The WEF Great Reset: The true Conspiracy Theory?

own nothing and be happy

I know I previously wrote something to dismiss certain conspiracy theories such as those on the Illuminati and the Freemasonry. However, I did not dismiss the notion that certain people are still seeking totalitarian power over the world or something near it. It’s just that the real groups do not work like those in the older theories. And… they’ve been in plain sight for some time already.

Among those things that got my attention on Youtube lately (based on the algorithm of my watch history, of course) were the videos mentioning that sinister-sounding line:

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“You’ll own nothing. And you will be happy.”

This line is actually found in a video by the World Economic Forum titled “Eight predictions for the world in 2030” which was released a few years back, but has since been taken down because of adverse reactions. It has been connected to the WEF’s “Great Reset” plan that is apparently already being put into action.

“Debunkers” have been saying that the “own nothing” statement is just predictions, not plans. However, why was the predictions video made at all? Isn’t it that predictions are also made to introduce certain plans? I remember videos made in the 1920s, 1960s and other earlier times about predictions of the future. They actually feature concepts that companies plan to implement. So the things in WEF’s Eight predictions video may not be the organization’s actual plans, but they might still be based on someone else’s real plans.

Perhaps it could have been better worded as “You don’t need to own anything to be happy, because you can rent…” But even though, it’s still a bad idea… and owning nothing sounds like, well, Communism.

It’s interesting that a certain Forbes article written by a WEF contributor seems to show some slippage of worries about the predictions:

“Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy.
Nowhere I can go and not be registered.
I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded.
I just hope that nobody will use it against me.”

Pretty weird to put in an article to promote the WEF’s plans, isn’t it?

But what is the WEF? It is a non-government and lobbying organization founded by engineer and Bilderberg Group member Klaus Schwab. Politicians and rich businessmen are among the members. Its main initiative at the moment is the Great Reset, a series of policies aimed at sustainability, preparation for pandemics, peace and others. Or so the organization claims. Measures includes banning certain “un-green” substances, increasing government regulation on private finances, possible universal mandation of vaccination… you get the drift.

Some people may say, wait, there’s no conspiracy here! It’s a well-meaning movement! It’s trickle-down economics, redistribution, rich helping the poor, preventing disease, saving the environment! Yes, it’s not a conspiracy theory as we know it. But well-meaning? Helping the poor? It’s likely to be none of that and more like “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Things have been happening recently that indicate that the Great Reset might not be a good idea. First, look at Sri Lanka. What caused its default in loans is not the so-called “Chinese debt trap,” because Sri Lankans were borrowing from many sources and not only Chinese. Corruption is one thing that is certain, and another is tax cuts gone wrong. But many analyses mention the recent policy of banning non-organic fertilizer as part of green initiatives as a major factor. These fertilizers are needed for the farming industry to have high yields, not to mention food on the table. This worked with other factors to make Sri Lanka less productive and thus more susceptible to its loans. People are taking note of this and saying that green initiatives such as fertilizer bans may not be a good idea after all.

Another place where the fertilizer ban is a huge concern is the Netherlands. If you’ve seen the farmer protests on video, you know they’re riled up because they think their livelihood is being threatened. Some Netizens who support green initiatives might support the Dutch government and berate farmers for using non-green methods. But this is hypocrisy.

Activist Vandana Shiva in an interview by Youtuber Russell Brand said that certain companies are the ones actually seeking to push the ban on artificial fertilizers, but they are also the same companies that pushed the fertilizers in the first place. You push them on the farmers then you tell the farmers to stop using them, or else you’ll punish them. Sounds crazy. It looks like the companies are actually trying to sabotage smaller farmers and other workers. The farmers felt unfairly singled out as polluters while aviation, cars and construction machines are apparently not noticed.

This is happening not only in the Netherlands; farmer protests are mounting in other parts of Europe, such as Poland, Germany and Italy. Indian farmers protested against the Indian agriculture acts of 2020 from 2020-2021, believing the policies to be disadvantageous to them. The policies were repealed, but the Indian farmers said there is still much to protest about, and the Great Reset may be among those things.

(I wonder though… isn’t it dumb to clamp down on farmers since they’re the ones feeding us? You thought it happened only in the Philippines, but it turns out to be everywhere in the world now)

Actually, think of it this way: one of the Eight Predictions is that humans will be eating less meat and more plant-based food. If you want people to eat more plant food, why ban fertilizers that are for growing this? It sounds counter-intuitive. Also, I don’t like this prediction if it becomes a plan, I still like meat. I also dislike the carbon tax idea and “welcome all refugees” call (as I said in my article about Simon Webb).

There’s reason to suspect certain green initiatives are not all that good. Note the many Youtube videos and articles showing that Electric Vehicles were not as great, or as green, as touted. They have hazardous waste materials such as expired batteries and turn out to be more expensive to maintain than expected. Perhaps the technology will improve later on, but I doubt it can replace internal combustion-powered cars anytime soon. The problem actually is when laws are passed to force people to use EVs.

Also of note are the trucker protests in Canada, which were against mandatory vaccination. Some quarters of the chi-chi Netisphere likely joined in berating these drivers for purportedly increasing risk against Covid. But what is of unique concern is how the Canadian government reacted. The report is that the Canadian government is freezing bank accounts of people contributing to the protests. Isn’t this illegal and a disruption of the people’s right to express grievances? It would be ironic if the chi-chi Pinoy “activists” slam the Philippine government for obstructing the right to protest while cheering on the Canadian government.

But this is what the Great Reset is thought to be all about, greater power for governments to clamp down on people. One expected feature is a worldwide social credit system similar to that being used in China. You are under surveillance and your offenses will be counted. If you are determined to have enough offenses, you can be cut off from services. For example, if you refuse to implement a green initiative or still use fertilizer, your bank account might be frozen. Remember the line from the Forbes article above, “I just hope that nobody will use it against me?”

While I doubt that the Great Reset is a plan to kill off a part of the population (though it can be an unintended consequence… or is it?), I do agree it is something worth questioning and resisting. Little else can be more insulting and intellectually dishonest than a bunch of rich people telling you that they know how to run your life better than you can. They will force their policies on you while claiming that it is good for you and for all mankind. But it’s all just a public relations stunt. They are business people and are more after their own gain. This is a technocracy, which I decried in some of my earlier articles about leaders.

I also recall the World Religions Council I talked about a while back. I see it now as more of a lobby group with similar goals to the WEF, basically imposing their idea of a perfect world through centralized government control. There are clues that Marxists are part of this religions group, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Marxists are actually in the WEF as well.

As I said before, centralized power, including a technocracy, will not only have the danger of being totalitarian but will also increase the risk of massive failure being fatal to a large number of people (I emphasize Mao-era China again). Mere mortals are never perfect and should never run the world (or anything) as if they are. As Zach Weissmueller of ReasonTV said, if we are all on the same boat, when the boat sinks, we all go down. It is better if people are left alone on their own boats. A more decentralized society where each member and small community are free to make their own projects and innovations is more the reason the world moves forward.

5 Replies to “The WEF Great Reset: The true Conspiracy Theory?”

  1. its comforting and easier to believe a cabal of powerful people is holding you back than to just work hard to achieve something in life. that’s all there is to it its a well established psychological trick “blame others, feel better”

    next week give us an update on the loch ness monster

  2. It was perhaps inevitable, but



    Truly, the worst refuge for rank paranoia is peals of laughter and rounds of mockery.

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