Was Noynoy Aquino president of all Filipinos or president only of the Yellowtards? History will be the judge.

Urbanity and civility sounds better in Spanish – urbanidad y civilidad. Pinoys are by nature respectful of the dead. That’s why Noynoy Aquino became President in 2010. His partisans will tout his legacy and those who disdain him, his shortcomings. The biggest challenge for the Opposition now is in not using his death in the same manner his father’s and mother’s deaths were used to catapult his mother and himself to power.

You can be sure the Yellows will be out in full-force and the ribbon will be on full display in place of the flag which symbolizes the nation and its people. Aquino wasn’t the President of the Yellows alone. He was the President of the Republic of the Philippines. But it was evident that his patriotism was symbolized by the Yellow ribbon and not the flag. The potential candidates of the opposition will be out in full force to exploit the optics. It is in their best interest to do so. Heaven forbid that the Filipino has a relapse of 2010 and wax sentimental and emotional again because of the former president’s death.

The Opposition should once and for all refrain from the necropolitics. But like individuals affected with narcissistic personality disorder, this is their default compulsive behavior along with delusions and self-entitlement. They don’t see anything wrong wishing President Rodrigo Duterte dead but to call a spade a spade in one’s judgment of Aquino is blaspehemy. I still remember the comments made by the Opposition when former President Ferdinand Marcos was buried on November 2016. Marcos allowed Ninoy to go to the US for treatment of his heart condition but Cory couldn’t find it in her to allow Marcos back to be buried in his country.

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Urbanidad y civilidad is supposed to be the default of those who come from the de buena familias. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with them when it comes to their political rivals. It’s about time the Opposition heed the signs from the above that it is not up to anyone to wish one dead. It is only up to Him. We are thus left wondering: How can the Opposition behave so badly at a very inopportune time? It appears the only logical answer is because they can and they will.

5 Replies to “Was Noynoy Aquino president of all Filipinos or president only of the Yellowtards? History will be the judge.”

  1. Not respecting the dead, is a bad behavior of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    Ninoy Aquino Jr. was a commie…he was sacrificed by the commies, thru assassination, and Marcos may had been aware of this political ploy.

    NPA Supremo Jose Maria Sison, ordered the NPA Sparrow Unit, to murder of Ninoy Aquino, Jr., to use it to ignite the commie revolution. The ploy did not work, it instead was used by the YellowTards, to gain political power.

    What a stupid political plan !

  2. This was said during the time, but I’ll reemphasize it. Some supporters of Noynoy Aquino defend his callousness and rudeness during Typhoon Yolanda and other times with, “he’s tired,” “you know he didn’t want the job right? So give him a break!” and other such things.

    Best examine what you’re saying from another point of view. Apply it to another person, like yourself. Let’s say you’re in a job you never wanted, you got thrust into it by others (it does happen), but have to do it anyway. Should you be callous and uncaring about other people just because you hate your job or it makes you tired? People will call that ungrateful or bad deportment, right? They will say, it’s better to stay polite and not be rude, right?

    If that applies to you, then all the more should it apply to the late president Aquino. Being forced into his job is no excuse to be callous or rude. Even if the job is being the president. Thus, defense of Aquino’s callousness is double standards and hypocrisy.

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