UP Diliman SLANDERS presidential spox Harry Roque, exhibits Filipino CRAB MENTALITY to the world

The University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus Executive Committee today issued a statement on their position on the nomination of Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque to a seat in the International Law Commission. The statement asserts that Roque’s appointment would “diminish the reputation of the body” because of his professional record “especially during the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte in which he serves as a cabinet member.”

The UP Diliman Executive Committee, at its 314th meeting held on 13 September 2021, resolves that it opposes the nomination of former UP faculty member Atty. Herminio "Harry" L. Roque, Jr. to the International Law Commission. Atty. Roque has a very poor track record of promoting, defending, and fulfilling human rights and the rule of law, especially during the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte in which he serves as a cabinet member. Therefore, his inclusion in the Commission would not serve its purposes but instead diminish the reputation of the body.

This is what happens when institutions become sanctimonious to the point that they lose sight of the realities of the present. It does not speak well of Filipinos in general, and the Philippines in particular, because it shows how divided we are as a nation. In fact, we aren’t fit to be called “one people” at this point in our country’s history. While other countries which have had dictators in their history have moved on, we are still caught in the memory of former President Ferdinand Marcos because the Opposition doesn’t want us to forget. Why? Because they don’t have any more legitimate causes to fight and are too lazy to get down to an issues-based political order.

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This is why we’re stuck in a political and economic rut. We are known best for our crab mentality more than anything else. On top of this malaise, there is also the socio-cultural dysfunction of wanting to be always part of the elite, in one way or another. It’s not what you know, but who you know and you fake it until you make it which is the pervasive doctrine in our society. We are all equally guilty of this practice in its mildest and worst forms.

While I’m not a fan of the Presidential Spokesperson, I don’t think it is right to begrudge him of his credentials for an international post to the point that what is supposedly the premiere academic institution in the country resorts to acting in an infantile manner by deliberately sabotaging the effort of one its law alumni through an unflattering description of his work for the current administration. The leftist-liberals of the University of the Philippines have become judge, jury and executioner because their statement is the equivalent of a lynching albeit not in the literal sense of the word.

This holier-than-though attitude is exactly the reason why the Philippines is the laggard in the region. We are our own worst enemy. We always shoot ourselves in the mouth and in the foot. For being the only Roman Catholic country in the region we still do not have a coherent understanding of “let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” The public should really wisen up to the antics of the opposition. It is they who will bring the country down the proverbial flush toilet.

This is why on May 2022, voters should do away with them first by taking the initiative of flushing them down before they get the opportunity to take the country along with them.

11 Replies to “UP Diliman SLANDERS presidential spox Harry Roque, exhibits Filipino CRAB MENTALITY to the world”

        1. Now here’s a guy who lives in his tiny naive academic bubble. This isn’t academic self-pleasure. It’s journalism. Clear wording meant to be understood by the many and being straight to the point is more important than the historicity of some word.

        2. GRP is a blog, not a journalism. Also, journalism is the one guilty of using superficial grandiloquent vocabulary known as journalese. I am only giving an advice not to use words invented by the Opposition. You’re the one naive here, thinking epicaricacy is already a big word. Darn. Mukhang tanga. May nalalaman ka pang academic bubble. ?

  1. Not a fan of Harry Roque either. But it is clear that UP is petty in releasing these kinds of rejection statements. It is downright abuse of whatever authority they perceive they have, or why does their approval matter in the first place. The “bright minds” in the University should find something more meaningful to do instead of policing the government through virtual spray of saliva.

    1. UP are only making nonsense virtue-signalling dogcrap on the government and the government aren’t affected by such useless mudslinging these dumb pricks are (of which the dumb rabbles by the dumb yellow opposition WORTH NOTHING).

      These liberal son of a guns ends up going woke and going freaking broke. Like, it’s time to drained the yellow liberal swamp and kick out these goddamned elitist foreign-conniving yellow liberaltard pricks out of the government throughout the entire country, for good.

  2. If I were Duterte, I’d place the UP Diliman campus under MARTIAL LAW and impose a total lockdown…then I will call upon a fleet of helicopters to rain down napalm unto the imprisoned studentry and fuckulty.

  3. Are we really that divided? Without duplicitous politicians and their machinery, there’s actually more agreement on issues than how it appears on social media.

  4. There’s this white lie that institutions and organizations are independent and immune from politics and outside influence. That conflict in thinking could be the reason why it seems no one can come up with solutions.

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