Check out Leni Robredo’s COVID-19 strategy; without the cinematic drama, OA music, and that constipated look on her face

Has Leni Robredo actually taken a stand on anything controversial? It seems that the only thing she’s taken a stand on is, get this, the COVID-19 pandemic. And why not, right? What human on the face of this planet is not concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic? For two years, we were all subject to it and the measures our government’s implemented on a trial-and-error basis to contain it and mitigate its social and economic impacts.

So what does a party and its desperate presidential bet Leni Robredo do when pressed to come up with a platform and strategic vision for the country? Why, come up with a “COVID Strategy” of course!

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But of course. It makes perfect sense. As the next president of the country, you just have to have a COVID Strategy, right? And as to what this strategy aims to achieve? Here is a transcript of what Robredo, the foremost expert on combating a global pandemic, proposes — but this time without the OA soundtrack, the poverty porn backdrop, and the constipated look on her face. Ang dapat gawin

Freedom from worry over getting sick

Public health first

Itigil ang kurapsyon (Stop corruption!)
Itigil ang anumalya (Stop anomalies!)
Competent COVID response leadership

Support for frontliners

Good pay for frontliners
Support for hospitals

– So that when you get sick, you don’t need to worry.

Free and accessible health care

Free consultation using technology
Each Barangay fully equipped and has its own nurse
Give them all that they need to do their job

Fix PhilHealth

Fast claims processing
Vaccines for all
Government to make it easy to deliver vaccines

Freedom from hunger

Filipinos are worried about where to get food for their children

Whenever there is a lockdown, provide immediate ayuda.
Stop large scale lockdowns
Lockdowns should be “targeted”

Support small businesses

Provide financial support to small businesses so they don’t need to layoff workers
Implement unemployment insurance so that people who lose jobs get help from the government

Strengthen agriculture and fishing sectors

Provide enough support to strengthen the livelihoods of fishermen and farmers
Ensure that every Filipino has food

Freedom from lack of education

For low risk areas, start opening schools
For high risk areas, give gadgets and “load” to each student
Increase the number of community learning hubs
Provide Internet access for education purposes

* * *

Clearly, with all the dramatics stripped off, all one is really left with is the above transcript of her salient points — basically all motherhood statements that make one think, arent’t we all glad Leni Robredo is here to tell us these things. Considering that Robredo enjoys the benefit of two years of being a miron (observer) to the world’s leaders dealing with what, during their times at the top, had been all unprecedented, the above is all she, her top “thought leaders”, and expensive campaign strategists could come up with.

Stepping back even further one ought to ask this aspiring president: is it really just all about COVID? Looking at the pained look on her face in the video, it becomes evident that this is about everything the energy she would bring to her proposed presidency can cope with. What Filipinos will be subject to once again, if Robredo had her way, will be a government obssessed with “the poor”. Never mind that the future of the Philippines hangs on the quiet achievement of its most promising citizens — the ones who possess the skills, capital, and motivation to invent that longer-lasting lightbulb and develop processes that yield more for less input. It does not lie in people who are burdens to society, are public funds sinkholes, don’t pay income tax, and feel entitled to help from the “more fortunate”.

Keep pushing, Leni Robredo. You can do it!

The fact is COVID is just another one of those things people will have to live with. It can’t be an emergency forever — and certainly not one of those “emergencies” that an administration bereft of any forward-looking strategy relies on for relevance. Many Filipinos, for example, lack running water, indoor plumbing, and access to safe and efficient transportation. All that’s been going on for decades. But are those things treated like some sort of ongoing crisis? Not really. “The poor” are happy to elect the same public officials who had long maintained those status quos. So who cares, right? Their vote, their accountability. What makes COVID any different? It’ll just be another one of those day-to-day risks in the Philippines that the poor are at a disadvantage to mitigate but are at the bottom of the List of Things to Worry About of the rich and promising. That’s the status quo.

Want to change that status quo? Having a COVID-19 “Strategy” will not do that for you — specially one that is full of all the Whats-to-Dos that lend well to media sound bytes and campaign slogans and utterly thin on the How-Tos. To change the status quo, a leader needs to be transformational — not one whose entire campaign platform rests on shrill reactiveness.

57 Replies to “Check out Leni Robredo’s COVID-19 strategy; without the cinematic drama, OA music, and that constipated look on her face”

  1. She could have been revolutionary if she and her team find out the real science in this fake pandemic – the RT-PCR is not meant to tell us if we are sick, it’s a manufacturing technique as per Kary Mullis the inventor himself said, beyond 35 cycles you will find anything resulting to misinterpretation and false positives; the survival rate is 99.98%, the masks and social distancing has no basis in science so no need for lockdowns that further caused damage in all aspects of human life, the President, the DoH and the FDA must be investigated for pushing the vaccines which are still under clinical trials and saying they are safe and effective when adverse reactions and deaths are already being reported here and around the world, and for suppression of life-saving early treatment protocol and prophylaxis such as Ivermectin (successfully used by Uddar Pradesh, India to stop infections, 3 million population) and for constant fear-mongering with fabricated number of cases and deaths (all deaths being counted as covid).

    1. Ah yes, fake pandemic..No one has ever died from Covid pandemic because it’s all fake and also Covid vaccines produced by the first world countries are also fake, goddamn. Ivermectin is definitely not for parasites and it’s a cure to Covid, good job at sharing information. I’m sure no one will ever, EVER gonna die from Covid with that “LEGIT” information you shared. 😀

    2. I don’t know if you are just ignorant to the fact that there are millions died already and hospitals are overwhelm with respiratory sickenss due to covid19. And still this pandemic still fake news to you? are you with us?

  2. Bravo! A marvelous plan – Why didn’t the Duterte admin think of that?
    I guess she also has the magic formula strategy for students to pass an exam that goes like:
    1. Attend all your classes
    2. Do all your homework
    3. Read the exam coverage in your textbook
    4. Come to the exam room on time
    5. Bring a ballpen (so you don’t have to ask your seatmate)

    BTW, did she consult the budget dept. if there are enough funds for all her motherhood statements? Maybe that could be a first step to getting back to reality.

    Seriously – she’ll just say “Stop Corruption!” and everyone on all levels of government will just drop what they’re doing and follow suit? It’s not a strategy; it’s a wish list. Even Pac-man has a better sounding strategy that involves digitization of transactions.

    Why are Leni’s coaches/advisers allowing her to look like some deluded moron out in the open telling the world “The sun should rise and fall, and rain should drop from the sky”? Bring something to the table that’s beyond the obvious and probably someone will listen. At the rate she’s going, half of her followers will have jumped shipped by yearend.

  3. After reading the article above, an independent voter will then ask, who do I vote now if not Leni? Totally it’s a pure takedown on one of the candidates running for the presidency. While one can clearly assume why the author savagely demolished Robredo’s political approach or strategy on how she will up the ante of her campaign to get people’s attention and bring awareness to her agenda, it was easy to notice that the takedown came up short for failing to mention the preferable alternative than her. If she’s that bad, who do we go to then?

    That’s the risk in engaging in a vigorous negative campaign. You forget to give your readers the better option than the person you just gave a failing review to. Too focus on destroying you forgot the part of rebuilding.

    Anyway, I see nothing dangerous in what Robredo was doing. She’s campaigning her hearts out because she wants to be president. She’ll promise the moon and the stars at kung ano-ano pa just to ensure your vote. It’s just, you know, pure politics and everybody knows it. Sooner or later or as we speak, everyone in the presidential list is doing or will do the same eventually.

    That’s how the campaign goes. Boring. : ).

  4. The political platform of Lugaw Robredo , is some sort of
    panacea of all the ills, of the government. I have never seen a country, that can stop corruption…

    Corruption has been with humanity, ever since the time we have governments.

    Good luck for your bid to run for President Lugaw Robredo !!! Your backers, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, may had worked on your political platform …

    They think, we voters are all bunches of idiots, like them …

    1. “I have never seen a country, that can stop corruption…”

      True, but do you still remember Pres. Duterte making a promise in his campaign that given the time, in three to six months, he will try to stop corruption in government?

      For a while there, people believed that he can do it. Until bitter truth unfolded. Nambobola lang at maraming nabola.

      So, what does that tell us? It tells us that whether it’s Duterte, Leni or Ping, Bongbong, Isko or Manny corruption is here to stay. : )

      1. The idea that you cant stop corruption is a joke.
        Duterte essentially ended public drug use in the country. If he would have done the same tactics with corruption the problem would be much improved.

        Going after corrupt politicians/government officials is more dangerous than going after small time drug dealers, but to make the claim one cant stop corruption is not true.

        Corruption can be ended…. but extreme measures will need to be taken.

        Many claimed the drug problem could not be solved, yet Duterte definitely proved them wrong. The same could be done with corruption if the president/army/police use the same passion.

      2. Okay? So…How do you truly stop corruption? Because you all have is “Duterte didn’t do this or that”, you’re all blame but offers no solution. Duterte is having hard time dealing with corrupt government officials because they have people in the background that covers their butts, you’re making it look like an easy task. That’s a naive thinking of your part, like how about YOU try to be in Duterte’s shoes? Since you’re a political genius. You knew how to clean 30 years corruption in 3 to 6 months without any cooperation of other people, right? Right?

        1. If the DDS were taking out corrupt officials corruption would be minimal.

          One could start at the BOC (bureau of customs). If BOC employees were showing up dead corruption would stop there.

          Next if employees at the DPWH starting not showing up corruption would stop there.

          Next if employees at GOCCs started not showing up corruption would stop there.

          Next if employees at the BIR started not showing up corruption would stop there.

          Next if employees at the DSWD started not showing up corruption would stop there.

          The same strategy that stopped drugs could stop corruption.
          Duterte was the guy to stop corruption, but for some reason he views drugs as worse than corruption.

          I think Duterte has done a great job, i am just sad because the next president probably wont be willing to end corruption

        2. “Because you all have is “Duterte didn’t do this or that”

          It’s not really blaming Duterte per se but just reminding people like you that he made those promise and failed to do his part.

          Of course, he will have a hard time with corrupt officials because he was not dealing with them but protecting (them from investigation).

          Again, let’s go back to the question, how do you stop corruption? And since you are not running for office like Digong before, ignore the 3 to 6 months bola. 🙂

        3. @Tim
          “I think Duterte has done a great job, i am just sad because the next president probably wont be willing to end corruption.”

          No sir, he did not do a great job. That is why he is stepping down not with a bang but a whimper.

          He did not do a great job that is why Bong Go ran away from his offer to run for president. Same thing with Sara. Her dad botched up the job big time it was easy for her to run for mayor again instead of defending his bloodstained and deviant regime. : (

        4. @Juan Luna

          “It’s not really blaming Duterte per se but just reminding people like you that he made those promise and failed to do his part.

          Of course, he will have a hard time with corrupt officials because he was not dealing with them but protecting (them from investigation).”

          I’ve been hearing these opposition made rhetoric to many times. Anything else? If nothing, don’t even bother.

        5. @LeMao
          @Juan Luna That’s why I’m asking you. You seemed to know what to do.

          Read my posts again and ask me the right question. As it is, you are not responding properly to the exchanges. I’m not suggesting what to do I’m narrating events that happened that made people believed a kabalbalan about stopping corruption. ?

        6. @Juan Luna
          Okay then, your answer is “ignore the 3 to 6 months bola”, you’re also no running for President before either and then what?

          How is that going to stop the corruption? and also narrating the event? No, you’re just exaggerating things that are based on the local news you’ve been hearing, you’re just as the bad as those local news reporters which was also handled by the opposition.

        7. @LeMao
          You just missed the line I wrote above that goes like this:

          “It tells us that whether it’s Duterte, Leni or Ping, Bongbong, Isko or Manny corruption is here to stay.”

          The answer is there. : )

      3. @Juan Luna:

        Why do you not use your “common sense”, when politicians, present to you their political platforms and other incentives to vote for them ?

        If they promise you the “moons and stars”, and you vote for them…then , it is your fault !!!

        1. It’s a figure of speech you failed to get, my friend. Also, it’s not clear to me in what context you are going. I don’t mind you elaborating your idea again so I can respond to you properly. : )

  5. @Juan Luna:

    We are talking about Duterte…he will be soon gone…we are talking about the political platform of Lugaw Robredo…

    1. Before corruption can be solved, first streamline all government processes.there should be no more lines.all appointments should be arranged online or thru barangay centers.there should be no more unnecessary requirements.then when the bureucracy is solved, corruption should be easy.anybody with political willcan do it in 3 to 6 months

  6. Nobody among the other candidates has talked about electoral system reform. Is it possible to have an honest conversation between the yellow media and the candidates ? Lugaw sabaw Leni sounds so contrived.

  7. Digong did an AWESOME job, and no amount of black propaganda can sway the people who witnessed firsthand the changes from previous administrations, especially the hapless, imbecillic and inutile Pnoy.
    Come 2022 there will be anguish and disbelief among the pink clothed retarded flock

    1. Is that ‘AWSOME’ with an A or one with a W? I mean, was it awesome good or awesome worst? ?

      I think it’s the latter because ‘awesome’ Digong doesn’t have his own manok in the race for the simple reason that he was abandoned by his people. If he is awesome, he should be the one picking the next leader to replace him. How can he continue his ‘awesome’ accomplishments if nobody wants to step forward to be his candidate?

      ‘Ika nga sa atin, nangangamoy na si Digong. ?

      1. AWESOME AS IN GREAT. No one wants to step in a great man’s one is worthy not even sara not even bbm..meanwhile the treacherous snakes ( lacson sotto gordon pacquiao ) who have been lying low in the grass all this time, pretending to be harmless birds but are actually just waiting for the right time to strike, are all coming out like earthworms in the rain..they will all be burned and spurned come 2022.

  8. Is it so hard to understand? What people really want is for digong to lead the country for 20 years, if he is healthy, WHICH HE IS CLEARLY NOT.and of course, the stupid cory constitu-pation doesnt really allow 20 years rule.
    So that leaves us sara or bbm.and since sara is not running at all…so, BBM wins, pacquiao a far second, Isko is third, and lenny gets to take home a bunch of cheap fuschia colored shirts for her poor relatives.

    1. No one wants those pink loser shirts.

      Come 2022, i predict a proliferation of pink wash rags, the kind they sell at traffic stops.

    2. “…so, BBM wins, pacquiao a far second, Isko is third…”

      Before that, you must show how you end up with such calculation. BBM wins on what grounds? Pacquiao, Isko following in the equation on what reason/s? Anybody can say this and that is going to win but we all know that’s pure kabalbalan without an accompanying explanation. ?

  9. Bbm wins..on the grounds that :
    1)pnoy was a retard and is now in retard heaven
    2)manny looks like a carpenter/mason even in luis viton
    3)isko has one too many underwear photos in the public domain
    4)lenny is dumber than a pile of rocks

  10. Better than constant denial of the inevitable doom that awaits the pink widow this 2022, you can go ask pnoy himself..when you see him in retard heaven..
    You can even choose to do so sooner, rather than later.

  11. if bbm would come out in all black like zorro, astride a great black horse, and declare NEVER AGAIN EDSA …thats a winning narrative right there..

    1. “if bbm would come out in all black like zorro, astride a great black horse,”

      Naloko na, naging superhero na si BBM! ?

      I tell you, if that’s the kind of campaign you’re going to wage for BBM, he will lose, big time! ?

  12. Corruption comes from greed and greed is endless, and it is part nature of human. To stop this we need to get rid of human in government and let the AI take over 🙂

      1. We dont need AI, all we need is digong.
        Digong is the perfect politician, when healthy WHICH HE IS CLEARLY NOT.
        who else has the political guts to raze marawi to the ground, and not only maintain his political capital, but rather increase it ?
        No one can do it not even marcos.

        1. “Digong is the perfect politician, when healthy WHICH HE IS CLEARLY NOT.”

          From time to time I get to read a line that’s either strange, freakish or just doesn’t make sense and forces me to inquire as to the origin of the idea expressed to find out where the writer is coming from.

          First, what really is a ‘perfect politician’ or pp for short?

          Second, why is a pp stops being pp when he is not healthy?

          The writer said, when healthy Digong is a pp. But also insinuated that since he is ‘clearly not’ healthy, he was not a pp? What the? Be clear, was it because of mental or physical health?

          I consider Marcos a pp. Although ailing at the end of his existence, he was a pp even in the eyes of his detractors. If Macoy is pp in sickness or in health how come Digong was not even though he is still at the helm running the government?

          Buang ba si Digong o ano?

          Nagtatanong lang. ?

        2. If pnoy were not such a retard, you would not have to make sense of ideas which you will never understand anyway..but he was, and he is now in retard heaven.

  13. Digong has a lot more to do to be considered perfect. Who else?

    Erap went further than that whe he caused the fall and capture of Camp Abubakar in the 2000 Philippine campaign against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. It was said to be the first time ever for the government troops to have set foot in the muslim rebels’ stronghold. This proves that it can be done if we are united, we cooperate and lend our support.

    Marcos did it differently with the 1976 Tripoli Agreement. It was hailed at the time as a breakthrough in the Mindanao war by all sides. Who knows what will happen to the situation in Mindanao without it… even today.

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