VP Inday Sara Made Enemies of Senators and Congressmen Over Confidential Funds

If only Vice President Inday Sara Duterte didn’t give in to getting piqued over the incessant protestations over her proposed P650 million confidential funds, she would probably have not alienated nearly all our country’s senators and congressmen.

But alas, she had to say that, “Those who are against confidential funds are against peace. Those who are against peace are enemies of the nation.”

Reduced to its simplest sense, she practically accused as terrorists all senators and congressmen opposed to her proposed confidential funds.

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Those words are going to come back and bite her when 2028 comes.

This is notwithstanding the possible adverse decision by the Supreme Court on the petition to declare her use of P125 million of confidential funds as unconstitutional, possibly paving the way for her impeachment.

After all, who is going to want to side with a candidate who not only branded them as terrorists but also has impeachment hanging over her head?

Running for president in 2028 for VP Inday Sara is definitely going to be exponentially more difficult without the support of congressmen and a senators in their respective bailiwicks. Typically, national candidates depend on their allies in local government not only for logistics and manpower but also benefit from their voter base.

An immensely popular national candidate without strong allies in local government typically loses to a candidate that has. Popularity among the masses doesn’t assure victory at all because what matters on election day is for a national candidate’s voters to show up and this can only be assured — at least in part — by the machinery of local candidates.

Even granting that Vice President Sara Duterte could keep her mainland Chinese funders, it would be unlikely that they’d continue supporting her with funds at the level that they’re said to have supported her candidacy for Vice President in 2022. (In all likelihood, they might even more likely support the candidacy of their secret allie, former Senator Antonio Trillanes.)

Over all, the key takeaway here is that Insulting potential political allies is a bad idea.

Here are a few reasons why:

Firstly, it can damage relationships before they even have a chance to develop. If you insult someone, they are unlikely to want to work with you or support your cause.

Secondly, insulting people can harm your reputation. If you are known for being rude or disrespectful, people are less likely to want to work with you or support your cause.

Thirdly, insulting people can create unnecessary conflict and tension. Politics is already a contentious and divisive field, and insults only make things worse.

By treating potential allies with respect and civility, you can help to reduce conflict and promote cooperation.

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