If Professor Clarita Carlos is a “pet analyst”, then JC Punongbayan is a quack “economist”

Rappler kiddie “reporter” Lian Buan should be careful what she calls esteemed University of the Philippines Professor Clarita Carlos. A “report” she authored published on the disgraced “social news network” was headlined “UP political science department distances from Marcos pet analyst” effectively denigrating the qualifications of this veteran academic with no apparent bases. Buan uncritically “reports”…

The University of the Philippines (UP) Department of Political Science issued a public notice on Saturday, May 21, distancing itself from – perhaps even short of disowning – retired professor Clarita Carlos, who has been the pet analyst of the supporters of presumptive president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

What does Buan argue to substantiate her assertion that Carlos is a “pet analyst” of Marcos’s supporters? Well, she writes, “Carlos has been criticized for past remarks whitewashing the atrocities of Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law.” Who were her critics and what specific “whitewashing” do they refer to? Don’t look at Buan because she provides answers to neither in her “report”. All Buan provides is a small sample of Carlos’s political opinions which, when one steps back to regard these objectively, every Filipino is entitled to express in the free market of ideas that is the Philippines’ platform for free expression. In so doing, nobody, certainly not one like Carlos who applies more than the average rigour to vetting the views she issues, deserves to be slapped a label by some two-bit “journalist”.

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Indeed, Carlos has a vast body of scholarly work to her name — something a Rapplerette like Buan is unlikely to have parsed over a big enough sample set for solid bases for input into her “news reporting”. There’s also the more important matter of the Yellowtards actually being the true pioneers of cultivating “pet analysts” to quote too when crafting “reports” that slant to their preferred narrative. An example of their dishonest produce is Buan’s fellow Rapplerette JC Punongbayan who is routinely put up as the unofficial Chief Yellowtard Economist.

Punongbayan is some sort of product of the University of the Philippines School of Economics — a PhD holder, we are told. He is known for his intellectually dishonest habit of backward-engineering his “analysis” from pre-determined politically-motivated “conclusions”. Back in 2018, he ran some sort of forum to explore the idea of the Philippine economy “in the time of Marcos and Duterte”. Just from the title of the forum alone, it was evident that Punongbayan sought to establish a causal relationship between the economy and the governments of the two men by merely correlating economic performance to the periods over which they governed. For all the curls in his do, Punongbayan seems to be unable to grasp the basic pitfall that discredits the work of most kiddie analysts like him — that causation cannot be readily-concluded from mere correlation.

I wrote back then…

The title of Punongbayan’s symposium aims to lure its audience into arriving at that perverted conclusion — that economic indicators that marked the administrations of Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte constitute proof that they caused the economic conditions these indicators described. This is bald dishonest use of data — feeding it into a patently rigged algorithm or evaluation method and publishing a conclusion that is not subject to critical evaluation by qualified people.

Small surprise that Rappler holds the distinction of being one of the least trusted media outlets in the Philippines. How, after all, can one have confidence in the soundness of a media channel that licenses “journalists” like Lian Buan to make sophomoric critiques (if it can even be called that) on the work of an academic stalwart such as Professor Clarita Carlos?

The University of the Philippines can “distance” itself from Professor Carlos all it wants. She is, after all, retired and no longer part of the UP faculty. Besides, that’s just UP being UP — the communist-infested den whose officials habitually presume to represent the sentiments of an otherwise diverse student body and community of alumni. Buan, for her part, should go back to “journalism” school and learn that there is more to writing “news reports” than indulging one’s personal political biases. Then again, perhaps that is exactly what Rappler is — a journalism school where a bunch of spoilt brats learn a perverse form of this craft on the job.

125 Replies to “If Professor Clarita Carlos is a “pet analyst”, then JC Punongbayan is a quack “economist””

  1. The fact that Rappler is also a fact checker with lot of controversies as well. They also tend to be abusive with it. I’d say they’re the worst news agency that makes Inquirer or Philstar tolerable.

  2. He is known for his intellectually dishonest habit of backward-engineering his “analysis” from pre-determined politically-motivated “conclusions”.

    LOL at benigno. Pot calling the kettle black. Such a hypocrite when you do the exact same thing benigno the clown.

    So riddle me this benigno the clown. What exactly makes prof Carlos “esteemed”? What exactly is her vast body of scholarly work? Any awards to distinguish her service? Obviously her peers do not count her as “esteemed”

    Or do you view her as “esteemed” because she parrots your political positions?

    If punongbayan who has a PHD is a quack? Then what do we call you benigno who writes crap like this?

    How about a “cum eating, shit spewing fake news blogger”

        1. Lol aeta tae.

          You didn’t answer my question. Hell you didn’t answer Juan luna questions.

          Now resorting to ad hominem like a 1st grader.

          Tired of being clowned on hmmm you pea brain. Hahaha I laugh at you. Your ideas are so dumb. I would destroy you in a debate.

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        2. @Darth Mortis the Dumbass. Why go through the trouble of answering your, and Juanita’s, questions separately, when you both can share my answers like you share the “out(cum)es” from those “Bukake” sessions?

        3. Aeta, don’t be afraid, just answer Darth Mortis’ question.

          We’re here to discuss issue not just call names and insult people. ?

        4. “We’re here to discuss issue not just call names and insult people. ?”””” —- Juanita “Gwapita” Luna

          I give up trying to discuss issues with you liberal faggots. I’ll just stick to insulting and calling you names. Liberal faggots seem more calm when they’re getting treated like bitches or have a cock inside their mouth.

      1. “I GIVE UP trying to discuss issues with YOU LIBERAL FAGGOTS. I’LL JUST STICK TO INSULTING AND CALLING YOU NAMES. LIBERAL FAGGOTS seem more calm when they’re getting treated like BITCHES OR HAVE A COCK INSIDE THEIR MOUTH.” – Aeta
        ? Oh, you really, really lost it now, Aeta. You have gone to the dark side, the destructive side of a troll.

        You see, it is not really easy to battle and wrestle against others who are time-tested debaters and used to heated discussion and arguments using whatever intellectual possession you have in that brain without going overboard.

        I think you already have a concussion from frequent dogfights on the board, not with me, just to be clear, but with others more equip, more prepared and more disciplined than you. The fracas we’re having is nothing. I’m only playing, just like I do with Megget, another concussion casualty, every time I respond to your nonsense and lies. So, it’s not me who caused your grogginess and confusion. Weak heart and just plain losing.

        My advice? Go back and take a hiatus. As it is, I see you leveling yourself LOWER than Megget. And as a former writer of this blog it is sad to see you go this way.

        Take it easy bro! ?

        1. “”? Oh, you really, really lost it now, Aeta. You have gone to the dark side, the destructive side of a troll.” —Juanita “Gwapita” Luna.

          Oh, I didn’t lose anything, “Gwapita,” except what little respect I had for your yellow liberal, faggot ass. So you can continue to show the readers how you milk your liberal ideologies like you milk your boyfriends’ cocks.

        2. Bye, Aeta! ???

          I wish you come back. It’s nice to be nice. It’s not good to be just a downtrodden troll. It’s fun to discuss topics and talk to other GRP posters and engage. Enlightening and informative. Not fun to smirk and be smug because you cannot control your self.

          Bye! ?

        3. Relax. I’m not going anywhere. Like what Megget said, you need to “drink a little latte” and “suck a few cocks” and don’t assume anything. Someone needs to be around to keep you from spreading your left-wing ideologies on the pages of GRP, and converting the unindoctrinated to your yellow faggotry. We all know there is a battle going on between conservatives and liberal cocksuckers like you trying to put a hex on the new administration before it even has a chance. My mission is to stop you from spreading your liberalism like you spread your legs for your boyfriends.

        4. “My mission is to stop you…” – Aeta
          Your mission is to stop me by insults and name call? ?

          Bye, Aeta, I’ll really miss you. Say hello to Mario for me, k? ?

        5. “Your mission is to stop me by insults and name call? ?”— Juan “Gwapita” Luna

          Well…yea…and to talk about your sexual orientation that seems to raise a lot of questions among your readers. If would be worth the effort if I can get you to disclose if you enjoy plugging, getting plugged, or both, since you keep hiding inside the thin membrane of your Yellow Liberal condom.

        6. Denial is a natural defense mechanism among liberal faggots when confronted on their homosexuality. “Plugging” is a bait word “expertly” used in drawing them out, so they’ll come out fighting like savage bitches. I see you fell for the trap, “Juanita.”

        7. Since we’re on a “Denial” track, tell me. Did you feel empowered when your Liberal Party chose “Pink” as its campaign color, and Vice Ganda being one of the most vocal critic against the opposition while holding his boyfriend’s hand for support?

    1. @Darth Mortis the Dumbass. “Backward-Engineering Analysis.” Hmm…sounds like the same semen-egg experiment your parents went through to have you.

    2. Darth mortis the pure evil,

      You are the part of Anti Fanactism League that bashes Marcos, me, Benign0 and Marcos supporters!

    3. Dude like, Prof. Carlos not only finished a Doctor ate in order to be a profesor, she also worked in UP for a long time until retiring in 2011. She also lectured in the National Defense University of the US. That same University is also funded by the Department of Defense of the US. Basically show also worked in the US as a professor in one of their military universities.

      And finally after retiring, she made a think tank in order to guide the government in its foreign policies. So if it isn’t esteemed for you, I don’t know what is.

      1. He’s just a Benign0 junkie addict, this guy’s hate obsession is over the roof. I wouldn’t expect him to know everything he blurted either.

  3. The biggest question:

    Who funded Rappler/ Vera Files? I don’t think ads are enough, there could be a foreign funding involved to destabilize our country.

    1. Who is funding GRP?!?!

      Benigno lives in Australia so the clicks from pinoys on the website amounts to mere cents.

      Why has kept benigno spewing garbage non-stop for years now?!? He lives in Australia, why write about the Philippines?

      Who is funding GRP? The question of dark money and Marcos / China money being funneled to Benigno to make a whore himself out , peddle fake news and sell out the Philippines.

      BBM just recently travelled to Australia….. kinda makes you think right?

      1. @Darth Mortis the Dumbass. A “sellout” is when your parents, against the doctors’ advice not to have anymore children after taking part in a “backward engineering” experiment, decided to go through with your pregnancy, because their Yellow Party needed a future presidential candidate that’ll match Noynoy “Abnoy” Aquino’s caliber.

        1. Noynoy is panot not abnoy… he is dead… Gadon truely claims that HIV killed Panot Aquino.

        1. Actually, I do believe that Noynoy Aquino had died from AID (and not AIDS), in other words an Auto Immune Disease in which his sister, Kris is also suffering to that disease right now and sometimes its life threatening: https://youtu.be/lKwSFpAbf8k

          Atty Larry Gadon had said that Noynoy had died from AIDS in order to annoy the Yellowtards.

        2. “Actually, I do believe that Noynoy Aquino had died from AID…”
          Really? I never thought fake news will last that long.

        3. “Really? I never thought fake news will last that long.” — Juanita “Gwapita” Luna

          You should know what “Abnoy” died of, “Gwapita.” You both belonged to the same “Gossip Girls” club when he was alive, and probably exchanged sultry secrets with one another. So tell us the truth.

    2. Some rumors that Rappler/Vera Files are NED – National Endowment for Democracy (who overtook the CIA’s job) funded them. Knowing CIA’s past habit of meddling to other country’s affair. It’s not far off and possible but you should take it as a grain of salt.

  4. (This is the right article)
    I don’t know what exactly reporter Lian Buan’s crime is but I think her report is accurate. And if she happens to ruffle the feathers of some people by calling Prof. Carlos “pet analyst” of supporters of presumptive president BBM, that’s because she is seen by his supporters as one.

    Why take it against a reporter who is just reporting the truth? ?

        1. Seems plausible since he was overweight and a heavy smoker. Abnoy had to have vices beside searching for cocks in his off time. Kind of like you when you’re not filling the pages of GRP with your faggot liberalism.

        2. “Abnoy had to have vices beside searching for cocks…like I do” – Aeta
          ? You sure? ???! Bye!

    1. Because liberal reporters waver back and forth, depending which microphone (moderate or liberal) they’re holding; just like you waver back-and-forth on your political orientation, depending on whose cock you’re holding.

    2. Is it just because some people are incapable of being objective themselves, that they thave to label people as such?

      1. “Is it just because some people are incapable of being objective themselves, that they thave to label people as such?”
        Exactly! That is what Aeta is all about. Liberals are bad, conservatives are angels.

        Even if nobody’s arguing with him about liberal-conservative, he’ll put color to a conversation attacking anything that he disagrees with as liberals no-good and thems conservatives, very good.

        That’s the trademark of crazies. ?

        1. There goes another lie that could only be told by a faggot liberal like you. Your favorite liberal station ABS-CBN had more than 3 decades to make something out of the country. Instead, all they did was enriched themselves, and their fellow oligarchs, by enticing homos like you with Vice Ganda’s gay lifestyle and imported “mestizo” celebrities.

        2. “There goes another lie that could only be told by a faggot liberal like you. Your favorite LIBERAL…” – Aeta
          There goes my proof about liberal-conservative ek-ek by this dingbat! ?

        3. What’s a liberal-conservative, faggot? Is that something your lack of originality mind made up because you’re running out of bullshits to say?

        4. “What’s a liberal-conservative Sir Juan?” – Aeta
          I don’t know! You are the one who keeps on talking about it, you explain it. Look at your posts, it’s splattered with liberal and conservative ek-ek. Have you seen my post even imply about it? NO.

          So, you do the explaining. ?

        5. No, bitch, get it straight. I’m a conservative; you’re a liberal. Don’t get it mixed up like your name: liberal-faggot or faggot-liberal, or just simply, faggot-ass-faggot.

  5. All aeta and megget talk about are dicks and cum. And sucking themselves off.

    Both of you are projecting your sexual frustrations here on GRP. No wonder both aeta and megget cream themselves at the thought of dictatorship.

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    1. Now, now..No need for kinkshaming, dayum son. No one is kinkshaming you for having the same repressed feeling for Benign0. Just look at your own comment – “How about a “cum eating, shit spewing fake news blogger””. See?

    2. Too many words.

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        1. The question wasnt for you,

          And you dont really need to answer as we already know your reply.

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      3. “Still , you should just answer the question…
        Would you suck it? – Megget
        Was that the question you posed to you mother, Megs? ?????

    3. Most of us heterosexuals don’t make a big deal with the use of “Cocks” and “Cum” in everyday language; they’re just bait words to get you and your faggot lover, “Juanita ‘Gwapita’ Luna,” excited and out of bed in search for more.

      1. HAHAHAHA! Aeta your conversation with your friends involves dicks and cum? That’s the topic of your conversation.

        That’s not normal heterosexual behaviour but Errrrr ok dude. You do you.

        1. See what I mean? Just you reading the words “Cocks” and “Cum” already gets you excited and happy. Don’t make it too obvious. You don’t want to make your lover, “Juanita ‘Gwapita’ Luna,” jealous.

        2. You would not know the first things about normal nor heterosexual.

          These things are stuff you read about only in books and the internet.

        3. Aside from intermittent homosexual intimacy with his boyfriend (Juanita “Gwapita” Luna), Darth Mortis the Dumbass mostly engages in asexual activities when he’s alone.

    4. All aeta and megget talk about are dicks and cum. And sucking themselves off.
      True. And I have to blame his mother for that. Aeta will not know that is he was not taught by his mom. ?

  6. “I make a big deal with the use of “Cocks” and “Cum” in everyday language. Love it” – Aeta
    Oh, my God! That is how the conversation went down the drain. ?

    He really lost it and the whole community is very sad. Concussion is really a serious thing. ??‍?

    1. Come on, Miss Cock (Juanita “Gwapita” Luna). You’re lacking originality by misquoting me again. I know you’re blaming me for feeling “sad” and “drain” after being neglected by your boyfriend, Darth Mortis the Dumbass. Don’t worry, your boyfriend will come around when he’s over his excitement with the words “Cocks” and “Cum.”

  7. I don’t like former Prof. Clarita Carlos. She’s so mayabang. She likes to make speeches and statements parading her intellectual acuity, kuno.

    I so don’t like her I want to debate her. Here. ?

    For all I know, she’s auditioning for a job under the BBM administration. ?

      1. “I know, you prefer Vice Ganda’s persona just like me because he reflects a lot of our gay pride values.” – Aeta
        Speak for your self, please. ?

        1. What a Juanita Cock (Juan-needa-Cock). Misquoting what someone says because he fagged out of original material.

  8. To Aeta and Megget,

    Guys, I thought you a lot of things. One, don’t talk trash to someone who can out-trashed you. Anytime. Two, don’t lower your status level on blog writing by putting up posts which only suits the uneducated. Third, maintain you class, like Me, even if you disagree with other members because they’re not only your antagonists, they’re also your friends. Fourth, maintain your respect to co-members by having a logical, relevant and sound reasoning when arguing your point of view. Resorting to liberal, conservative, faggot, gays, Vice
    Ganda response speaks volume of who you and your parents are. ?

    Lastly, remember all those I enumerated above because that’s all I can give you in this time of need for you are gasping for air every time you respond to my posts.

    Now, let me see your smile! ?

      1. Again correction:
        Can anybody here invite Prof. Carlos for a debate?

        I’ll debate her so that Aeta and Megget can get some pointers how to engage in political combat.

        Take note, I did not say I’m going to win the debate. Just to be clear. ?

        1. Why would any professor debate with you?

          You are a delusional liberal fool and a simpleton.

          I bet you just want to know if clarita carlos does indeed, have a cock.

          So you can suck it.

        2. You don’t need to win a debate you’ve already lost. Just being a liberal faggot is already a losing platform, just like your “Lutang” candidate. Face the music, bitch. A new, conservative administration means a new way of life for the country and its people. You’re antiquated Liberal Party’s influence is over.

        3. This Fag-Luna is a delusional faggot, trying to hold on to a left-wing ideology that is no longer the trend for the incoming conservative administration, and a new way of life the country’s is going to be pursuing in the future.

        4. “…trying to hold on to a left-wing ideology…” – Aeta
          Left-wing ideology? Proof please. ?

        5. Fuck your redundant demands for proof, Fag-Luna. You’re like a faggot bitch who demands proof that he got dumped by his boyfriend because he wants to start sticking his dick in a woman’s pussy instead of your gay asshole. Useless Liberal Faggot!

    1. Don’t flatter yourself too much, Fag-Luna. You’re not that good at “out-trashing” anyone, you do lower yourself at everyone’s level to try to get to them, you don’t maintain your “class” at whatever level you imagined it to be, and you don’t respect others’ opinion and whoever disagrees with you. You have a self-righteous attitude, you have got to have the final say, and you have to be right. Bitch, if you can’t see those things I’ve said about you, everyone who’s not a homo like you can. That’s the reason we’re after your faggot-ass-faggot ego, that’s up in the clouds, and shaded with pink and yellow.

      1. An ego that has been in tatters since may 9.

        I remember this gwapita fool insisting before the elections that her yellowtard candidate not only had a chance to win, but also was dominating this and that and converting tons of people ( the pink wave with “mamot” crowds), when everybody who is not a liberal faggot knows it will be an utterly senseless beatdown.

        1. It’s unfortunate that Fag-Luna and his “Lutang” cannot accept their defeat, and that liberal ideology is no longer going to be the mindset for the country and its people. BBM-SARA’s conservative administration is going to unify the archipelago into one country and one people, that these country dividing, liberal faggots have a hard time accepting because they will now have to fall in line, like everyone else, to rebuild the country from the ashes of Yellowtard influence.

        2. “… insisting before the elections that her yellowtard candidate not only had a chance to win, but also was dominating this and that and converting tons of people…” – Megget
          Another chismoso! ? I’ll take word if you can show me proof to support your gossip. ?

  9. Oh wow, those are quick response from my disciples! ?

    Although it’s bereft of substance (as usual!) I still commend you Aeta and Megget for being responsive to that I say. ‘ten shun!!! ?

    Now, do you want to talk about fags and bitches and faggots? Okay, let’s wait for Justice to appear or Khayri or even Mario to give you guys a lesson about how to conceal your sexual orientation. ?

    1. “Oh wow, those are quick response from my disciples! ?” —Fag-Luna

      You’re such an arrogant, liberal faggot. You have no class that you claim to have.

  10. It doesn’t have to be Prof. Carlos personally. I can take a proxy debate where the other side will defend and push the views of Prof. Carlos.

    The board is getting boring especially with Aeta the Necro and Megget the clown hugging the headlines.

    Any takers? (Aeta & Megget, you’re disqualified here) ?

    1. Aside from your fellow liberal faggots (Darth Mortis the Dumbass and Jason), no one else is going to take up your liberal cause, Fag-Luna. Country dividing liberalism is no longer going to be the trend for the entire archipelago. Everyone on GRP are looking forward to the new, conservative administration’s agenda of rebuilding the country of where it should have been, that more than 3 decades of Yellowtard influence had promised to do but didn’t deliver. I hate to say this, but your self-manifested liberal influence on GRP is now coming to an end. Either modify your liberal faggot approach or you’re just going to be a laughing stock and a target for more conservative insults in the future.

      1. “Everyone on GRP are looking forward…” – Aeta
        Good, now name them. ?

        If you cannot name one, aside from your sidekick Megget, then you are lying again. ?

        1. Just shut up, Trolling Faggot. Your endless faggot trolling is what keeps this forum from discussing more relevant topics with the incoming administration. So shut your faggot, liberal trolling already.

      2. “…your self-manifested liberal influence on GRP is now coming to an end.” – Aeta
        How can it end when I don’t even have started yet? ?

        Aeta, look at your self now. Before, when you give your point of view, it’s usually in paragraphs and you stand by what you write. In other words, you’re a decent writer (you even wrote an article here!) who can argue and engage by providing logic and reason.

        But alas, at present, you are a shadow of your self. You were relegated to fumbling mumbling ninny who can’t even address a simple question. Khayri was telling me that I destroyed you. I don’t believe that. Megget was already destroyed when I met him here. While you? What happened to you? ?

        I think you are playing a game YOU KNOW you can’t win. ?

        1. “How can it end when I don’t even have started yet? ?”— Fag-Luna

          There you go, folks. We have a new troll on GRP. Juanita Fag Luna, protesting his liberalism on this forum because he wants to hijack the discussions in his direction.

  11. Gwapita should just join those faggot protestors, they have daily schedules lined up, year round.

    So he can get hosed down every day by riot police i bet hes getting excited at that prospect.

    1. “Gwapita should just join OUR faggot protestors, they have daily schedules lined up, year round.” – Megget
      Thanks, I’ll pass. ?

      1. You didn’t pass, Liberal Faggot. You’re doing your own version of protesting by trolling your liberalism on this forum. And everyone can see that.

  12. Aeta, you think writing those kind of posts, garbage, will grant you another invite here to write an article again?

    I seriously, seriously doubt. ☹️

    1. I don’t really give a damn, Fag-Luna. As long as I expose liberal faggots like you, who will do everything in their power to sabotage what this new administration’s trying to do in the minds of GRP members, I’ve at least done my job of preserving what little objectivity that still exists in this forum.

      1. “I don’t really give a damn..” – Aeta
        Yeah, I know. Not too long ago, you’re in a position of power for having the opportunity to write an article here and share your experience and ideas.

        But now, I shiver every time I read all those posts you put up. I’m sure your colleagues like Ilda, Ortoll, zaxx and others are shaking their heads right now seeing how you wasted yourself on some thing you cannot win.

        I say, pick your self up, there is no shame in losing. Dust up and gather yourself. You have a lot of stories to tell now that your idol is president. Focus on that. Let Megget be maggot, este, Megget.

        Cool ka lang ‘tol! It’s a losing game; quit now while you still have your dignity, a piece of it, intact. ?

        1. Ha ha.

          This fag-luna just wont quit.

          He has been espousing his tainted anti-marcos, colonial yellowtard liberal mindset here for the longest time, trying to control the narrative.

          Well get the fuck outta here already.

          walk the streets and protest.

          Gather your “mamot” crowds, start a petition.

          Just make sure to get more than 31 million signatures.

        2. To be honest with you, I’m not sure if I still want to write an article on this forum; it’s much too-leaning left than right or in the middle. In fact, I may just go ahead and take leave again and focus on other writing projects that won’t get hazed by anyone who disagrees with my views. I meant what I said earlier, this website is much too liberal, no offense to GRP’s webmaster, whose political sentiment I did not feel at all the entire time I have been here. Much of the liberal influence that drags the narrative in that direction, mostly comes from left-wing commenters who are still stuck on the antiquated narrative of Yellow Party influence. I believe GRP’s landscape should change, neither left nor right, but more in the middle so we can better understand each other’s point of views.

  13. “I meant what I said earlier, this website is much too liberal…” – Aeta
    I disagree. This blog is dominated by pro and Marcos loyalists, which I don’t take offense with. Proof? Just look at all the articles and subjects and topics it presents, day in and day out: anti-Yellow, anti-Aquino and opposition and pro-BBM and a sprinkle here and there of Marcos nostalgia. Fine with me as long as we’re engaging in a civilized manner.

    Now, our ‘game’ with Megget is different. It’s not a discussion or debate. I wouldn’t be surprise if readers will call it ‘bastusan’ because that is how it comes across. You notice I have boundaries with the terms I used, so I’m cool. ?

      1. Actually, Megget you are a bad influence to Aeta. At 68 years old, you should be the one guiding the younger ones here how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. Instead p, you’re the first to praised Vice Ganda and utter words with sexual contents which are irrelevant to the subject matter.

        You don’t analyze, you don’t theorize, all you do is cannibalize. You don’t discuss nor debate, you just put up posts to release your hate.

        Just plain wrong and sad. ☹️

        1. “Get my name out of your stinky faggot mouth.” – Megget
          Nope, I cannot do that until you straighten up. You’ll always be the poster boy of ignominy, of insults and just plain bad entity. There is nothing in you that is redeemable, nothing that has substance. You are a corrosive force destroying this blog by your nothingness.

          Like I said, you don’t analyze, you don’t theorize, all you do is cannibalize. You don’t discuss nor debate, you just put up posts to release your hate.

          Not only that, you put up a brave face even though you always don’t have a case. You pretend to know something when in fact you know nothing. NOTHING.

          Just look at ALL your past posts, your NOTHING POSTS, and be glad that you are being tolerated on this blog.

          At 68 years old, you should know better by now. ?

        2. What are you? The thought police?you dont own this blog.

          Go to the leni blogs.

          They have “decent” comments there.

          Now for the third time , and you do acknowledge that you have a stinky faggot mouth,


        3. Megget,
          I’m no thought police and if I were I cannot police you because you have no thought. ?

          I don’t own this blog that is why I behave ‘civilly’. I don’t mouth expletives, sexualized words to insult. I just don’t make myself look trash and chump the way you do.

          Like I said, you cannot stop me from mentioning the Maggot, este, Megget name every time I talk about the dregs and scum of this blog.

          So, what do you do? Act like your age. A 68-year old person like shouldn’t be acting like an 8-eight year bully in a playground.

          ?El grosor de tu cara!

  14. HAHAHA did I read correctly? Aeta tae is packing his shit and going home.

    LOL!! So funny. Talo Ang pikon. It’s because I DESTROYED you intellectually that you are reduced to nothing more than a caricature than can only spout homophobia.

    Pikon talo and nabaliw na. LOL!

    Go on and leave the forum loser. That’s what happens when you rely on tiktok for your information and can’t back up the shit you say with facts.

    Go twiddle your thumbs and wait for bbm to give you that piece of tallano gold. Loser lol.


    Megget on the other hand is already destroyed mentally. He should be put in an asylum with the other no brains.

    1. “HAHAHA did I read correctly? Aeta tae is packing his shit and going home.” — Dart Mortis the Dumbass

      Don’t be so sure of yourself, Dumbass. I’m just taking a break to work on my article.

      Who knows, I may just write an article on how you always like to pack your shits in your diapers, leak the content all over GRP, before you go home.

      1. Lol aeta tae

        Who would want to read a delusional article about dicks , cum and vice ganda by aeta closet gay tae?

        Your article where you write your closet fantasies 50 shades of grey style. No thanks!

        Goodbye aeta. You will always be remembered as a loser. Don’t come back anytime soon.

        1. “Who would want to read a delusional article about dicks , cum and vice ganda by aeta closet gay tae?”—Darth Mortis the Dumbass

          Apparently, some dumbass called “Darth Mortis the Dumbass” because those words turned him on and he wants to hear more.

  15. these yellowtard trolls, trying to sway the narrative still.

    Their funding has been cut off weeks ago, but theyre still here.

    Gone off the rails, batshit crazy.

    1. I write yellowtard troll.

      Guess who replies ?

      This one has gone total batshit.

      Getting your funding cut off does that.

  16. “… trying to sway the narrative still.” – Megget
    Narrative? All I read from you is Vice Ganda, faggot, etc. and other venereal terms and you talk of ‘narrative’?

    There is no narrative in your posts except insults, diatribes and just pure garbage.


    1. you dont own me, and you cant control me.

      Thought nazi.

      Who’s the real dictator? Its the self righteous idiots of the discredited fake rebolution “idsa”

      Game over.

  17. The battle to win hearts and minds is over, for now.

    Now, the yellowtards are fresh out of funds.

    But they will try to raise more.

    And they will try to rebuild their bombed out troll farms.

    Wait til the midterms, you’ll find even more of these vile creatures.

    1. “The battle to win hearts and minds…” – Megget
      No, there’s no battle to win the Hearst and minds, the battle for you is to win the liver and the kidney. ???!

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