Making SUMBONG to a foreign court like the International Criminal Court is a childish Yellowtard stunt destined to fail

Seems like members of the Yellowtard Communist-Axis are now copping flak over raising the dead initiative that is the “investigation” the so-called “International Criminal Court” are presuming to mount in the Philippines. The dysfunctional thinking within this inbred community, it seems, goes like this: If we can’t have our way within our own justice system, let’s take our case to a foreign court!

Such a class act, these people.

They keep insisting that the ICC has the “authority” to prosecute individuals for international crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, regardless of where the crimes were committed or the nationality of the accused or victims. Not surprising then that more than a few nations view this as a violation of their sovereignty and choose not to participate in the ICC. To be fair, the question of who or what exactly grants this “authority” is the elephant in the room everyone seems to be ignoring. Then again, “thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition do have quite the history of cherry picking the factual pillars of the positions they take.

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The fact is, the Philippines risks huge loss of reputation if it subjects itself to an ICC “investigation”. In southeast Asia it is only the Philippines and East Timor that had, at one time or another, been parties to the Rome Statute. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an African country but being the first Southeast Asian nation to succumb to the “authority” of the ICC will make Philippines come across like one of those dysfunctional states in that continent. It seems, members of the Yellowtard-Communist Axis are willing to burn an entire house down just to kill a couple of rats. And then there is the issue of convincing an electorate that said rats actually are rats.

The fact alone that the Philippines sits alongside a minor country like East Timor in a list of ICC subjects already says something. The Philippines, after all is often regarded as one of the “major” ASEAN nation members. Indeed, even that distinction is coming into question as relative newbies like Vietnam and even Cambodia start to outrank the Philippines on many development metrics. The Philippines’ position as a respected and “major” ASEAN state is therefore under threat as it is. An ICC investigation is the last thing it needs and one that it can easily opt out of.

The Yellowtard and communist leaders of the Philippine Opposition need to be challenged to reveal what they really seek to achieve by inviting the ICC to intervene in their country’s domestic affairs, specially considering that the Philippines has a fully functional (albeit imperfect) justice system. Do they really have the broader and longer-term interests of the Filipino people in mind? Or is it really just a return to power with a vengeance that is what is really motivating this latest circus they perpetrate? Filipinos need to find out once and for all.

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