Nobody likes being associated with losers

Sure, losing presidential candidate Leni Robredo, we are told, will be turning her “KakamPink” flock into a “movement” of some sort. Not surprising that she’d take this position of defiance despite the landslide victory of her rival administration candidate Bongbong Marcos. Robredo is, after all, surrounded by idiots. Indeed, many political analysts doing a post mortem on Robredo’s Yellowtard campaign today attribute the failure of her bid to a disorganised and narcissistic team of “creatives”. Rather than listen to what the people were saying and to what the data was clearly showing, these bozos kept themselves busy over the last six months singing to their own choir.

As if to further reinforce the narcissism that ran their campaign to the ground, the Yellowtards, yet again, massed in great numbers for a “thanksgiving” powow on the Loyola Heights campus grounds of chi chi Ateneo de Manila University. Again their “thought leaders” crowed about the huge numbers they attracted to this event evidently not learning an important lesson from weeks of organising similar rallies that these crowds count for jack shit in the national scheme of things.

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This inability to reflect and learn lessons seems to be an acute mental disorder afflicting the Yellowtards. They continue to believe they are the centre of the universe and that their perspective trumps all the rest. Interestingly, business leaders attest to the value of failure. They see failure as an opportunity to learn. Indeed, the most successful people often have war stories of failure to tell anyone who cares to listen. This wisdom, however, does not seem to hold true for the Yellowtards. Rather than learn from failure, they huddle together with their like-minded pals and lean on one another’s grief as an opiate to dull their ability to perceive hard realities they need to confront.

Losers surrounded by losers think they are able to galvanise themselves into a “movement” that will “keep the fire burning”. This works for a while when wounds are open and raw and the opium of shared solidarity in loss remains potent. The reality, however, is far more stark. Over the longer term, people don’t like being associated with losers. The fact is, Leni Robredo is a big loser in these elections. The margin Marcos won over Robredo is greater than the number of votes she attracted. The loss can be described in the Philippines’ vernacular using one word: tambak.

In the bigger scheme of things, political analysts worth their salt are discussing and debating what shape the Philippine Opposition will take over the next six years. It is likely that Leni Robredo will not figure in this new political order. While, for now, Robredo is the go-to as far as the remains of the day the beaten Opposition in these election sift through in their pained efforts to come to terms with their loss, it is likely that she will eventually be left to scrounge for relevance as the light of her “movement” dims and her once formidable following dwindles. Such is the fate of the biggest loser in these erstwhile “important” elections.

53 Replies to “Nobody likes being associated with losers”

  1. Let’s see how that goes.

    From her aim is supposedly making a “radical na pagmamahal” volunteer movement, but give what I saw in the r/Philippines (& other PH-related subreddits), that may or may not come to fruition, with many choosing to either stop volunteering & donating all together or doing so only to whoever self-declares as a Leni-voter whenever the next disaster strikes.

    Assuming the subreddits are representative enough and that no significant changes in sentiment have happened since my last browsing, the Yellows may have yet to heed the recommendations of the psychiatrist G.M.A. News whose words the network felt they needed.

    If even that collapses… ?

  2. I think it doesn’t matter if ome loses a race, what matters is how one handles the loss and can grow from it.

    As previously commented, i did not feel any presidential candidate deserved my vote.

    So, after this election and what was said, I just hope the NGO is simply a genuine NGO. I hope the members of such organization aren’t manipulated and well intended donations used elsewhere for whatever purpose.

    I will also reserve judgement as the NGO to be established in July has not done anything on either side of the spectrum. Just as I am hopeful that the next administration doesn’t fracture/break the country.

    One can be vigilant and not immediately cast shade at another.

    There are those who voted for Robredo that aren’t the socmed vocal toxic individuals who are more ‘commonly’ seen there

    It can’t be helped. Socmed amplifies the noise from usual vocal minority that tarnishes the rest of the general collective. But that shouldn’t be used to define the rest.

    1. “As previously commented, i did not feel any presidential candidate deserved my vote.”
      Umm, that’s strange. The list of candidates cover all one’s interest in terms of personality, programs of government and experience.

      Out of more than 6 presidential candidates you mean nobody match your criteria? That’s something. ?

      1. Personally not just rely on credentials but also of how the person/candidate makes me feel.

        In terms of feeling, main candidates made me feel this way seeing their interview

        Robredo – naive
        BBM – enigma
        Lacson -shadow operator
        Isko – hungry for power
        Pacquiao – naive, easily manipulated by those who enter his “circle”

        I am not one to vote for a candidate just because I don’t want another to win.

        Like I replied to one of your post before, in past election when these people ran, they had my vote. Raul Roco, Gibo Teodoro and Miriam Defensor Santiago.

        1. The late Miriam Defensor Santiago was a lost opportunity. A female-version of Duterte. Would have been a strong prez, had it been the right time, for her Visayan fighting spirit.

        2. Personally, I prefer the “enigmatic” candidate (BBM). I’d like to feel his work more than his presence. The more you see the person, more than feel his work, the more banal he becomes. That’s the way the masses felt about the Liberal “Yellow” Party. The enigma this party had created in “People’s Power” more than 3 decades ago did not match their work (or lack of), and they became banal.

        3. At least a carabao is local (homegrown), unlike all those imported “mestizo” celebrities that ABS-CBN put in their “telebasura” programs that liberal faggots, like “Gwapita,” go gugu-gaga over and don’t want to lose.

        4. “…I like all those imported “mestizo” celebrities that ABS-CBN…” – Aeata
          Obvious. ?

  3. The noisy ones who wont concede are the radicals, stubborn mindless commie student activist akbayan types.

    1. The pinktards got so shellshocked, wont be surprised next week theyll still be holding rallies,singing rosas, posting drone shots.

      The beating was that brutal.

    2. Yup. Radical education from U.P. that is subsidized by the government, so they can keep spreading their left-wing views. It’s time for U.P. parents to start paying their radical children’s full tuition.

      1. We should have weekly protests against the cpp npa.

        Burn down the ugly effigy of joma sison, the fascist dictator pig.

        1. Federalist and Nationalist protesting against CPP and NPA.

          That would be a sight to see and make Joma Sison squirm in his lounge chair at his secret hideaway in the Netherlands.

  4. Really Megget? That’s the kind of unity BBM wants to happen? To ridicule those people you look down upon because of their sexuality, political color and anything that you can discriminate on? To make fun of people just because they voted for someone other than your idol?

    Are you sure you’re for BBM or for Satanas? I really, really want to know because the way you ‘speak’ tells a lot of what kind of individual you are.

    Just look at the kind of posts you put up here, very, very infantile.

    Very low kind I should say. ?

      1. If you cant shut up, and just support president bbm.

        You can always join next weeks rally, wear pink..march around a bit, sing a few songs.

        Dont forget to post and make a huge deal about the drone shots

  5. “Rather than learn from failure, they huddle together with their like-minded pals and lean on one another’s grief as an opiate to dull their ability to perceive hard realities they need to confront.” — benign0

    The “hard realities” these liberals will have to face is their heightened sense of Aristocracy (arrogance) and Individualism (selfishness), the modern terms for antiquated Colonial and Crab mentality, will no longer be fueled by their Pink-Yellow Party’s sources of influence (Media, Catholic Church, and Academia) for more than 3 decades.

    Furthermore, these liberals will now have to number among the “humble” and “collective” masses that voted for this new administration, that they have once condescended and scorned, to rebuild a new nation free of elitists and oligarchs’ manifested delusions.

    1. “… to rebuild a new nation free of elitists and oligarchs’ manifested delusions.”
      Not gonna happen if we keep on electing leaders from elitists and oligarchs. ?

      1. “Not gonna happen if we keep on electing leaders from elitists and oligarchs.” — Juna Luna

        For now that is the trend. But as time passes and the social media brings more elitists and oligarchs down from their “High Horse,” then the masses will start picking the lot from among the common. “Digong” was the start and not the end.

        1. Everything starts at the “Grassroot” level. It’s no secret that Luzonians have an elitists attitude because they’re well-versed in Tagalog and English, and the central government has always been located in that region. But what’s going to save the archipelago from an all out left-wing (Liberal) influence are the people from the southern regions of Visayas and Mindanao, who have always been discounted as “Game Changer(s)” for the rest of the country, because of their lack of social sophistication and language skills. What we’re seeing in the Philippines today is a revolution of not only the political parties in government, but also of the social class.

        2. It’s no secret that Luzonians have an elitists attitude because they’re well-versed in Tagalog and English, and the central government has always been located in that region. – Aeta
          That’s baloney. Luzon elitist and well-versed in Tagalog & English? Have you been to Visayas and Mindanao? Apparently, you have not. Your mentality is so ‘70s no wonder your world view is so ewan. That was a ‘secret’ in the ‘7os but now in our computer age today.

          And what’s this about Visayas and Mindanao “lacking in social sophistication and language skills. Man, do you even out of your house to check on reality? Looks like you live in a never, never land.

          For starter, we didn’t have an EDSA-like revolution, we just had an ordinary election. And we elected an ordinary politician just like the rest that occupied the presidency since 1986. So, what we are seeing now is no revolution but simple election.

          I hope that helps you in getting in touch with reality again. ?

  6. Again, Megget, are you for BBM or for Satanas?

    One question you cannot answer. Does that mean you are really for Satanas and only using BBM to cover your tracks? To make appear you are a political combatant instead of a morally bankrupt person.

    If you still refuse to address that question it only means one thing…..????

      1. Okay, BBM.

        Follow up and last question, why is it that what you talk in here sounds opposite from BBM’s plan towards unity? You sound combative, discriminatory and outright bad against people you think are beneath you? ?

        And to answer your question, unlike you, I don’t serve nobody. ?

  7. LOL bad take again benigno the clown.

    Most pinklawans are middle class. It’s only the poor and oligarchs supporting BBM uniturd. Look at his parties puro mayaman like Chinese and araneta. Too bad aeta tae is so dumb he doesn’t realize this.

    The middle class/ pinklawans are the ones supporting the country. Let’s see what happens if that support is pulled!

    If you read the sub reddit you see already the poor masa bbm crying like babies when the pinklawan stops sponsoring them. Kinda goes against your thesis megget piece of shit.

    As an NGO, angat buhay can make or break companies by the power of the collective. Similar to obi wan kenobi, strike Leni down. And she comes back MORE POWERFUL than before.

    1. You stayed up all night last night playing with yourself, just to tell us what you were fantasizing about? Go Back to Bed!

      1. Angat buhay? More like a bold faced money grab.

        14Million gullible fools x 10peso per month = 140Million minimum.

        In 6 years, you have more than enough to fund the liberal party ambitions

      2. Pretty sure she’s compensated well for her humiliating defeat and to keep her mouth shut for what she knows.

    2. Useless after useless rant makes you even more delusional than ever.

      Leni Robredo is already a lost cause when she stated about her lame foreign policy of how “PH should be like Ukraine” and how she’s wants to retain the terrible presidential system.

      How can she back “stronger than ever” when she wants to go back to the YellowPink status quo?

      1. As I’ve always said, Leni is a “stooge” groomed by the Liberals because their waning influence can now only pick from the “crumbs of their crap.” The same goes for these Liberal’s back up stooges like Isko Moreno, groomed for his popularity and celebrity good looks, for cleaning up his city with Manileno oligarchs’ money; Ping Lacson, for his decades-long secret operative service for them of being a “hitman.”

      2. And this “Dumbass” Darth is just a “plant” by the liberals to cause dissent and confusion. He likes talking “shits,” so he gets treated like one.

  8. See, this is what people with common sense haven’t seen yet…

    The Kakampinks/Pinklawans claim to “hate” Trump (and anything associated with him) due to his being a mockery and abuse to liberal democracy, but in an ironic twist these bozos are actually acting on his playbook.
    (and I am surprised that I am yet the only who sees through their nonsensical inane charades)


    1. 210306 The Manghas Interviews

    Lenlen: “[…] Malaking-malaki iyong pagkukulang namin, ng political opposition, na hindi kami nakapagbigay ng parang ALTERNATIVE TRUTHS […]”
    (capitalized for emphasis)

    Sounds familiar?

    In 2017, former Trump campaign strategist-turned-Counselor Kellyanne Conway coined the term “alternative facts” as a defense to describe then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s “utter[ed] provable falsehood” (in his first press briefing) regarding the crowd numbers during Trump’s presidential inauguration (more later). Conway would later repeat that phrase whenever she can, even defining “alternative facts” as “additional facts and alternative information”, even alternating it with simply “alternative information”, and would become one of the bywords of Trump’s administration.

    2. Kakampink’s obsession with crowd size in their political rallies (and quite possibly whatever you can call the event at Loyola Heights, which is now the new Times St. since the recent Aquino president has passed away in ignominious obscurity)

    Not willing to elaborate further since this has been previously discussed, but sounds familiar?

    In the aforementioned Spicer press briefing (see above), he stated that Trump’s presidential inauguration had the “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration – period – both in person and around the globe”, claiming such and such numbers, despite visual and data proof to the contrary.

    3. The recent Kakampink protests

    Also not elaborating on this one, but sounds familiar?

    During the 2020 US presidential elections, as the “mainstream media” began to declare a consensus of Biden winning the presidency (thru the plurality vote so far), Trump (followed by his close circle and elected allies) refused to accept his loss, alleging electoral fraud which still resonates to the present.

    Herein comes the “Big Lie” and “Stop the Steal” campaign, but with a Filipino twist and flavor suiting Filipino electoral trends:

    a. “Big Lie” instead has Lenlen’s campcries of “68:32” (long disproved by the COMELEC, academic and electoral experts; and no less the PPCRV aka a violation of Art. II Sec. 6 of the Constitution) and “irregularities/inconsistencies” (because hashtag Smartmagic has failed them this time)

    b. “Stop the Steal” mostly consisting of Kakampink rallies around COMELEC HQ (prior to Isko Moreno’s 220511 memorandum reinforcing Batas Pambansa 880 aka “No Permit, No Rally” in Manila alone), Liwasang Bonifacio (because “rights”), PICC, “across the country”. And which inevitably have been infiltrated with sleeper cell cadres from the CPP-NPA-NDF (due to sleeping with the “enemy of the state”)

    The following below also belong to “Stop the Steal”, but has yet to fully manifest:

    a. Even Trump’s infamous call to then-Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffenspeger imploring “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than [the 11,779 vote margin of defeat] we have, because we won the state. […]” has been eerily exposed in Rigoberto Tiglao’s Friday column in the Manila Times (, where a Kakampink group message went “This is from 1Sambayan: ‘From Ombudsman Carpio-Morales and Justice Tony Carpio. They need 100 volunteers NOW to help validate 10,000 election results. […]'”
    (thankfully Lenlen hasn’t that wide an influence to force elected allies into behaving in an immoral manner)

    b. Though Trump has filed numerous lawsuits in vain, even culminating with Texas v. Pennsylvania (touted as the “big one”) in the US Supreme Court, mostly Republican-aligned judges refused to hear most lawsuits for lack of proof and credibility. Here in the Philippines though only threats have been made so far, and the COMELEC even urged the rabblerousers to file at the appropriate venues (House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal, Senate Electoral Tribunal, & Presidential Electoral Tribunal), and it remains to be seen whether they have the stomach & finances to even go ahead.

    4. …possible Filipino version of the Capitol Riots???

    We all know the story. We all the saw the news (plus a number of Fil-Am’s involved)

    And here is the big question mark…

    Echoing the aforementioned Rigoberto Tiglao’s article, “Are the Pinks up yo something evil?”, I have a hunch that the Pink mob might be brewing a big one on either one of these two dates: on June 30 (presidential inauguration) or on July 25 (SONA as mandated by the Constitution (Art. VII, Sec 23))
    (I’m not referencing a pyschic’s prediction from last October 2021 regarding “trouble” in July 2022, because predictions tend to go not only awry but on both sides, but when you have 2 successive popular presidents irrationally hated by the opposition, the gut feeling still remains)

    I can only thank God we have no equivalent of QAnon to mess with us, though with how mainstream media + Rappler and the CPP-NPA-NDF cahoots are acting, they’re barely a suitable substitute

    1. Except, the guys they managed to recruit here are limp wristed faggots.

      Id like to see what kind of riot that would be.

        1. “Digong” was right after all about Trillanes being a “closet faggot” and a bitch for the liberal Left.

    2. Riots? Possible but given who they usually recruit..the college kids, who doesn’t have any military experience. I doubt they can make through to the police guards or even Philippine Army. I felt pity on these kids that they’re being used for some insane government throwdown.

      1. True… if they are outnumbered by P.N.P., P.S.G., and Army personnel.

        But remember: Sheer numbers allowed the masses to enter the U.S. Capitol Building. The Yellows have proven their ability to gather in large numbers, too.

        To counter (and prevent a possible B.B.M.-aimed accusations of supposed-“illegitimacy” via “human rights violations” via “excessive use of force” on the mob), normal everyday civilian supporters would need a pro-B.B.M. rally around Malacañang just before theirs (with national-security forces’ coordination) as a 1st layer of defense. The counter-riot should be quick enough to stop them, but not long enough for the Left to devise counter-measures (like infiltration). But the problem would be having to know the riot’s detail (major meeting places, date, time, etc.) beforehand.

        1. To counter, go after the left-wing media of ABS-CBN and GMA, including officials from the Catholic Church, and charge them with provoking and promoting potential insurgencies against the government.

        1. These spoiled (I wannabe be a Joma Sison follower someday) U.P. college kids need to take CAT (ROTC) as part of their 4-year course requirements to enroll. If they don’t want to do it, kick them out.

        2. They should put the UP campus right inside the PMA campus.

          These UP fags seem to love their “hazing”

    3. Oh, that would suck.

      But that would be perfect “People Power Ⅰ” redo. But if they & Washington REALLY want to guarantee victory (unlike the original Capitol Riot’s), “revoke” B.B.M.’s legitimacy (as if they had the right to do so), Liberal Party-leadership & Washington would want Manila’s security-forces to publicly use (“excessive”) force on the civilian mob (“peaceful protestors”), like was seen in Damascus to discredit Washington’s ex-ally Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad. In terms of Ukraine (whose anti-government media was funded by Pierre Omidyar via his Omidyar Network, the same funder of PH-based Rappler, helped regime change Kiev in 2014), indiscriminate sniper-fire on everyone/everyone in range by yet-unknown individuals. (Kiev & Moscow can debate on whose operatives did it, but none debate whose senators & ambassador publicly met the protestors, gave speeches, and handed cookies.)

      A reverse-“People Power Ⅰ” could also be done if enough U.S.-trained Armed Forces generals were into it, like with also ex-ally (democratic) Vietnamese Pres. Ngô Đình Diệm.
      And if you read the transcript of the then-President’s last phone-call to the U.S. Embassy (in Document 23)… ?

      God forbid and may we be utterly wrong, of course! God help the Filipino people & Manila’s national-security apparatus!

    4. MAGA 1.0 (MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN) didn’t work in the U.S. in 2020.


      MAGA 2.0 (MAKE ARCHIPELAGO GREAT AGAIN) worked in the R.P. in 2022.

      There is light at the end of a long, dark tunnel after all.

      You heard it here on GRP first, folks.

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