Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte set to head the most POWERFUL Philippine government since 1986

The withdrawal of Senator Bong Go as presidential candidate consolidates the administration bet for leadership of the Philippine government over the next six years following the May 2022 national elections. For the first time since 1986, a majority-elected Philippine president has become a possibility if we are to consider the popularity numbers of leading candidate Bongbong Marcos. Together with his running mate Sara Duterte, the two collectively account for the lion’s share of polled voter preferences over the last 12 to 18 months. With President Rodrigo Duterte running for a Senate seat and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a strong contender for House speakership if she succeeds in her bid for a congressional seat, Filipinos may be witness to the rise of the most powerful Philippine government yet.

The Opposition led by the Yellowtard “KakamPink” camp of “vice president” and presidential candidate Leni Robredo are already shittin’ bricks over the coming together of a “four party alliance” that will back the Marcos-Duterte tandem. The alliance is a formidable and experienced coalition. Together, the parties that make it up had collectively catapulted three presidents to power; Arroyo, Joseph “Erap” Estrada, and Fidel Ramos. As if that were not enough to crush the spirits of the Yellowtards and their new unfriends, the communists, the administration camp have also managed to attract the support of all 44 mayors of the province of Cebu.

The key to Marcos’s success can be gleaned from what Rappler “journalist” Lian Buan was forced to admit in her piece “Marcos woos Duterte vote, gets backing of Cebu mayors” published the other day where she “reports”…

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A divisive figure because of his father’s dictatorial rule marked with human rights violations and corruption, Marcos has so far stuck to a message of unification and says he shuns “gutter politics.”

Marcos had remained consistent to this tack even as other candidates — most notably Robredo herself — stuck to the tradition of mudslinging and demonisation as a means to prop up their personal brands. Marcos exhibited grace even in the face of attack from President Rodrigo Duterte himself who, at one time, referred to him as a “weak leader” and even hinted that he uses cocaine.

Robredo, for her part, in mid-November had already recognised the fatal effect on her political brand caused by overzealous bird-brained partisans. The bigotry in the Robredo camp was at such levels that many reported family ties and friendships collapsing over political differences leading Robredo to urge her followers to “initiate reconciliation, approach other people, and when you see something untrue or something that does not coincide with our beliefs, explain in a calm and respectful manner.”

Nasaang panig ka man, gaano man kasigurado sa paninindigan mo, may nakasakit ng kapwa. Panahon na, tayo na ang magsimula, lumapit sa mga naka-alitan, kung may nakita sa social media na hindi naaayon sa mga pinaniniwalaan natin, magpaliwanag nang mahinahon at may respeto,” Robredo said.

Politics is, indeed, addition. The Yellowtards are learning their lessons too late and instituting too little reforms within their ranks. Their embedded culture of Martial Law Crybabyism, fear-mongering over the fantasy of a “return to authoritartianism”, and a stubborn parroting of elitist concepts like “human rights” and “gender equality” that are irrelevant — even alien — to the average Filipino had really done them in. As a result, they have ended up even more disunited now than they were just a few months back when an early attempt at an Opposition coalition dubbed “1Sambayan” sought to elevate one single unifying Opposition candidate to go up against the administration camp. Meanwhile, the administration camp has achieved all of that and more — a single presidential candidate and a slate of Senate and House candidates that will likely mobilise the backing of both chambers of Congress around the coming Second Marcos Administration.

What now for the Opposition? I wrote just this morning that in the face of imminent defeat, they will need to change their mindset from an aggressive regard for a “winnable” battle to one where mitigation of impending losses is paramount. The Yellowtards need to let go of the delusional strategy they currently apply to their campaign where members within their comfy echo chambers assure one another of the righteousness of their “cause” (and, therefore, their entitlement to victory) and adopt more of a strategic retreat mindset. It is either that or they lose big in May 2022 — i.e., not just suffer a catastrophic loss of face and obliterate what remains of their political capital but also drag down with them the fortunes of the oligarchs who continue to foolishly bankroll their “cause” and stake the futures of their family enterprises on a Yellowtard return to power.

The most powerful government in recent Philippine history is coming. People will need to decide amongst themselves which side of the equation they would like to see themselves situated over the foreseeable future. It starts with your own social media accounts. As the eminent communist “activist” Katrina Stuart-Santiago observed, “after I removed myself from the Leni campaign groups, my newsfeed on FB has ceased to be pink. I took only about 10 days for that algorithm to change, and it’s an important thing to consider whenever you think, or imagine, that the numbers on our side are growing, or that there is ‘public clamor’ for anything at all. Know that algorithms make us think that, for a reason.”

8 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte set to head the most POWERFUL Philippine government since 1986”

  1. The kakampinks are probably shitting pure, liquid shit for days..because thats what theyre made of.
    Just pure liquid shit.
    Bricks are too valuable to come out of these godless self righteous as*holes.

  2. When Duterte endorses Isko…. Benign0 is going to be freaking out. The Marcostard won’t know what to do.

    The end of the liberal party and the end of the Marcos crime family can’t come soon enough.

  3. Isko, is a smiling monkey on a steady drip of dopamines..his employers will want his balls in an ice bucket if he gets elected..
    Which he definitely will not.

  4. I’m not quite sure of the how’s of this article. How can Bong Go’s withdrawal benefit the candidacy of BBM, who, according to Pres. Duterte was a cocaine user and wanting of accomplishments?

    And how can Duterte and Gloria running in the Senate and House, respectively, (both tainted by corruption) result in the government being the most powerful in recent history?

    And what does “powerful” really mean? Powerful like Duterte powerful? If that’s what it mean, so we expect more extrajudicial killings, more corruption? Is it PNoy powerful, more gaffes, more blunders? Or is it Macoy powerful, more corruption, more abuses?

    benigno, aside from the celebratory posture and threatening demeanor, tell us what do you really mean by what you are saying? ?

    1. My take on that is that, should they eventually win seats in Congress and become Senate President and Speaker of the House, they’d have control on the legislative side with their blocs and alliances.

      I think that’s where the “powerful” comes into play, connections who will most likely give way to the legislative push to support an executive action, should it need to come to it.

      Still unsure how Bong Go’s withdrawal is a complete immediate benefit to BBM, but with Sara Duterte calling for unity/support for their tandem, I think there will be some who will shift to BBM since SDC is calling for support/unity and not sh*tting on Bong Go’s decision to withdraw.

      As long as they don’t go with mudslinging campaign for 2022, I think from that standpoint, they won’t stand to lose much points and at least can try to gain it from the undecided/outliers.

      Is there a chance PRRD will support Isko instead of BBM? Not sure. I think this is what is holding Cusi’s PDP Laban faction from deciding at present because PRRD has not been vocal. We know he supports Sara. Talks with Lakas surely are happening behind closed doors. It is highly likely PRRD will eventually be vocal in supporting BBM, but it is not yet a done deal.

      This is my take. But I’m not benigno. =)

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