Just because Bongbong Marcos’s poll protest was junked does not make Leni Robredo fit to be President

After several years of languishing in the justice system, vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos’s poll protest was reportedly dismissed by the Supreme Court. Rappler “reports” on Twitter, “In unanimous vote, Supreme Court junks electoral protest filed by defeated candidate Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo, concluding more than 4 years of litigation of the SC.” As expected the Opposition — particularly the Yellowtards (the bloc within it rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) — are ecstatic.

This is bad news for the broader Opposition. The euphoria will likely heighten the quaint illusion that “vice president” Leni Robredo is fit to lead the entire Philippine Opposition in its bid to beat the popular incumbent’s camp in the coming 2022 elections. The communists, for example, are not happy with this prospect. Noted “activist” Katrina Stuart-Santiago, for one, sees Robredo as irrevocably tainted by the Yellowtard brand and, as such, more a liability than an asset to their singular goal of seizing power in 2022…

Parang tagilid si Leni if she runs under LP. No one sees her as anything but. Recent imaging of her by prop is still yellow. Bad bad idea, terrible strategy. Spokesperson niya LP spox. I think they have to realize that LP is such recent history. Wala sa ating nakakalimot.

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Good luck with that opinion — one which will likely be unpopular with the chi chi powers-that-be of the mighty Liberal Party of the Philippines who see their lot as the presumptive “leaders” of the Philippine Opposition and their “hero” as The One who is set to “unite” their people…

SC junks Marcos' poll protest vs Robredo - She performed her job as VP and more notwithstanding the uncertainty caused by the protest. Now she can focus on helping unite us. Tuloy lang.

One wonders too whether former COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista who reportedly fled the country amid allegations of electoral fraud back in 2016 will return to the Philippines now that he feels he has been vindicated…

SC unanimous decision validates observation of international and local independent watchdogs that 2016 elections were the best in Philippine history!  Thank you @Comelec family

It remains to be seen whether this “win” as far as the Opposition are concerned — specifically the Yellowtard bloc within — will translate to a win in the bigger scheme of things. The 2022 elections are just around the corner and it remains debatable as to whether the Opposition are closer to any semblance of the “unity” they need to put up a credible challenge to whoever is endorsed as the administration candidate by President Rodrigo Duterte who remains popular among Filipinos. The clock is ticking.

47 Replies to “Just because Bongbong Marcos’s poll protest was junked does not make Leni Robredo fit to be President”

  1. Cheating in election, done by the crook, Andres Bautista, was being validated by the Supreme Court…most of the Justices are Aquino appointees.

      1. @BnBoy:

        Gago, aso ka ni Aquino…mga Supreme Court Justices, mga aso ni Aquino.

        Bakit, pata tago, si crook na Bautista sa U.S. ?
        Kung walang kasalanan…di siya magtatago…

        1. In my opinion, he used it correctly. The noun for complicit is complicity, and it’s wrong to use it in that sentence as is. You have to change the “is a” with “is in” and the “of the” with “with the” to correctly use the noun complicity in that sentence – “The media is in complicity with the Aquino-Cojuangco political axis”. Know your grammar, boy, before you criticize.

  2. Lugaw rob redo will always be remembered as the face of electoral fraud of the Philippines, a cheater! Even the Supreme Court’s favor her. She will remain as the fake vp of the Philippines

    1. Weh, di nga? Ows, talaga lang? UL0L na gah0l sa balukt0t na palus0t! Bollsyet ChainScamming! Fake News! Black Propaganda! Iyak ka na lang Tiyanak iyak ka pa lang uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa

  3. Poor Bongbong Marcos. He has been kicked and knocked out twice by Vice President Leni Robredo from her office. He has already spent millions already. This is embarassing especially with the help coming from no less than the Solicitor General Calida.

    This time Marcos defeat and final nail to bury his electoral protest is coming from the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court Justices. Meaning 15 out of 15 Justices threw Marcos’ protest to garbage for lack of merit, where 12 out of 15 are all Duterte appointees. The irony.

    This proves Marcos electoral petitions are all hearsay, bubbles, and conspiracy theories with no sufficient evidence to back up his electoral cheating allegations against the real VP Leni Robredo. This proves also that Marcos is just whining and bitter of his defeat. He cannot accept defeat so his pride pushes him to reckless desperation. Such a waste of time. He could have just accepted his defeat in the first place and moved on. He is now becoming a laughingstock. While Leni Robredo is jumping into victory and sealed her VP as safe and sound.

    Next case: Imelda Marcos who is convicted of seven counts of violation of anti-graft and corrupt practices act by the Sandiganbayan is awaiting Supreme Court decision. Tough luck.

    1. Are you sure about that?

      The Supreme Court, sitting as PET, decision on the electoral protest of Sen. Bongbong Marcos, I did not come as a surprise to me anymore, as there are internal and external (remember George Shultz, et al.) forces that will do everything to stop a Marcos from becoming President.

      And in case you don’t notice, Noynoy Aquino said that he will do anything to stop a Marcos from going to Malacanang. And you guys seem succeeded. Keep it up.

        1. @BnOy:

          Siguro maraming tsupa, si Aquino at si BnBoy…masigla sila….tsinupa nila ang mga Supreme Court Justices…kaya nanalo sila….

    2. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing an investigation or inquiry if you believe an injustice had been committed. And if said investigation fails to yield results in favour, then so be it. The law and due processes provide pathways for such pursuits and all Filipinos are free to take them.

      The key point to be highlighted here is that allegations of fraud were raised and authorities are duty-bound to investigate those allegations. The problem with the Yellowtards back in 2016 is how they so quickly dismissed these allegations. In fact, that distrust for the electoral process still persists because many of these allegations hadn’t been addressed or given due attention by agencies that are tasked to secure the integrity of these processes.

      Most notable of all is the lack of closure due to the flight of former COMELEC chair Andy Bautista and his refusal to respond to questions he is being asked about what really happened back in 2016.

      1. Cheating allegations during elections are not new. They become part of Philippine culture but most of them also are all speculations by those who cannot accept that sad part of losing. For practicality sake, better not to contest something if you are not armed with clear, convincing and airtight evidence to present before the Court or it will be otherwise a waste of time and money as what Bongbong Marcos did.

        To be fair, this is a strong case that absolves electoral cheating allegations in 2016 on the part of COMELEC led by Bautista. A bitter pill to swallow by Marcostards and Anti-yellowtards. Yes, so be it benign0.

        1. There actually are clear, convincing and airtight evidences. It’s just that they were not given a chance to be seen and examined. As per the news from The Manila Times, a Supreme Court insider fed them, that the case was railroaded by AJ Leonen, who forced the new magistrates to come-up with a decision in such a very short time, that there was no time for them to study it properly and meticulously. It is a shame that even the Supreme Court is also corrupt. In this case, I can say that justice in the Philippines is dead.

        2. Aldus,

          You’re so wrong. The Supreme Court has rules of procedure in its book on how long they decide cases based on the rules of Supreme Court that Justices are ought to follow. Thus, your short time is not that short if that’s what the Rules say. It’s not a one-man rule and it’s definitely not a rule dictated by Justice Leonen.

          If that Manila Times is your source then it’s most probably a hearsay. Supreme Court will not expedite cases based on whims. You should read each decision of the 15 Justices to be enlightened before you accuse them of being corrupt and that justice in the Philippines is dead.

          One columnist in the Manila Times by the name of Regoberto Tiglao who criticized the Sandiganbayan about the conviction of Imelda Marcos contested the decision of Sandiganbayan. It turns out he doesn’t even know the meaning of conviction by moral certainty which is equivalent to proof beyond reasonable doubt under section 2 rule 133 of the rules of evidence. His column is exactly not one source you would cite in your academic papers in order to be reliable.

        1. Yes, but if you cannot prove it with evidence to convince the court then there’s no crime to speak of. Yours is just personal opinion until the Court validates it which makes crime in legal sense, exists.

          And Supreme Court decisions become part of the law of the land. If you don’t know that. It’s called jurisprudence. So, Marcos dismissal case can be a precedent by the Supreme Court in deciding future cases regarding 2016 elections “cheating” say, in case someone file a case against Bautista in the future in relation to that cheating. There’s probability it can be dismissed by the Ph Supreme Court.

        2. Most of your opinions here on this website are not based on truth and objectivity. I wonder why you still keep on blogging. Those who believe in you will always have to defy their good conscience in order to fit in. If this is your source of living, definitely, not an ideal one. Human beings are always inclined to value truth and honesty which I don’t think this blog can help them nurture those part of human values. I don’t know how you justify yourself within you in terms of those.

    3. @Jason:
      YellowTard, cheerleader ni Lugaw Robredo.

      We will see, if Lugaw Robredo, who is a kabit of Bolet, will perform , the same in the next Presidential election.

      Those who will vote for him, are truly idiots…

      1. Hyden, in case you don’t notice, you have become crazy the moment you put your loyalty first to your politicians than to your country. All that’s important to you is to hate all the enemies of your politicians regardless of everything. Yes, you’ve become addicted to it. And you cannot stop. That’s craziness. I don’t think it’s curable. It’s up to you to figure that out how to get away or run away from it. It’s your life.

        1. @Jason:

          You are crazier than me, if I am crazy. TNT si Bautista sa America…bakit tumakbo siya sa America ?

        2. Hyden, If being crazy with my country i’ll accept it. But being crazy with politicians like is you is pure craziness. I based my loyalty to my country first so my standards are fixed and unwavering, unlike you who become biased with politicians and hating enemies like VP Robredo with no valid reasons is craziness. You even accused current SC Justices as Aquino appointees when in fact, 12 out of 15 are Duterte appointees just so you can justify your hate, craziness and biases. So pathetic of you.

          And I don’t know why Bautista is in the US. Anyway, if you can connect his alleged unexplained wealth to that alleged election cheating then you have to build up a substantial and competent evidence to indict him in the Court. Add to that, find suitable witnesses because his wife’s testimonial accusations, who is the main witness against him, is considered inadmissible evidence in Court due to marital privilege communication rule. So, all you have right now, like Bongbong Marcos are pure speculations, hearsay and theories with no solid evidence to back up your claims. Enjoy being crazy and purveyor of fake news.

        3. Not praising a politician, doesn’t make you impartial if you criticize the other’s camp. Calling them Marcostard and Anti-Yellowtard uncovered your guise. You should eat what you’ve just said to Benigno and Hyden. Your hands are unclean.

        4. Aldus,

          Hey, Marcostards and Yellowtards are labels not originated by me. They are short for those loyal to Marcos and Aquino and I’m not one of those because I’m not loyal to any camp. That’s exactly what I meant.

          I’m loyal to my country only. I don’t based my loyalty to politicians because they will just compromise my standards for what’s best for my country.

          You and other bloggers here are employing tribal mentality. Even benign0 who tries to espouse modern thinking seems to be bound by such mentality. Hence, the result of his one sided blogs. And the result of all your biases and even hate against the yellowtards while ignoring or overlooking those mistakes which your politicians such as Duterte and Marcos have done.

          Me, I’m following universal mentality. It’s good to have free thinking and be freed from the shackles of politicians, and just following the standards you think are what’s best for the humanity. Try it and you would not feel any guilt because your conscience are clear and unbias. If you put your loyalty and remain to be partial with your politicians, then you will have a compromised standards. And that’s one of the reasons why the Philippines cannot progress because most of Filipinos’ thinking are still bound by such tribal mentality or triabalism for that matter which this website is one of those who promote such thinking if you get what I’m saying.

    4. @Jason:

      Isa ka rin na YellowTards…mga aso ni Aquino….mga Aquino , mga magnanakaw: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery…Election cheating pa…Gawa ni Aquino, Roxas at Porky Drilon…

      Even 100 times, Supreme Court decision will never erase, the cheating , of Lugaw Robredo.

      Would you like a President who flunked her Law Bar Exams 3 times ? Bobo at tanga pa…. Kabit pa siya ni Bolet Banal !

  4. This is all just politics for people like Robredo. She doesn’t know what it means to be in a place of power. How is that high-pitch Leonen able to have this much influence on the other judges? Can they dismiss the case entirely without dealing with it completely? Is that correct or not?

    1. SourGrapes BitterAmpalaya! UL0L na Gahol sa Balukt0t na Palus0t! may budget pa ba kayong mga bayarang cybertr0lls ni BoBONG Narcos?!

        1. Hoy, BigNo Gag0, kamusta na ang asawa mong si Ilda, di ba nag-TNT siya bigla sa Australia nung panahon ni Noynoy, para lang maging bayarang put@ ng mga put! kasi hindi mo siya kayang buhayin sa pathetick mong blog na ito na panahon pa ni Arroyo hahahahaha matagal ng kalat na sa global social media (mula 2016 pa nga) ang mga group pictures niyong mga DDHSperadong cybertrolls kasama ni BoBONG Narc0s (kasama halimbawa ng mga baklastik na badindong na sina stinking pignoy at sasshit) kung hindi mo lang alam, mangmang na hunghang!

        2. Maldita talaga si Ilda, na iniwanan ka na lang para magjak0l mag-isa hahahahahaha ano ba, inalikan ka ba din niya para lang palakihin mo ang anak sa labas niya nung nabuntis siya ng di-oras ng banyagang dayuhan? Hahahahahaha CUCKadoodleyou! hahahahahaha

        3. Ironic that Yellowtards are so obsessed with “fake news” when the very people they deploy to “challenge” our arguments are themselves armed with “untruths” (as they themselves call it).

  5. Who is the judge of the supreme court’s judgment?

    Leadership is complementary with the governed. If there are external forces that interfere with the choice of leadership, then what will that lead to? More independence??
    If a leader wanted to take another path apart from the one we’re being led to, then that’s probably what get leaders into trouble–in their book.

  6. I don’t know what’s holding BBM or Rody Duterte back. What, you can’t do a himagsikan these days? I don’t know what else to say. If nothing can be done about this, then nothing else will matter.

  7. Anybody can be informed, have a say and be heard nowadays. Are the trapos trying to tell us we can’t do anything? Is this really a government by the people? Let the facts be heard and the real state of the nation be exposed. Nobody wins by concealing the truth.

  8. And the prospect of a hacked election seems even more possible now. COMELEC is going to be testing online-voting, and is starting with an online overseas-voting experiment.

    To discover more, I joined the experiment, and the consent-form provided mentions that voter-data will be accessed by 4 prospective-suppliers (including the Smartmatic accused of voting-anomalies in the PH & abroad, as well as & Dominion accused by Republicans for voting-anomalies in the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election). Plus, anything online has the potential for hacking. How will this experiment go? Will it be implemented (esp. in 2022)? Only time will tell.

  9. Benigno, I have been following this blog of yours since time immemorial. I like the topics that are being discussed here that’s why I’m still around. I’m just annoyed to see the likes of @Bn0y roaming around here and uttering insults to those who do not agree to his opinions. He even insulted you and your wife directly. Is there a way to filter or kick-out this kind of people here, so we can maintain the decency of the discussions? Although sometimes there are heated arguments, still the respectability should not be compromised. This is just a thought. This is your blog, so It’s your call. Thanks.

    1. That’s ok for now. I’m still waiting for that guy to come back with proof of what he/she is asserting and, until then, it is on record that people of those sorts make statements that lack bases — further highlighting the hypocrisy in their constant harping about “fake news” and “disinformation”.

  10. Jason, it’s obvious wala namang square sa balota!

    (on CNN Philippines: Marcos showed images of ballots bearing questionable square marks beside Robredo’s name.)

    If you really are inclined to value truth and honesty, forget about the SC decision for a moment and let us know about your thoughts to what’s been presented down below.

    Robredo asked for evidence on fraud:


    Marcos shows evidence that the SC failed to even discuss/debate on:

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