Inday Sara: A Lousy VP, A Lousy Education Secretary, and A Lousy Anti Terrorism Talking Head

If you were born yesterday or part of the Duterte cult, you’d think that Inday Sara Duterte Carpio is such a supergenius like Elon Musk that she can lead three distinct roles in government exceptionally well. But being a mediocre and petulant political brat, she’s doing poorly as a Vice President, Education Secretary and Co Vice Chair of the enormously bloated (NTF ELCAC) National Task Force on Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict.

As an education secretary, her brightest success has been to alienate thousands of bureaucrats and public school teachers by ordering the scrutiny of Automatic Pay Deductions for unions. Regardless of whether or not the leftist group Alliance of Concerned Teachers (a union and also a Party List Group) was being targeted and profiled in the memorandum issued by Inday Sara, it was regarded as an overreach if not outright meddling into public school teachers’ right to self organization.

Right then and there is a sign that Inday Sara is mixing up her role as Education Secretary with being Co Vice Chair of the NTF ELCAC, an organization that is primarily a military undertaking in the guise of the stupidly coined “Whole of Nation” approach.

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And as far as bringing in military or rather despotic approach towards managing the country’s education system, Josephus Jimenez writes in Philippine Star’s Freeman about the militarization of DepEd.

“Going back to DepEd, why are the many career CESO officers being bypassed for outsiders who aren’t educators but military men? I know many competent regional directors, division superintendents, district supervisors, principals, and master teachers. Is this a purposive and department-wide militarization of DepEd? Is this an indication that Inday Sara wants teachers to see that she will not tolerate the progressive and sometimes radical styles of ACT and other militant unions? This kind of stance may be good for DND but never among educators in the academe and scholastic havens. I wonder how the UP activists would look at these strong-arm tendencies of the DepEd secretary.”

As for her role as Vice Co-Chair of NTF ELCAC, her last publicly visible act was to attend a meeting of some sort and that was mostly it. So far, there is no word on whether she has acted on behalf of the organization or even supported it through her OVP funds. But some are suspected that she may have a hand in directing the flow of NTF ELCAC’s P9 billion Barangay Development Funds. The funds are supposed to incredulously build everything from roads, clinics, schools, power and water facilities — all of which could have been done through DPWH, DOH, DEPED and other agencies whose mandate it is to provide these infrastructure.

As a Vice President… She’s doing poorly in that department as well. You see, the Philippine Vice President’s only job is to take over the Presidency in the event that the duly elected president dies or is incapacitated or ousted.

I hope people remember her failed ploy with former President Now Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo to unseat House Speaker Martin Romualdez and then usurp the Malacanang by impeaching then ousting President Bongbong Marcos.

And yet, we have people idolizing Inday Sara Duterte. For what?

If she had not sprung forth from the loins of her ugly father, she’d be nothing. She ain’t got brains, charm, or a face that would catch a second look.

One Reply to “Inday Sara: A Lousy VP, A Lousy Education Secretary, and A Lousy Anti Terrorism Talking Head”

  1. This guy really dislikes Sara Duterte lol.

    One thing I will say is that the whole Philippines education system is terrible and appointing someone from within that system to a higher position will not change anything.

    I would try to fire all administration within the department of education as they all need to go.

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