An onion-skinned people crying over onions

Onions are making people cry nowadays and making some people such as frequent — no, professional — fliers like flight attendants, do stupid things. We are seeing an all-too-familiar pattern yet again. While the peoples of the rest of the world mull over matters of strategic and global consequence — climate, global war, sustainable energy — Filipinos are back to the old habit of sweating the small stuff: onions, Filipino blood running through beauty contestants’ veins, and Alex Gonzaga.

Ok, our topic for today is the most “important” amongst the three: onions. Onions, after all, are a key ingredient in Filipino food and one does need to at least come equipped with a full stomach to discuss Fil-Am Miss Universe contestants and B-list showbiz starlets. Indeed, brain activity accounts for at least 20 percent of energy consumed by bodily functions and the national discourse cannot be sustained by “love of country” alone. This, of course, has not much to do with the other side of the onion equation — i.e., on whether there was any cause for this latest outrage fad over Gonzaga’s playfully smearing cake icing on a waiter’s forehead during a birthday party of hers the other day.

Apparently, on this latter “issue”, the Morality Police have taken it upon themselves to mount their chi chi “outrage” on behalf of the “hapless” waiter, a certain Allan Crisostomo, who, as far as news “reports” on the matter have shown — or not shown as is more the case — has not gone on record to air his personal take on said incident — until today when an open letter purportedly written by Crisostomo came out. This new “development” is beside the point though considering people have now taken to speculating as to whether Crisostomo had his arm twisted to issue said letter to merely serve as “proof” that Gonzaga had actually apologised to him consistent with what her publicists have been claiming.

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For all we know, Crisostomo couldn’t care less one way or another. All the brouhaha surrounding his “plight” simply mirrors an all-too-familiar behavioural pattern consistently exhibited by woke people. They habitually take it upon themselves to be carry the weight of “offense” all the citizens of the world ought to be taking over the injustices that render them hapless “victims”. It seems that being onion-skinned — i.e. easily offended — is one virtue woke’ people regard as one all people ought to cultivate in their respective characters. I’m onion-skinned. Sana all.

Onion skinnedness is yet another component of wokedom’s belief system that they wish would go viral and infect all. For now, all they can do is channel the inner brat that is their psyches though “victims” they fashion into channels over which they amplify their desperate need to project the contrived anger over life’s “unfairness” that they harbour.

2 Replies to “An onion-skinned people crying over onions”

  1. In a news video clip, one senator who fancy’s himself as fighting for the poor even exploited this in a senate hearing castigating with insults, humiliation, and ad-hominems, accusing the resource persons from BOC for their culpability for doing their jobs while impressing on everyone that the flight crew involved were not.

  2. Benign0,

    R’bonney has been, from the very start, proud of her Filipino roots. She is a proud to represent Filipinos both in America and the Philippines. We are proud that someone of Filipino heritage has won Miss Universe again who will serve as an inspiration to all Filipinos around the world. May she be a shining example of the strength and beauty of our culture and our blood.

    Mabuhay ka R’bonney! You make me proud to be a Filipino.

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