Opposition SPOOKED by a possible Digong 2022 VP run because they know he will likely WIN

Mareng Winnie is slipping. You’d think she would have learned a bit about political theatre since the time that she ran for the Senate in 2001 and lost. She also dropped the ball with her defunct public affairs program on GMA with Oca Orbos and what she has running now — or has that been cancelled as well?

In her Inquirer piece today “Why he’s running for VP”, columnist Winnie Monsod “googled the number of times President Duterte talked of resigning from the presidency” and, guess what, found that “not a year has passed since 2018 that he hasn’t talked about resigning”. So, Mareng Winnie thinks out loud, “now he is agreeable to run for the vice presidency (“it is a good idea”) as requested/implored by his party-mates, so that, as they reasoned, he could continue the government programs he has started.” This leads Monsod to wonder out loud to her readers… “Mr. Duterte no longer tired and unhappy and frustrated, as he himself declared? Is he physically and mentally better off now?”

So much for any semblance of useful political insight from our revered “thought leaders”.

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With less than a year left, the Opposition continues to dance to Duterte’s tune. You would think they would’ve learned their lesson by now. There is a cognitive dissonance among them who have the ideal or stereotype President in their heads against what Duterte actually is. He already said several times that he is not a statesman. He has a Mayor’s mindset. The Opposition then responds that the Philippines is not Davao but the former Mayor of Davao runs the country like it is one big city.

Monsod claims Duterte has achieved nothing. There is plenty to see. It’s just that they don’t want to. There is tax reform, infrastructure development and increased spending for social services. The economy was doing well until the pandemic struck. Other countries are in the same boat, even the developed ones. Monsod just does not want to acknowledge these. As far as violating the Constitution goes, the Edsa 2 ouster of then President Joseph “Erap” Estrada in 2001 is Exhibit A. That was a constitutional violation because Erap did not resign. Davide invented “constructive resignation” as the justification.

If Duterte runs for Vice-President with Senator Bong Go as President and they win, Go’s resignation paves the way for Duterte to succeed him. Succession is the operative word not reelection. In case Mareng Winnie forgot, it’s still up to the people who they vote for. It falls within the aegis of democracy. The Opposition is just piqued with Duterte’s audacity. No good boxer telegraphs his punches. The Opposition did not see this coming which is why they are seething. So much for the dumb promdi from Davao. Duterte has them all incensed and confused.

9 Replies to “Opposition SPOOKED by a possible Digong 2022 VP run because they know he will likely WIN”

  1. Duterte is a political genius, the way I see it. The only Philippine President who did not vow to USA whims and caprices, who thinks that Filipinos are their slaves and will subserviently follow whatever they want from us. PRRDU30 is the man who “Walks The Talks”.

    His achievements were so conspicuously amazing for our eyes to see, it would be too tedious to enumerate it all here.


  2. Why will I vote for people who supported the TRAIN law? It increased taxation on cars which are already expensive compared to cars in the USA. There’s no good reason to burden car buyers with heavy taxes just to own cars, come on, it’s really unfair.

      1. Good comment there for someone who’s often broadcasting he’s dying to leave the country for good and never to come back.

        I wish him luck though. It would be good and beneficial, both for him (for a wish granted) and for the rest who choose to stay… it’s minus one individual posturing as a ‘world citizen’.

        1. Flip, go ahead and stay if you want. I’m leaving the country to get a better lifestyle, that’s my choice. If you want to stay and suffer in a country with rampant corruption, inefficiency and injustice, then that’s your choice. Someday, you’ll realize that there’s nothing good here and there’s no good reason to stay here except if you’re an oligarch or a politician. You might as well read this.


        2. The above link provides a good read, not much in the article itself but more with the exchanges between two Dutch nationals’ views about the Philippines in the comment section down below. Though the texts are written in their own Dutch language, it can easily be translated to any language you want in ‘google translate’.

          To migrate (never to come back?!) and exactly what for? No Data will find the discussion interestingly thought-provoking and then decide for himself if he will go the way of Mr. Robert or Mr. Ingmar.

        3. @Jon exactly what for? For better lifestyle. Is there any advantage to stay in Ph when we have the ability to migrate and live in a better country to get better lifestyle? Why would any non-rich person want to stay in Ph? They want to stay in a country with low salaries and extremely heavy taxes? Giving me and my family a better lifestyle and future is more important than staying in Ph, not to mention Ph is still notoriously corrupt and there’s so much injustice there so I will really migrate but legally of course. I really don’t like how people with false sense of nationalism gaslight or guilt trip their fellow countrymen into staying in Ph and suffer the extremely high taxation with low salaries and rampant corruption and injustice all for the sake of the so-called “nationalism” or “patriotism”.

      2. Dom, I know that owning a car in Singapore is more expensive than owning a car in Philippines but at least Singapore has high salaries and Singapore has a great and safe public transportation. The public transportation in Philippines are horrible and the salaries in Philippines are horribly low. You guys are all about what Philippines need and so on but what about what I want? What I want is for Philippines to lower the taxation on cars. It’s unfair that cars in EU and USA are far cheaper than cars in Philippines, not to mention internet in Singapore is actually faster than the internet in the Philippines so Singapore is still a far better country than Philippines.

  3. It looks like the chance to migrate to space will go to the highest bidders. They will have to take the best scientists and builders with them. I wonder how the power dynamics will be in space ?

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