Senator Migz Zubiri taking “instructions” from the Pope re divorce proves the Philippines is a Roman vassal state

The latest flypaper “issue” that’s Filipino “activists” are buzzing around involves the insidious influence China exerts on Philippine society. Perhaps it’s time this “influence” be regarded from the proper perspective. If Filipinos are going to demonise anyone because of some sort of perceived “link” to foreign agents or governments — say, China — then, perhaps, they should train their “investigative” chops on the real deal and not look too far (and stretch their imagination) beyond that of the Roman Catholic Church.

Ancient texts clearly document the absolute subservience of the agents of this organisation to a foreign government — that of the Vatican City and its head of state the Pope himself. Considering it is an organisation controlled by a foreign government all the more makes notable the vast infrastructure of influence it operates in the Philippines. The Church — and, by command responsibility, Rome — operates extensive broadcast and other mass media facilities, runs exclusive schools attended by the children of the country’s most powerful oligarchs, and exerts virtual mind control over an enormous number of voters. In that regard, the influence of the unabashedly foreign-controlled Roman Catholic Church and its henchmen in the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) dwarfs any semblance of the imagined fantastical influence China’s government may exert on Philippine society being cooked up by one or the other “research team”.

Indeed, recent events continue to prove that the Philippines remains a vassal state to Rome. No less than a top Philippine legislator, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, has demonstrated inappropriate loyalty to a foreign head of state. GMA News reported last week how Zubiri had recently bowed to the wishes of Pope Francis with regards to a divorce bill being evaluated by the Philippine Senate…

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“Pope Francis asked me to please protect the family, and this is an instruction that I will take to heart,” Zubiri said in a statement.

“I am always going to remember his reminder, and I am going to do my best to protect the family values that hold our nation together,” the senator added.

An instruction Zubiri will “take to heart”. Since when does a Philippine Senator take instructions from a honcho of the Roman Catholic Church? Oh wait…

Senator Migz Zubiri ‘bends the knee’ to the Holy Roman Emperor.

The Philippines has long been renowned for the voodoo flavour of its Catholic practice — something the Catholic Church has done little to change (and, in fact, has encouraged it). As such, the Catholic influence in Philippine society has long been recognised as a significant contributor to the backwardness of Philippine society. It panders to the poor, does not encourage self-reliance and personal accountability, and emotionally-blackmails the rich to dole out their hard-earned surplus wealth to the “less fortunate”. Such is an environment created by Catholic teachings that encourages mendicancy and mediocrity to thrive and personal excellence and focus on achievement to take a backseat to these.

Is it really the shadow of Chinese regional hegemony dealing a blow to Filipinos’ fortunes as we are being led to believe? Think again. Perhaps it is high time Filipinos take a second and more critical look at the devil in their inner detail. Whereas China had grown into a threat to the Philippines’ sovereignty (so we are told) only in recent years, the Roman Catholic Church had been a contributor to the country’s backwardness and a consistent meddler in state affairs over the last several centuries. Zubiri’s problematic deference to the Pope is but one and only the most recent of many examples of the banal colonial mentality that continues to exert a stranglehold on the Filipino mind.

2 Replies to “Senator Migz Zubiri taking “instructions” from the Pope re divorce proves the Philippines is a Roman vassal state”

  1. If the Philippines is truly a Roman vassal state, why stop at divorce? Why not reinstitute Catholicism as the state religion, why not repeal the RH Law, why not pick the presidents themselves?

    Also for a supposed vassal state, the Philippines also sure likes to elect Presidents that the church doesn’t endorse.

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