Gigantic murals of Leni Robredo are DISHONEST stunts that insult the intelligence of Filipino voters

Opposition “leader” Leni Robredo is now moving her campaign into new territory with big murals depicting her image beginning to adorn exposed building firewalls. Rendering these images are “volunteers” only too quick to jump at chances to signal to the public their abseiling prowess. The calls for volunteers to contribute to this effort come across like calls to join some sort of holy war.

What’s up with the size of these works? Is it to ensure high visibility and maximise eyeball retention? Could it be to inspire awe and veneration? Could these also be monuments to the awesomeness of the presumed volunteerism that supposedly characterises Robredo’s #KakamPink campaign? Evidently it is all of the above. One is reminded of the zeal with which artists from antiquity all the way up to recent times would scramble over one another to paint and sculpt their gods and idols for their greater glories.

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One need look no further for examples of disturbingly similar works of art motivated by such cults of personality. These are tools for the sorts of myth-making the Yellowtard bloc of the Opposition are particularly known for and, as seen today, hopelessly rely on to prop up political profile that is devoid of both substance and authenticity.

The larger than life and idealised depiction of the subjects and scenery in these murals aim to evoke the sort of emotional response that burns narratives into the long-term memories of those who view them.

Do these stunts contribute to making voters better-informed and more intellectually-equipped to make the required decisions in the lead up to the coming elections? Very unlikely considering that these stunts constitute no more than appeals to emotion and not much else. After all, what is it about Robredo’s qualification to lead a nation of more than 100 million that could possibly be learned from a gigantic mural? Indeed, one does struggle to learn anything even from the speeches Robredo delivers that were crafted by her handlers to make her sound smart. What more from a picture, right?

Filipinos need to see through these dishonest stunts that aim to hijack their cognitive facilities to a “cause” that is bereft of any substance. Putting up murals that beg to be looked up to in awe is not the campaign style of a candidate or party that supposedly espouses modern democratic ideals. True democracy requires an electorate that applies modern thinking to making those important choices its members are expected to make in participating in this important exercise — not a brainless fandom that bows to idols painted on concrete walls by a bunch of virtue signallers.

13 Replies to “Gigantic murals of Leni Robredo are DISHONEST stunts that insult the intelligence of Filipino voters”

  1. Most of the communist dictators use large murals, to make people worship them as “Gods”…maybe the brainless Robredo, wants herself to be worshiped as God…

    It is disgusting !!!

  2. What’s up with the size of these works? Is it to ensure high visibility and maximise eyeball retention?
    Yes. She must have solid financial resources to be able afford those kind of campaign gimmicks. Or maybe building owners who happens to support her volunteers their property to be her campaign ads billboards.

    Unless the campaign tactic falls under the list of prohibited acts during election period, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    I say, why not the other candidates do what she’s doing? It’s one effective way of reaching out to voters. ??

    1. i sense inggit, this article is full of inggit. i say, do one for your bet. and volunteer for it, don’t ask for anything monetary in return.

  3. A great strategy,

    BBM and Sara needs to step up
    their game if they want to win this election.

    Filipinos are known to be
    extremely emotional, BBM need to convince people why they are worth voting.

  4. It is worthless. And will surely be whitewashed in shame after may 2022.

    Big murals are fit only for great people, sporting heroes, people who inspire.

    Which must be why the mural looks more like imee marcos than the pink widow, who is dumber than rocks.

  5. Ive done my share of murals, and from an artistic perspective, those 2 faces are an absolute waste of paint.
    But still, paint is cheaper than tv ads so they must be short on funds, being utterly unwinnable and also dumber than rocks.

  6. Fake icons who attempt to portray themselves as real idols, utterly shameful..gandhi is an icon.maradona is an icon…robredow’s almost-ugly face is not even fit to occupy the bottom of a water sealed toilet .

  7. How about Duterte , Ping Lacson, and BBM what have they done in life? Do these politicians know what hard honest work is? Have work in the fields or actual paying labor job. That is the person. The real President wil get us out of UN WHO and World Bank or IMF. Get us out of BS Climate change swindle. Great Reset swindle, Covid19 scamdemic of the positive of what? No one really ask the real question of the future of humanity. Rockyfeller, Bill Gates of hell, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse Twitter, Google, etc etc all the billionaires are bad evil swindlers. Your life and humanity is gone because of your politicians stupidity. Look it up before you accuse of someone. I was at the funeral of Jesse Robredo. Presidents and all politicians are not important…. where do they get their salaries? Most important is your family your neighbor, and friends. Get a real productive jobs because at the end people are only important during ELECTIONS.

  8. This site is becoming more and more bitter and retarded with every post.
    Consider renaming it to “Get Retarded Philippines… We’ll Help You Get There”

  9. Pnoy was a real retard king.
    He was the epitome of 30years of yellow retardation.
    His suckage was so bad, his ertswhile allies now want nothing to do with retard yellow and have rebranded themselves into a new retarded pink.

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