3 reasons why the communists and Yellowtards are to blame for everything going wrong in the Philippines

No one will argue against the fact that the Philippines is in crisis today. But what is unnecessarily debatable is how the government should be responding to it. With a pandemic ravaging the Philippines, there are three things that are essential for a national government to be on top of: a strong military, a capability to track the movements of its citizens, and precise authoritative communications.

By their very nature, the Opposition — led by two ideologically-dishonest blocs — are undermining all these essential government measures. These two blocs, the Yellowtards (whose members are rabidly-loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) and the communists, are ideologically inclined towards seizing power illegally by creating an environment of confusion and distrust — fertile ground for their so-called “people power” and “workers'” revolutions respectively. Because they operate these “revolutionary” networks, it is in their interests to see an incapable Philippine military, a weak state surveillance apparatus, and a confusing information dissemination landscape prevail.

Thus as follows are the true cornerstones of the Opposition agenda.

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(1) Demonise the Philippine military and police establishments.

The Yellowtards and communists are ideologically-conditioned to demonise the Philippines’ state forces by painting them as the all-around bad guys in their “fight” for the Philippines’ “oppressed” people. For them the police and army are instruments of “fascism” and “state terror” and are not to be trusted. As such, the Yellowtards and communists, as a bloc, will oppose any investment in uplifting the capability of these services. The result of their relentless campaign against the military and police is the decades of neglect evident today.

(2) Create a general fear of government national identity management and surveillance measures.

The Yellowtards and communists will always see surveillance — even in the interests of the greater public and national security — as a threat to their networks of agents engaged in initiatives meant to destabilise and even terrorise Filipinos. As such, they strongly opposed the implementation of a national identification system and will continue to undermine its implementation. They will also mount fear mongering campaigns against any sort of technological solution to support contact tracing measures to collect data essential to manage the raging COVID-19 pandemic. For example, back in mid 2020, Opposition “social news network” Rappler bannered the sensational headline “borderline spyware” to describe the StaySafe app endorsed by the Philippines’ National Security Adviser Hermongenes Esperon Jr. The article used as reference “expert advise” from sources that were evidently cherry-picked to make statements that fit the preferred narrative of “reporter” Pia Ranada who wrote;

Despite StaySafe’s official designation, some members of the IT community and even a former ICT government official, worry about its data privacy measures. They also worry about how data gathered by the platform will be used by government – particularly the security agencies that have taken an interest in the app.

Fueling these concerns is the passage by Congress of the anti-terror bill, which law experts say, gives security officials dangerous powers, including prolonged and broadened surveillance.

All this takes place under the shadow of a deadly pandemic which United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said has given countries like the Philippines an excuse to crack down on legitimate dissent.

Note, specially, how Ranada uses as reference the words of a foreign “expert” on the Philippines’ internal affairs — as if it is only such Western insight into the goings-on within her country that enjoy enough gravitas to lend legitimacy to her “report”.

(3) Foment distrust of information outside of media channels the Opposition control.

Much of the shrillness surrounding fad notions of “disinformation” and “fake news” originate from the Yellowtards and communists — the earlier with their “fake news” fear mongering and the latter with their “red tagging” outrage fad. It is also quite convenient that the entire traditional mainstream media industry is reeling from the impact that mass access to social media has had on their big corporate bottom lines. As such, the Yellowtards and communists have found allies in the taipans that control the handful of enormous media conglomerates that, between themselves, virtually monopolise the Philippines’ mass information dissemination infrastructure. It is evident this monopoly is fast being eroded by alternative channels and they are fighting tooth and nail to protect their businesses.

* * *

In short, the Opposition offer nothing positive or forward looking and are campaigning on the back of a dishonest negative narrative — nothing more but to demonise, create fear, and embed distrust in Philippine society. That’s not a very constructive agenda and seeks to achieve the opposite, which is to destroy.

More importantly, these three focus areas are the building blocks of their crooked “activist” agendas. Firstly, the Opposition sustain a shrill awareness campaign of the Duterte administration’s “failure” to contain the external threat posed by China on the Philippines’ offshore interests in the South China Sea. Yet they would oppose any significant investment in the country’s military capabilities insisting, using their traditional “helping the poor” trope, to suggest where those funds could be “better spent”. Second, they harp about how the government fails to implement basic measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic like contact tracing yet would balk at any initiative that they could construe to be “state surveillance” in nature. Third, they would dismiss information disseminated outside of channels controlled by their cronies in Big Corporate Media as “fake news” but would carry on amongst themselves in their little chi chi echo chambers exchanging unsubstantiated factoids that they deem conveniently supportive of their preferred narratives. There are many other examples of the dishonest narratives the Yellowtards and communists craft using other permutations and combinations of these three key ingredients.

This is why the Opposition will fail to seize power legally in the coming years as long as they are “led” by the Yellowtards and the communists. Their entire campaign platform is built on just three discredited pillars maintained by these two partisan blocs — demonise the military and police, monger fear over normal “state surveillance” most governments sustain in other countries, and call on people to distrust information channels outside of their circle of media cronies. The time has come to see through the false veneer of “decency” and “righteousness” these group use to mask their crooked ways. It’s time Filipinos put their foot down and put a stop to Yellowtard and communist criminal hypocrisy.

2 Replies to “3 reasons why the communists and Yellowtards are to blame for everything going wrong in the Philippines”

  1. The communists and the YellowTards are the same. The YellowTards derived their power from the communists, that was supported by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…

  2. Even pinoy communist are not allowed in China, pinoy communist want to be lord here in our country just like China where their leaders are like god enjoying all the perks at the expense of the working pinoys….

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