So now #CommunityPantry initiatives are being “red tagged” according to the communists

It’s been just several days since “community pantries” had become a social media sensation and over that short period they’ve been reduced to a political ball being kicked around in the vast football field that is the Philippine national political “debate”. The Philippine Opposition have pretty much taken possession of this ball and their game plan has now become quite evident. Apparently, community pantries are now being “red tagged”.

But of course.

The modus operandi of the Yellowtards (the bloc within the Opposition loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) and their communist henchmen has long been evident:

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Step 1: Associate a grassroots community iniative to their dishonest “cause”.

Step 2: Paint these initiatives as a “response” to the “incompetence” of a “corrupt” incumbent “regime”.

Step 3: Make the organisers of these initiatives into “victims” of “red tagging” when accused of baldly politicising them.



There is no sense of civic mindedness in the Philippines that escapes the fallout from politicisation bombs that the Yellowtards and communists routinely drop whenever they catch a whiff of opportunity to stir up “dissent” that could be used as foundation for sedition or even rebellion. Everything from campus activism, women’s issues, workers’ rights, feminism, and what are essentially common cooperative initiatives like these community pantries are candidates for — and eventually victims of — communist infiltration.

Most bizarre of all, the Opposition now lazily use “red tagging” as a catch-all label to demonise anything the police do as part of their mandated duties. A constituency too lazy to unpack issues and evaluate these with critical minds is fertile ground to propagate the sort of intellectual dishonesty these shills apply to achieving their crooked political ends.

There’s bigger fish to fry as far as the strategic direction the Philippines needs to take to become a sustainably-prosperous modern society. When we see the top “thought leaders” of the Opposition busy clucking amongst themselves about local-level initiatives like “community pantries” one wonders what sort of government they will form in the unlikely event that they seize political power. Even more disturbing, if ordinary Filipinos can’t be left to their devices sorting themselves out within their small individual circles of influence without being roped into hopelessly-politicised “causes” and weaponised in so-called “revolutions” that aim to topple legitimately-elected governments, what motivation is left for garden-variety civic-mindedness in Philippine society?

The amount of damage the Yellowtards and communists are wreaking on Philippine society is alarming to say the least. They are a serious social cancer that need to arrested soonest. The job is not done yet. Even if Yellowtardism had been knocked out in 2016 and again in 2019, they are by no means crushed. Then again, the 2022 elections are just around the corner and if their lack of focus on preparing that is any indication, it is likely they are looking to more crooked approaches to achieving their political ends.

16 Replies to “So now #CommunityPantry initiatives are being “red tagged” according to the communists”

  1. Well yes, resources are limited. How does that fit into the present system? When we talk about basic needs like food, would we rather have starving and developmentally retarded kids than provide what can be reasonably produced? Just one of the many things we refuse to deal with.

    1. Things is, “starving and developmentally retarded kids” have been around and pretty much in people’s faces for years — even decades. These were dealt it as a matter of routine by the usual state social service agencies to the extent that their resources enable them but were not necessarily a top highlight of the agendas of “activists” and politicians for the most part. They do become highlights when convenient or when an outrage fad is sparked and resonates. So how big an issue these are are really more an outcome of the selective manner with which “activists” go about their dishonest business.

    2. Resources are limited? Then how can you explain the “revolutionary taxes” of the Commies? That one didn’t ran out of resources and they know how to get and earn those money by guns and propaganda.

  2. Well, Parlade seems to have come out and said in an interview that they are “profiling” (I guess background checking) the community pantries.

    Per my understanding of his rationale is some pantries “may” have also been “spreading” propaganda. But I don’t think he said it was “all”.

    But I don’t think he specifically immediately said or pinpointed a community pantry’s organizer as communists insurgents. Just that some fit the profile in terms of “actions” taken. I don’t know what he meant by that so unless they can show proof, it might be his “overzealousness” again causing this discord/issue.

    1. Perhaps a bit of “overzealousness” combined with the selective oversensitivity of “activists” who are always out to look for an object of demonisation.

      1. I agree with that statement.

        For Parlade though, I am curious why they did their “profiling” broadstroke style to check most/all organizers and not just those that were reported to them to have propaganda materials?

        I am unclear if the Maginhawa Community Pantry even had propaganda materials/board on display at location to merit profiling? I would say that is just how Parlade’s mind operates where he tends to make leaps of logic, but I guess it is also born from him not wanting CPP-NPA to ingrain themselves or “rebrand” as it were.

  3. Of course, sustainability should be a concern. But if people somehow manage to sustain and increase the food source in this country, who will stand to lose? Criticisms are misplaced in this. Somebody has to take the blame other than the people who should be working on it!

  4. The way the girl’s fist is raised up in the air invites red-tagging. I would avoid that gesture, and I have seen posters of UP Diliman students using it.

  5. Good job everyone. Goood freakin job. CLAP CLAP CLAP.

    Because of A-holes like benign0 the clown. People are having a hard time setting up community pantries in fear of being “red tagged”. You are responsible for people starving. Hope you are proud benign0.

    Even worse is the circle-jerk clowns in the comments. You don’t realize benign0 lives in Australia. So if the poor rebel in masse because of hunger remember that the rich get eaten 1st. All while benign0 laughs at the comfort of his AUSTRALIA home. You retards make me sick!

    Community initiatives like these are perfectly sustainable because of the concept of sharing. In the bible when Jesus multiplied the loaves it is said that he inspired others to share their food thus making sure there was enough for everyone.

    benign0 the CLOWN would know this being from ateneo. But he is a hypocrite and paid off by nefarious interests. That is why the Catholic Church has labeled GRP a FAKE NEWS website.

    1. How can GRP be a “fake news” site if all we do here is publish personal opinions? Also, your reference is the Catholic Church? Have you asked them what their working definition of “fake news” is?

      See the irony here in people who presume to be “fighting” against “fake news”. It is they themselves who make conclusions and issue allegations that are not substantiated by verified facts from reliable sources.

      1. You give a lot of opinions benign0 that are NOT backed by any data or science. Just a lot of hog wash. Where are the sources for your claims?! Where is the DATA benign0?!?

        Can you prove that community pantry is the result yellows politicisation ?! Where is the proof?

        Maybe people have taken matters into their own hands since the government can’t/ won’t provide even basic aid.

        Isn’t the population taking control of their destiny a good thing benign0?! So what if it shines a light on government incompetence.

        You MAKE ME SICK you CLOWN.

        Stop blogging about Philippines. You AUSTRALIAN HACK

      2. Tsk tsk, side stepping the elephant in the room, I see. You are the one here throwing accusations of me being “paid” and this site being “fake news”. I asked you first. Where is your proof?

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