Communists offer NO real solutions

The source of wealth in capitalist economies is typically considered to be the ownership and control of productive resources, such as land, labor, and capital. These resources are used to produce goods and services that are sold in markets, and the profits generated from these sales accrue to the owners of the resources. In this system, capitalists, who own and control the means of production, are often considered to be the primary source of wealth, while workers, who sell their labor in exchange for wages, are considered to be a secondary source of wealth. This perspective is often criticized by socialists and others who argue that workers are the true source of wealth, as they are the ones who actually produce goods and services.

Without capital, however, there can be no workers. Without the resources capital mobilises, it would not be possible for workers to produce goods and services on the scale that is required to meet the demands of the market. Capital also enables businesses to invest in new technologies, which can increase productivity and efficiency, and to expand their operations, which can create new jobs. In this way, capital can be seen as a necessary component of the economy that enables workers to be productive and earn a living.

Indeed, increased deployment of capital in businesses and the productivity gains these yield are what account for the increases in wages that usually go hand in hand with industrialisation. The idea that workers are society’s “heroes” can only go so far. The real heroes are people of vision who imagine business ventures and put capital at risk (i.e. invest it) to build business enterprises. In short, capitalists deserve their wealth because they have taken risks, invested in businesses, and created jobs, which have helped to grow the economy and improve the standard of living for many people. Capitalists’ wealth is a result of their hard work, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Communists will always argue that capitalists’ wealth is the result of systemic advantages and inherited privilege, rather than their own individual merit. They will insist that the economic system is often rigged in favor of the wealthy and powerful, and that capitalists have often benefitted from government policies and regulations that have helped to protect their interests at the expense of the working class. But the challenge to them is to prove that the alternative they propose — rigging the system in favour of their so called “proletariat” — is a superior option.

5 Replies to “Communists offer NO real solutions”

  1. Can you honestly say that capitalists of today are driven by a vision for the greater good than by profits alone-for the acquisition and control of more wealth-to be used on their own terms and prerogative?
    If so, what do we elect leaders for if leaders/politicians are at the mercy of those who control wealth? It’s not hard to figure out that the nature of a hungry man is to submit himself to the hand that has the food. What kind of society would that be?

  2. All commies want to do is be in power. Once in power, all they’ll do will be to kill off people. Solves nothing, will cause even more deaths and degrade or destroy institutions. Solutions? What’s that? Even the not-so-commies who will ally with them will be aimless and unable to make any solution.

  3. In the 1970’s, the Khmer Rouge’s take over of Cambodia, as depicted in a 2017 film, ‘First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia’, best exemplifies the broken promise of communism.

    If, by chance, the Cambodian experience similarly happened here during the local communist heydays of that period, that would’ve prompt you also to ask the same question: “What kind of society would that be?”

  4. Never Again Marcial Bonifacio aka Ninoy Aquino co founder of Joma sison communist party of the Philippines,he was the Malaysian Madb0mber of Plaza miranda and his wife is the Late Santa cory kurakot sa halos lahat ng government owned controlled corporations of the Philippines, who released comrade communist Joma Sison in 1986 and controlled the Philippines for thirty six years of Hacienda luisita mass media manipulations of the yellow oligarchs dilawan family!!

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