Duterte SLAM-DUNK throws Yellowtard “Opposition” in chaos, forces Robredo to run for president!

It is clearly evident now that the Opposition led by the Yellowtards (the bloc within it rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) and their lackeys in Big Corporate Media have been taken for a ride by the camp of incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte. Months of seeming “chaos” within their loose community of family and party factions delivered various left and right feints that baited Opposition “thought leaders” and “political consultants” all too eager to come up with the sophomoric “analyses” of the week. So effective was this baiting and so rabidly have many bitten into these hooks that the shrill Titas of Manila now find themselves thrashing in bewilderment over what’s happening today.

The girls of the Opposition had, in effect, been mounting a futile and uncoordinated full-court-press against the incumbent camp’s gentle but elegantly-executed frolic to the goal. They had their guards up and teeth bared against every little outrage fad they perceived of every move by admin actors and so-called “enablers”. They swung at every decoy, flinched at every lunge and, ultimately, were caught flat-footed as the admin went for the slam-dunk today. And now here is Leni Robredo, “vice president” and titular “leader” of the fantasy that is the “United Opposition”, attempting to block the ball after that in-your-face score.

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Leni Has Accepted Nomination To Be 1Sambayan’s Presidential Bet – Convenor #BilangPilipino2022 | via @onenewsph

Earlier, following his surprise endorsement of aide Bong Go’s candidacy for vice president, President Duterte reportedly confirmed that his daughter, Inday Sara will run for president despite the latter filing her certificate of candidacy for re-election as Davao City Mayor yesterday. Considering that Ms Duterte has, as of this writing, not confirmed that, could it be that Robredo’s confirmation of her presidential bid is yet another foolish Yellowtard bite into yet another cleverly-orchestrated Duterte feint?

Either way, cat’s out of the bag. Robredo has effectively tilted Yellowtardom into a fatal unpowered dive into oblivion by announcing her ill-thought-out candidacy. Robredo does not stand a chance in the presidential race whether “Daughterte” guns for the presidency or not. With her sure-loss in 2022 will come the final nail driven into the Yellowtard coffin. In her piece “Grace #Halalan2022”, one of the few Opposition thought leaders who actually applies a lucid mind to her regard for the desperate position the Opposition find themselves in today, Katrina Stuart-Santiago writes…

Liberal actors throw around labels like “enabler” and “trapo” forgetting that we can list down as many from the Liberal side who are both, but more importantly failing to realize that this WILL NOT TRANSLATE to votes for VP Leni. It also only reminds us of the Liberals’ false purity politics and the moral highground that defined the elitism of the PNoy years.

Despite huffing and puffing on the defense all through the admin camp’s stroll to the goal, all the Opposition could come me up with are lame candidates. Worse, they had no game plan to effect convincing scores in the unlikely event they took possession of the ball. What next now that Leni Robredo and her Yellowtard lot are locked into a path while the Duterte camp still enjoys a multitude of options to play?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

8 Replies to “Duterte SLAM-DUNK throws Yellowtard “Opposition” in chaos, forces Robredo to run for president!”

  1. PRRD: “I am not running because it will be a violation of the constitution to circumvent the law. The people have spoken. Today, I announce my retirement from politics.” I’m glad this POS will be gone.

  2. Kudos! Excellent analysis, batting average is 98% from all that I’ve read of your posts – at least in my opinion. Except for the PAREX one – I beg to disagree. Please keep up the strength and acumen high, I know it gets tiring. Cheers!

  3. As usual Leni falls for the political shot fake by the Duterte camp. These players are just way out of her league. With no referee to stop the game for her own good, we are bound to witness the amusing spectacle of this politically bankrupt queen of Yellowtardom falling flat on her face this May 2022. Despite the sure outcome of this game, the upcoming Yellow camp gaffes along the way will surely be entertaining.

  4. >In her piece “Grace #Halalan2022”
    Twatter leftoid factually thinks poor people can be swayed by Ang Probinsyano appeals.

    Condescending, but not surprising from her social class.

  5. To believe that a Three time Law Exam Bar Flunker, can solve the problems of our country is insane thinking…Leni Robredo, cannot even pass her Bar Exam in one time…how can she solve the problems, at once ???

    I maybe stupid once, but to believe that belief is the worst I will ever see of stupidity !!!

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