Filipinos are SICK of the Yellowtard EDSA “revolution” narrative

Why do the Yellowtards continue to celebrate the EDSA “Revolution” when it was precisely this obsolete narrative that cost them no less than three national elections in a row? The mystery certainly persists. It’s that classic habit of morons — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s the very definition of insanity.

Filipinos are just dead tired — no sick — of hearing about how they were “rescued” from “tyranny” by a bunch of self-appointed national “heroes” who “fought” on their behalf. It’s like these bozos are gaslighting Filipinos into believing they are perennial hapless “victims” of bogeys only them Yellowtards can slay. They must continue to believe Filipinos were born in 1985. Well, even if they were, they’d be 38 years old by now and would be convinced, at this point, of the utter ridiculousness of that Yellow Prince Charming act.

The “spirit” of EDSA is dead. Well, actually, it never existed. It only seemed to exist because the Yellowtards ensured that an entire media-industrial complex delivered a continuous river of messaging into Filipinos’ heads that propped up the cult hero statuses of the Aquino and Cojuangco clans and their entitlement to power on the back of a mandate from God himself. The latter is thanks to the nod of the almighty Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines which ensured their flock was kept imprisoned in medieval standards of thinking.

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Add to this the virulent “activism” of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) which maintains a vast infiltration network that ensures the (supposedly) brightest of minds of the lot are captured while budding in the country’s university campuses. “Activism”, after all, is an appealing hobby of bored and restless young adults seeking easy personal social relevance at a time when they really should be focusing on laying the intellectual foundations for tangible professional achievement — the whole point of being in university to begin with.

Let’s not forget the biggest investment in the art of mass inception of the Yellowtards of all — those countless statues and monuments erected to remind the public of the “glory” and “blessedness” of the Aquino clan. This astounding addiction to self-aggrandizement and the ability to secure the funding to indulge this with concrete (literally) works is a talent of monumental (literally) dishonesty. It distracts weak minds from the vast infrastructure of lies the Yellowtards and their communist cronies have lain over the last several decades. It will take no less than a focused effort of social engineering to dig up these foundations of narcissism and, along with it, the profound impact these have had on the Filipino psyche.

Unless this wholesale social reboot is mounted, Filipinos’ aspirations to evolve their society to a modern clear-headed one that can collectively achieve great things will remain severely hobbled. The Yellowtards and communists — and the latter’s terrorist network, the New People’s Army (NPA) — stand in the way of social progress. It’s time Filipinos get on the right pathway forward and leave these forces of backwardness behind — in the very museums they had built to the greater glory of, well, themselves.

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