Constitutional blitz – Is President Noynoy Aquino not as dumb as we all thought he was?

I think it’s time I gave President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III some credit where it is due. In the span of less than two months, he had pulled off a successful blitzkrieg across two venerable institutions of the Philippine Government — the first involving a swift and decisive flattening of a series of roadblocks both inherent in the Law and put up in melee by the Supreme Court to protect the rights of Filipino citizens against undue curtailment of their liberties by any authority, and the second involving the herding of no less than 188 House “representatives” within less than 24 hours into signing an impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The first blitz all but threw the entire judiciary into disarray with the operations and services of the entire court system of the country virtually grinding to a halt some days and its members and staff turned into yet another Filipino-style indignation movement. The circus turned Corona into something akin to a politician on the campaign trail, complete with fiery Tagalog speeches, blown up colour portraits on tarpaulin, and for-effect Roman Catholic masses.

The second blitz is only half-complete. The beating down of the House of Representatives by Malacañang into a bunch of buffoons sniveling about how their arms were twisted into signing the impeachment document despite some of them not having read it was just the first wave of the invasion. The second wave, if we are to believe the “warnings” of Senate president pro tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada is already being mobilised — most likely behind the shadowy world of feudal oligarchs’ wheelings-and-dealings.

Reports of how Noynoy is being driven hard by the “elders” of the powerful Cojuangco feudal clan to secure their continued ownership over the vast — but reportedly insolvent — Hacienda Luisita estate, point to the true architects of the House coup that got the impeachment complaint against Corona off the ground and flying high…

[…] the plot to oust Corona was hatched at the Bahay Matanda, the ancestral house of the Cojuangcos after elderly members of the Cojuangco clan reportedy [sic] berated President Aquino for attacking members of the High Court which they believe was the reason the SC justices revoked the stock distribution option and ordered the distribution of the [Hacienda Luisita] sugar estate to its tenants.

“From the time of (President Ramon) Magsasay [sic], the hacienda land was never lost. When Martial Law came, we still did not lose our land. GMA (Gloria Arroyo) and Cory had a fight during GMA’s presidency, we Cojuangcos still did not lose our land. Now that that you (Noynoy) are president, we lose the hacienda!”, the Tribune source quoted an elderly Cojuangco as he berated Aquino in the vernacular.

…so it is not surprising how the next poor sod in the Yellow Army’s hit list may turn out to be none other than Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Indeed, a regular visitor to Get Real Post who goes by the handle “Felipe” summarised in a comment what could be a very plausible strategic targeting initiative being implemented by the Second Aquino Administration…

The Aquino administration has been working on getting rid of all perceived hindrances to their goals either incrementally or by employing a multi-pronged approach:

– They’ve gotten rid of Sen. Miriam Santiago by recommending her to the ICC — She’s too elated to take notice of any “catch” or ulterior motive behind this recommendation (this is not to say she’s not absolutely qualified for the job).

– Then they’re now after Sen. Enrile.

– Sen. Joker Arroyo is a bit difficult to peg down as yet.

– They’ve also given sums of money to leftist groups to keep them from creating or supporting any public uprising, outcry, or unrest.

Rapa Lopa’s SWS and Tony Boy Cojuangco’s Pulse Asia are used to accomplish several things:

[1] take advantage of this naive or gullible tendency among Filipinos to be easily swayed by bandwagons in order to keep the numbers up and build or maintain support for Aquino.

[2] divert attention from bad publicity or news of negative ratings given by those neutral international agencies.

[3] create a perception of lack of support by the larger public to discourage any thoughts among its citizens of forming protests or creating any uprising.

Mainstream media such as ABS-CBN/TFC helps by skewing the news to portray one side as good and the other side as evil (no fence-sitters please). Media is also good for creating “hooks” that lead to cult-following or loyalties.

They continue to deploy blokes to saturate the internet, e.g. blogs, forums (e.g. PEx), social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. with pro-Aquino campaigns or propaganda in comments, posts, articles, and so on.

The political machinery of course is well-funded by the country’s uber-rich making sure of their [return on investment].

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

[NB: Some minor formatting effected on the original quoted text to enhance readability]

A cornerstone of this strategy is obviously a continued propping up of a semblance of legitimacy and righteousness in Noynoy’s actions on the strength of what is perceived to be wide public support for anything and everything associated with the Aquino-Cojuangco pedigree although by some indications, even this bastion of the power base of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos may be fast eroding.

The plot thickens which, to Aquino’s credit, is much more that can be said of this circus than the average Filipino telenovela.

A sore bum from a good spanking hopefully builds a bit of character for you-know-who…


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the game plan is clear
Cojuangco has raised the game and will fight tooth and nail for hacienda luisita and then hacienda luzon

Some people think power is for ever. But like hair it doesnt last.

“sugar is peso sweet… I’m as hard as ice… hurt me
once… i’ll kill u twice”
? Cojuangco clan motto

Vincenzo B. Arellano

Bkit ba ksi ayaw pa magbitiw ni Corona sa pwesto? Alam na ng taumbayan na pinoprotektahan nya si Gloria. Wag nya idamay ang buong judiciary sa kanyang pagiging pekeng chief justice.


the yellow message now is for corona to resign.
what not even have his right for senate ‘trial’!
they are not only worried they will lose – hence the enrile plot to try and rebalance the outcome , but they cannot wait 6 months.
the more panic – the more lies and public manipulation.
the most unscrupulous dishonest people you could imagine. no wonder none of them have ever had a real job or worked in respectable companies. they would not get through the door.
their supporters must also be people bereft of values, integrity and common decency.

Der Fuhrer

“These six things the Lord hates, indeed, seven are an abomination to Him:
– A proud look
– A lying tongue, and Hands that shed innocent blood,
– A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans,
– Feet that are swift in running to evil,
– A false witness who breathes out lies(even under oath), and
– He who sows discord among his brethren.” Proverbs 6:16-19

The foregoing was quoted from the Philippine Star, The Nation. A Call for Peace with Justice, to Bring the Country Forward. Dec.17,2011

Quo Vadis, Mr. Aquino?


for aquino it is all in danger of going pear shaped.
bend over and take your punishment.
word is he would enjoy it.
if you have lived with secrecy and hypocricy all your life it becomes part of your psyche/dna to be dishonest, spiteful, paranoid, controlling.
having counselled gay/bi/transgender people for 10 years he is a classic case in terms of both reasons and reactions


The avatar called Peenoy is just a tool. It is as smart or as dumb as the people controlling it.

barry rubin – modern dictators 3rd world. 231 pages of heavy duty but the clues and patterns are there. reference to marcos of course and why people accept dictators and the fact that modern dictators use the pretext of democracy but the old methods of control.- and especially monopoly businesses, no competition, information control/manipulation, reward/punishment, family/friends, paranoia of outsiders etc promises of improvement to the international world as a means of getting aid personally i believe there will be some attempt to control internet – their greatest fear – in the future. china brought in new laws last week. the… Read more »

Noynoy’s communication group seems to be attacking in waves to every issue related to Corona in the internet. Such perverted race of men, who will snub to any logical argument given.

Hyden Toro
You know the Mafiosi in the U.S. They hire the best Lawyers, to get them out of the law. The deceased Mafia Boss of New York:John Gotti, was even called “Teflon Mafia Don”, because no charge from the FBI , can stick to him, to send him in prison. Although, he murdered many people already. The late Mafia Boss: Al Capone of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., was another. He was a multimillionaire. He was runnning : illegal bootleggings, prostitutions, gamblings, and all kinds of rackets. He even bought: Police, Public Officials, Judges, Politicians,etc… This is how the Aquino and Cojuangco families… Read more »
Der Fuhrer
Was there a red connection between Ninoy Aquino, Hacienda Luisita and the CPP-NPA? Apparently there is. The following is a direct quote from the very mouth of Jose Maria Sison in his website. Please see The interview entitled: “On Ninoy Aquino’s Relations with CPP & NPA” was reported by Lisandro Claudio for GMA news TV 24 July 2010 8.”In my fieldwork in Hacienda Luisita, residents told me that the hacienda served as a safe haven for NPA troops in the 1970’s. Can you confirm this? If it is true, did Aquino play a role in opening up Luisita?” “JMS… Read more »
gemma ada

wala nang ginawa si aquino kundi gantihan si arroyo lalo na ng nag desisiyon ang korte suprema na ipamahagi na ang mga lupa sa mga magsasaka don lumalabas ang tunay niyang ugali.

dadismaya ako kay noynoy aquino iba siya kay Ninoy na Tatay nya ant Cory , alam mo yong napakadaldal nya nagalit siya kay kris nakapatid nya dahil taklesa eh masmalala pa papala siya , ok lang yon sa babae , eh kung lalaki ang taklesa ano iisipin mo

gemma ada

malas ang aquino administration dahil dami trahedya nangyayari ciguro parusa yan kasi wala ng ginawa kundi mag away away sila dahil sa posisyon at pulitika kaya lang ang nadadamay mga inosenting mamayan

gemma ada

si Dilima na justice secretary nag aastang matalino at genio pag sasalita nga siya sa tv para siyang may sungay na mahaba .

kaya Dilima sana hindi mangyari sa yo sa mga anak mo na babae ang ginawa mo kay arroyo kung may Nanay ka pa o Lola wala kang puso nag papa empress ka ng husto kay noynoy alam ko gusto mong tumakbo sa susunod na halalan sory ka hindi kita iboboto

gemma ada

Aquino, Dilima at iba pang alepores ng adminitrasyon, humanda kayo sa mga karma na dadating sa inyo sinusumpa kayo ng mamamayan
magkakasakit kayo at ang mga kamag anak nyo

itaga nyo sa bato

I wish for a time machine to do these following things back in time: 1. Tell Marcos to heed Fabian Ver’s advice to shoot the people at EDSA, as Deng Xiao Ping would eventually do(and as such, the abominations such as Cory, Noynoy,the EDSA revolution and the present Constitution can be stopped) 2. Tell Ted Turner not to sell his media empire to Time Warner(RIP WCW, even if I never watched it) 3. Tell Vince McMahon to continue the legacy of WWF/E Attitude, and stop the PG era(We need to expose the realities of life, as done by the likes… Read more »
andres H. Corpuz Jr

Pinoy is not dumb after all. By intimidating the legislative and the judiciary he can rule like a dictator without declaring martiaL Law.

“-Then they’re now after Sen. Enrile.” Due to their ‘day 2’ defeat, the yellow taliban now has an even more compelling motive to get rid of Enrile. Perhaps, the yellow taliban would resort to its old dirty tactics and sniff around for dirt on Sen. Enrile, find a way to disqualify him—question his integrity, ruin his reputation, or impeach even him—nothing is beneath these yellow talibans as they would stoop as low as hell to get their way, in case the trial does not turn out as they’ve intended. Yellow talibans rather attack the person than clean-up their act or… Read more »