Leila De Lima’s acquittal ultimately counts for nothing for the Philippine Opposition

“Thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition are once again doing the Dance of Joy over what they see as their latest “win” against the “Forces of Darkness”. That, of course, is on the assumption that the Opposition led by the Yellowtard-Communist Axis are the “good” in a “fight” versus “evil”.

After spending more than half a decade in jail on charges of drug trafficking, this recent acquittal of a charge that she received money from drug traffickers is just the second of three cases filed against former Senator Leila De Lima. This means De Lima will continue to remain imprisoned pending the outcome of the third. The Opposition, as expected, are making this all about “long overdue justice” finally being served. They put this within the context of their insistence that De Lima was a “victim” of persecution perpetrated by the government of former President Rodrigo Duterte who, they say, was behind what they describe as “trumped up charges” levied against De Lima for being critical of his government.

In doing so, the Opposition are of the belief that “bad” things happen to “good” people like De Lima because of “bad” presidents. One wonders then whether if they now believe that a “good” president is behind this “good outcome” for said “good” person — which brings us to an important point. The bottom-line question here is whether or not a good outcome for De Lima will score political points for the Opposition. After all, a camp that went to lengths to politicise the “plight” of a person they painted as a “victim” would expect a return on that investment, right?

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Unfortunately, De Lima — an Opposition “asset” that had seen better days — will likely not contribute much to the already scant political capital that the Opposition hope to apply to their goal of winning an election any time soon. The problems of the Opposition lie far deeper than the scarcity of able leaders they had long suffered. While confronting evidence that their efforts to win the 2022 elections failed because of the profound incompetence of their campaign stares them in the face, the Opposition has so far exhibited an inability to learn important lessons from that experience. De Lima herself whose “victimhood” was fodder for this dysfunctional campaign was part of the very collateral that failed to deliver results to the Yellowtard-Communist Axis in that last “important” election.

A cardboard image of Leila De Lima was used as a prop for Leni Robredo’s failed campaign for the presidency in the 2022 national elections.

What new fodder for the ongoing power grab the Opposition continues to mount against the government could be squeezed out of the De Lima circus is anyone’s guess. The “Human Rights” Card has already been overplayed for decades and the dismal showing of the Opposition in the last election should have been a wake up call to them to apply a bit more creativity, original thinking, and listening skills to their messaging. Sadly for the Philippine Opposition and the Yellowtard-Communist Axis that presumes to lead it, it seems their severe learning disability will persist over the foreseeable future.

3 Replies to “Leila De Lima’s acquittal ultimately counts for nothing for the Philippine Opposition”

  1. The yellowtards and de lima only have themselves to blame. No thanx to how they ruled in their term of advantage, they messed up so badly there is no longer any integrity left to salvage. Perceptions have it they are but a bunch of noisy kids on the loose without direction, compassion and worst of all no loyalty to the country other than to place themselves in power to our detriment.
    If this was business, the only option left is to close shop and GO AWAY PERMANENTLY!

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