The Rise of the Tulfo Political Dynasty

From media powerhouse, the Tulfos may emerge as a political powerhouse straddling both houses of congress.

Raffy Tulfo of the Raffy Tulfo In Action fame is mounting a campaign for a seat in the senate. Sister Wanda Tulfo Teo, former tourism secretary, is running under the Turismo partylist. Jocelyn, the wife of Raffy, and Erwin Tulfo are also running under ACT-CIS partylist.

Our COMELEC sources says that left on the wayside of the secret shuffle within the ACT-CIS partylist is congresswoman Nina Taduran. A simple Google search reveals that in the Congresswoman’s records from the House of Representatives website, Taduran had dutifully served the ACT CIS with the filing of 125 principally authored bills, 49 co-authored bills, and served in 5 house committees.

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See, that’s the thing with dynasties, it puts blood ties above actual merit and eventually crumbles after being starved of actual talent.

As it happens, our COMELEC sources say that Taduran’s name was unceremoniously left out of the list of nominees submitted by the ACT-CIS partylist to COMELEC.

Taduran would have given way to Erwin, had she been asked – after all, she honors a debt of gratitude towards the Tulfos. But in this instance, there was not even an inkling that she was excluded from the nominees.

Word from our high roller Sabong aficionado sources say that Erwin is flush with funds from business partner, online sabong king Charlie Atong Ang. Just how flush? Well, sources say that he recently bought a P200 million mansion in Greenhills, San Juan. He also recently acquired a yacht, a chopper, and several 7-11 stores.

We will know if word of this sudden wealth is true, if and when Erwin includes these items in his SALN if ACT CIS wins enough votes for a seat in the next congress.

One thing that concerns us though, is how many candidates are being funded by gambling, legal and otherwise?

For months now, we have been writing about a certain Rose Nono Lin of the Pharmally fame and her bid for the congressional seat of Quezon City’s 5th District. In the Senate Blue ribbon inquiry, she admitted to operating several POGO o Philippine Overseas Gaming Operation firms. POGOs, in previous senate inquiries, have been revealed to be surrounded by criminal activities of the usual variety and also of high volume money laundering.

5 Replies to “The Rise of the Tulfo Political Dynasty”

  1. Tulfo dynasty? I say, not so fast. First, they have to win. Then we have to see the performance and find out how they will handle themselves going forward. Running and controlling a private racket is vastly different from running a public office guided by rules and regulations that moves in a turtle phase fashion.

    There is never a right model for aspiring entertainer going into politics. Will Raffy do a Noli De Castro or Lito Lapid or will he be the reincarnation of Jinggoy or Bong Revilla? If he can pull up an Erap at the polls and the way the Tulfos dominate a job market where they can all hang out, I say, a dynasty is possible.

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