Yellowtards to the rest of Filipinos: If you do not wear pink, you are NOT one of us

The notable thing surrounding Leni Robredo’s announcement today of her candidacy for president is her camp’s latest political colour. They’ve chosen pink — the new Yellowtard colour. Called to wear pink today, Robredo’s supporters seemingly obliged. The mystery, however, persists: Why pink?

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Evidently, the answer to that question ultimately does not matter to Robredo’s followers. They basically just do as they are told. That makes sense considering there really isn’t much substance or rationale to Robredo’s bid for the Philippines’ highest office. She, after all, took months to decide, basically proving that it was more validation from her party and endorsement from the who’s-who of Yellowtard power brokers that figured in her brainstemstorming than any sort of conviction or vision for the Philippines. Indeed, Robredo confirmed the other day that her decision to run has more to do with with hindering an outcome rather than achieving an outcome. The Inquirer earlier reported that Robredo “made it clear that preventing Duterte’s style of governance remains her top concern when deciding whether to run for higher office.” Before that, the Omidyar Network’s Philippine outpost Rapplerreported” that Robredo’s decision to run is premised on “being chosen as the standard-bearer of a united opposition or the presidential bid of her rival and the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s son, Bongbong.”

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Beyond those bratty reasons to run for president, it remains a mystery as to what Robredo envisions the Philippines to be after six years of her proposed presidency. She just wants those six years to be neither a Duterte nor Marcos “regime”. Makes sense. right? It does, if you are a Yellowtard. Viewed from the Yellowtard perspective, everything that stands in the way of their clawing back into Malacanang is a “fascist”. And, to them, fascists are anyone who is not a Yellowtard. This exclusive approach to election campaign had lost them an entire nation in the 2016 and 2019 elections. It seems the Yellowtards still haven’t learnt the most important equation in the science of electioneering:

My Voter Base + Converted Voters = MORE VOTERS

By framing their campaign as anti-non-Yellowtard, the Yellowtards are basically writing off a vast base of voters that could potentially be converted. Worse, by attaching themselves to a gender- or sexual-orientation-charged colour like pink, they had all but tribalised their political brand. Democratic politics is, after all, addition. The Yellowtards, being the stubborn bunch of morons that they are, insist it is subtraction. They would rather see the exclusion of a huge base of potential voters than open their doors to their inclusion. That gives us a flavour of what a Yellowtard return to power will mean for Filipinos. In essence, the Yellowtards are telling all the rest of us: If you don’t wear pink, you are NOT one of us.

One begins to wonder then whether the taipans and oligarchs who bankroll Leni Robredo’s presidential candidacy are really aware of how much the Yellowtards have set her up to fail with the moronic campaign strategy they now have in effect. Have these rich folk stopped to consider whether they will get the returns on their investment in Robredo? Perhaps they would be better off investing their billions in the money market instead where a safe but comfy return can be reasonably expected.

So, again, why pink? They Yellowtards don’t have an answer to that, which is bizarre considering that this was supposedly a branding decision made by the best marketing minds of Yellowtardom. Food for thought in line with that comes, instead, from the ol’ reliable editor of the Tribune in her piece, “Leni turns pink”…

Robredo’s choice of pink as a makeover also feeds suspicions since in the political realm, the hue is associated with socialists or the middle-left wing that could indicate coopting with radical groups.

Her camp is trying to build up public traction by stirring up anticipation until 8 October, when she will supposedly make up her mind on next year’s polls.

The effort to create a dramatic effect plus the sudden change in the party suit paints an image of indecisiveness that is a reminder of the gross failure of the previous yellow regime.

Now that makes perfect sense.

6 Replies to “Yellowtards to the rest of Filipinos: If you do not wear pink, you are NOT one of us”

  1. Benign0 should be incredibly happy Robredo is running. Those votes would have went to Pacquiou or Moreno. Now they will go to Robredo which gives Marcos a better chance to win, as Marcos and Robredo will have their core (of morons, both sides). Pacquiou is also trying to get the less educated votes, but many of those people will use the “why should a boxer be president?” narrative. Which makes sense, kinda…. But why should some son of an ex-president be president? Or why should a wife of some politician who died be president?

    In conclusion, the Yellows will always be idiots. I get that people don’t like Robredo using pink, but using Yellow would be political suicide. Using colors at all is dumb. The Liberal Party and Marcos loyalists love the dumb gimmicks.

    1. No one are buying this goddamned cheap dirty gimmicks of hers changing the color from yellow to pinks, as all the platforms and the philosophy are still the same, let alone the bloody fact that Leni Robredo stands no chances of gaining the presidency, with her survey numbers dipping down every time passes.

      The only way she gets to win to have her and the Liberal Party motherf**kers cheat the elections by rigging and manipulating it (for which these goddamned son of a bitches aren’t getting away with it).

    1. Speak for yourself. That mate nailed all the hardpoints right there.

      Nobody are buying out that goddamned cheap weak gimmick (switching of yellow to pink) made by that cheap weak Robredo (the version of weak senile Sleepy Joe Biden).
      The platform of hers is still the same and everyone f**king hates her and all her bulls**t platform and agenda.

      Like, the weak Leni Robredo is setting up for a political suicide for seeking the presidency, knowing that she stands little chances (unless she wants to win the election through cheating).

    2. Hahahaha!
      Typical Greengroan. Anything just to get an insult in.
      Benign0’s article hits the proverbial nail in the head.
      You, on the other hand, should be hit in the head.
      Who’s the keyboard warrior now?

  2. That move of Leni Robredo of switching Yellow to Pink, is nothing more but pathetic, let alone shallow, futile, cheap, gimmick, and publicity stunt. Also, nobody are fooled by this cheap act, let alone is buying it.

    All in all, her decision to run for the presidency is futile, a big mistake for her and is all set for failure.

    The yellowtard cocks**kers along with the corrupt establishment, oligarchs, elitists and the mainstream media are definitely going down, down to the depths of hell.

    When they get to lose the elections in 2022, they can kiss their goddamned political ambitions f**king goodbye.

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