said before, Mr.… Read more »

In the news, ironically, 185 of the 188 congressmen who impeached the CJ have not disclosed their SALN.

But you know, I do not really subscribe to that SALN. For me, it is just a waste of paper. Declaration is just one thing. But truthfulness of the declaration is the BIGGER thing.


The Commission on Audit also released a report saying there’s nothing amiss in the Supreme Court. Malacanang is in a furor over this. Thing is, the COA is headed by the current admin’s appointees. They can’t point a finger to the “previos admin” on this. LOL


I saw the tv episode where Kris was interviewed. I wasn’t wrong thinking that, this won’t end without her saying something about the issues that her brother is getting into. 🙂


“WE need miriams vote”
was this the ‘ royal we’ ala queen of england, we the hacienda luisita shareholders, or is she so delusional and stupid that she thinks she can speak on behalf of the peoole.
the intelligence gene is sadly lacking in the aquino family tree. what do you think josh.

Hyden Toro
In fairness to all…this impeachment process of Corona has already became a political zarzuela, like the rest of the political shows. While the Hacienda Luisita Mafia, who owns most of the vital companies, and are the partners of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos are busy goughing the pockets of Filipinos, thru increase of prices…we are busy with the sideshow… The Aquinos use Public Sympathy and Public Emotions, to manipilate the mind-sets of Filipinos. If you look closely; the Reverse Ruling of Noynoy Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita is the Root Cause of this Corona impeachment. These Cojuangco and Aquino families are so… Read more »

Bakit pag “baho” ng mga against kay Pnoy, kung ipagsigawan ng mga YellowRace, eh, to the highest volume?? Pero pag “baho” ng mga kaalyado nila, eh, ni wala silang masabi?? Tapos pag pinansin, biglang “Thats not the issue here…” .. HAHAHAHA. ‘Nu ba naman yan!

the case against corona seems pretty weak. the bribes for senators seem pretty high. assume corona is impeached and 3-6 months later the hacienda luisita ruling is reversed. will people realise they have been lied to. will they continue to act as sheep or cult members. time will tell but i hope people wake up, get some self respect, and stop being treated as doormats and cheap labour for the oligarchs. bongbong marcos has just bought a 143 million condo in makati – the most expensive ever built. so much for being broke and the marcos money only came from… Read more »
Der Fuhrer

Heil Der Nutzi Fuhrer EvilNoy! The greatest nutzi mind of the nutzi master yellow(black and white, red, nutcase, etc.)race! His preternatural myth is supreme! His cult focused on I, Me and Myself! Watch his continuing use of black propaganda! An evil sorcerer who manufactures lies as truth! While real truth is made to appear as lies!

Watch him as he continuously destroys society, culture and mindset with all his evil examples! Watch his straight and wide path as it leads us to destruction!

Hindi pwedeng sumunod sa due process sila AbNoy at kanyang mga alipores, kasi merong itinatago silang masasamang layunin. The AbNoy regime is an omen portending the destruction of the Philippines and whatever decency is left in the country. AbNoy and his cohorts raised the level of hypocrisy in our government. They are a modern-day version of the ancient Pharisees—hypocrites like whitewash tombs full of rotting dead man’s remains inside of them. They are like the proverbial angels of darkness deceiving many into believing they are angels of light. AbNoy and cohorts are now leading the whole nation into the abyss—and… Read more »