Typhoon #Ulysses proves that Leni Robredo is no “quiet worker”

How can Leni Robredo hope to be president of the Philippines someday if she keeps acting like a barangay tanod (town sheriff) rushing from one disaster site after another? Presidents are chief executives who oversee and administer initiatives at a national scale. What Robredo is doing is redundant — a job that first responders like real barangay tanods, the police, the military, and the Coast Guard are more qualified and in better positions to do.

Unfortunately for Filipinos, they are being seriously misled by the Yellowtards (the bloc within the Opposition rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) into thinking it is only Robredo who is all action in times of crisis. The way the Office of the Vice President (OVP) is being put up as a disaster response agency by Yellowtards is like how Filipinos turned GI jeeps into public transport just after World War II. We know now how that turned out. They clunked along doing the job clumsily but remained totally unfit for purpose.

Fact is, there are many public servants, government agencies, and private individuals and groups doing things. The Yellowtards and Robredo herself insult these quiet workers by making everyone believe that Robredo is doing it all. At a time when Filipinos should be uniting to work towards the interests of the broader public, the Yellowtards, in putting up “vice president” Leni Robredo as the hero above all, continue to sustain the deep divisions within Philippine society. Noted influencer Carlo Ople notes this in a recent tweet

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Man. A call for unity gets twisted and colored in all thr wrong ways. Guys it was a simple call to just step up helping out and trying to unite. I never said that you cannot hold the gov to account. My point is for everyone to pitch in regardless of political affiliation.

No matter how many influencers encourage people to be “one nation” in solidarity in dealing with disaster, the reality is that the Philippines is a deeply-divided nation. You see it even in the way the rich live inside walled fortified enclaves patrolled by private armies. You see it in the way the country’s top “thought leaders” are incapable of framing the big issues of national consequence outside of their society’s highly-polarised partisan politics.

What is really baffling is the inability of the Yellowtards to engage in a bit of introspection and help themselves understand why, rather than attract admiration, Robredo instead cops a lot of scorn and ridicule for her efforts. It is because her most influential supporters fawn over her like she is God’s Gift to Typhoon Disaster Response.

Last night, VP Leni was just doing her job as Vice-President and public servant. But unbeknownst to her, she has also inadvertently proven to the Filipino people that she is more than ready to take on the Presidency. I MEAN, WHO THE BLOODY HELL NEEDS DUTERTE, WHEN WE HAVE LENI?

With their comrades behaving this way, it’s small wonder that the more sensible supporters of the Opposition like Inquirer columnist Gideon Lasco struggle to inject some perspective into the political chatter.

This is is not about Leni Robredo. It's about supporting someone who's leading efforts to help our fellow Filipinos at a time when the person who's supposed to fulfill this role is missing in action.

One can just as easily respond to Mr Lasco with another question; Well who made it all about Leni Robredo to begin with? Why none other than the Yellowtards!

Everyone is doing their part to respond to disasters whenever they strike the Philippines, but it is only the Yellowtards who are making it a self-promotion activity on social media. Indeed, Leni Robredo is like one of those bozos who after one game of paintball act as if they are war vets. Perhaps all the presidential drumming-in she gets from her fandom is starting to get into her head. Perhaps she herself believes that she’d make a better president than current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Well there really is only one way to find out if she can be president. If you Yellowtards truly believe Leni Robredo “deserves” to be president of the Philippines then, by all means, make her your presidential candidate in the coming 2022 elections. Please do that.

4 Replies to “Typhoon #Ulysses proves that Leni Robredo is no “quiet worker””

  1. I want to preface this comment with the fact that Leni Robredo doing what she thinks she can do best to help is appreciated and noted. But…

    I think the comments saying “Let Leni lead” because she is approaching it from a “local executive mindset” instead of a “national executive mindset” is kind of wrong. Granted, her office can execute tasks and maybe even delegate, but she doesn’t need to be hands-on on the ground level itself because she is a national level executive in our government. Plus she is the 2nd highest post in the land as the redundancy for the President. I think it behooves people to realize that, even if they don’t like or like her, she needs to also be kept safe should something happen to Duterte.

    Another point is that I am kind of peeved at the comments saying “asan ang gobyerno” when we can see they are moving as fast as they can. Granted, there will be some local execs who will finger point to avoid blame immediately, but I see that as the default setting for anyone who could be in a position of responsibility and may be called to task. They will most likely, immediately claim to have done their jobs and blame someone else. But that is neither here nor there as this is a norm in a lot of politicians so this shouldn’t even be surprising.

    Lastly, I do think the current hands on approach of Leni Robredo is kind of the only thing she can really do as she has no formal national function to speak of as far as I am aware of as she has been removed twice in task forces that could have been working with the current admin.

    So… I can’t really fault her much for that. I do, however, wish that she realizes her position and not put herself at risk just to show she herself, and not just her office, is moving.

    Whether she can really coordinate on a national level, I do not know. I have my doubts but she hasn’t been given a chance to really “take charge”. But when she was given a chance, she immediately wanted to publicizes faults for media mileage instead of first working with them for a few weeks/months before reaching the a conclusion that the system she is working under is really faulty and untenable (needing to be changed).

  2. She’s not totally incompetent. She just seems more occupied with politicking and being an opposition to the incumbent that she fails in the actual leadership. I don’t know how she can be president to a whole nation. She hasn’t been fair in dealing with issues where she’s involved. The fact the she has put politics over national interest so many times says a lot about her motives. The Leni local executive approach is just a bit inept and pretentious…

  3. Lugaw Robredo, is just wanting to attract attention…hoping that the attention , will translate into votes, when she will run for President. And, her team of “Rah-Rah boys”, are supporting her with fawning social media comments.

    Unfortunately, she had shown her “true colors” to us , many times already. She is an election cheater; a puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and the oligarchs. She is also a candidate of the commies.

    And, she flunked , her law Bar Exams, three times; never practiced her law profession. She became a , Vice Presidential candidate to stop, Bong Bong Marcos, from winning, the Vice Presidential election.

    So, they used the SMARTMATIC, with “Dominion Software” , to do the job of removing the votes of Bong Bong Marcos, and added them to her votes. “Electronic Dagdag Bawas”…

    SMARTMATIC , is a Venezuelan company, that was used by the late , Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela, to keep him elected , many times as President. They used it on Bong Bong Marcos… Now, they used it on Trump, to count the votes of Trump, as Biden. Who will be their next victim ?

    Na HOCUS PCOS at SMARTSWITIK na tayong lahat; pati si Trump !

  4. The Filipinos is a hopelessly lost country that will be underwater sooner than later. IF you live there it is the best thing you can do to just leave as soon as you can. the elections are a farce, kinda like the USA elections. You get two choices of the same people, only in the Failippines the contest is to see who can be the biggest thief and get away with it !

    To see GRP go the way of the GMA/Anti-Aquino axis is admirable, BUT the alternative is the same thing. To support either National candidate is to be duplicitous in a way that is transparently criminal, bought and paid for ‘Brown Journalism’. Think: SHIT STINKING.

    The only way to get rich in ‘the Fails’ is to be a politician and it is this that needs to change. For until then the country will be forever condemned to circus’ like the 2011 hearings on SC CJ Corona. Corona was a corrupt as shit stinking gets politico who was guilty as $#!T STINK can be! His 90 minute rant went uninterrupted by the old Man supervisor/ring-leader (whose name escapes me at the moment, JP Enrile?) and then Corona had a fake ‘Panic-Heart Attack’ and never answered a single question.

    These follies will continue no matter who is in charge and remember it is the USA Department of State that actually runs the country……it is sad and China should do every Filipino a favor and just invade, take-over, and run the country. After-all, the Chinese are better at doing that sort of thing and will bring wealth, real manufacturing wealth, to all FAILIPINOS instead of just the Politicians. Pinoys might as well try it as the way things have been going since the end of WW2 it is just a horror, and at this point, Pinoys have nothing left to lose. That is obvious.

    The fact that GRP has been pandering to the Anti-Aquino faction is just a choice between two evils of the same ilk, CHINA has better idea. In the last 25 years ,since the signing in the USA of the NAFTA Accords (and the outsourcing of 70 Million Western manufacturing jobs to China/India/3RD World), China has become the pre-eminent World SUPER-POWER, along w/Putin’s Russian Federation, globally. The USA led West is dead and yet the Failippines continues to grasp the coat-tails of the West as if the West has anything to offer but confetti (Money printer go ‘Brrrr’)…it is a sad spectacle and does not have to be that way !

    WAKE UP. Trump tried to bring manufacturing back to the USA and met with his admin being stymied by , guess who?, yes, bought and paid for corporate shill members of the USA Congress for his entire 4 year run. Now the USA Presidential election has obviously been stolen and the USA’s citizens can do nothing about it, sound familiar ?

    The Falippines should ‘GET SMART’, forget ‘REAL’, and cut all ties to the West and get manufacturing on a large scale into the country. Call Center jobs are for Morons, try to make something other than a dial tone and you shall see the country prosper as never before…it took China 10-15 years and now, since the WEST has literally given its entire economies to CHINA, the evidence is in: Money printing devalues all, manufacturing produces wealth.

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