VP Inday Sara Duterte Carpio Hogs 13 Percent of 2024 National Budget

At perhaps no other point in this country’s history as somewhat of a democracy, we have a Vice President hogging 13 percent of our country’s Php 5.768 trillion national budget for 2024.

According to various reports the Department of Education proposed a Php 758.6 billion, the Office of the Vice President proposed a budget of Php 2.3 billion, and the NTF ELCAC, Php 8.6 billion. This totals to roughly Php 769.5 billion.

It is an unprecedented amount for a Vice President of the Philippines to command and control more than a tenth of the country’s spending.

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If you haven’t read my previous articles before, where I outlined how VP Inday has positioned herself to strongly influence if not control the results of the barangay elections this year as well as the coming 2025 elections, just consider this:

  • As DepEd Secretary, she controls the voting precincts and DepEd personnel assigned to the voting precincts.
  • As NTF ELCAC Co Vice Chair, she has a grip over vote rich areas previously controlled by the CPP NPA through both the military and police.
  • As Vice President, she has eight satellite offices throughout the country which serve as bases for her political operations.

Of course, VP Inday will defend her proposed budget before the House of Representatives and while legislators will make a public show of scrutinizing her 2024 budget, there will still be a huge chunk of it that will be approved behind closed doors.

That sizeable chunk I am referring to is VP Inday’s huge Intelligence Funds which is at a staggering P650 million through both the Office of the Vice President (P500 million) and the DepEd (P150 million). That is not to mention another P150 million which she can tap through the NTF ELCAC — making for a total of P800 million in intelligence funds.

In a video on Twitter, VP Inday justified her huge confidential budget in DepEd by saying that education  involves national security and admits that how the money will be spent will not be open to public scrutiny


Education is intertwined with national security? It would be absurd if she meant that children going to public schools would be under surveillance for any indication that they are in contact with people or groups identified as enemies of the state?

Or would it be more likely that the so-called intelligence funds would be used for political operations? Such as keeping tabs on political players on the provincial down to the barangay level, putting local political/media operators on a payroll, and subrosa political moves like maintaining a dossier of illegal activities perpetrated by every relevant political actor.

Ah well! Once again, we are seeing Filipinos being cooked in their own grease… In suo sibi pinguedine coctus!

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