Typhoon Goni (Ph codename #RollyPH) an epic PR fail for the Philippine Opposition

It seems the Opposition led by the bloc rabidly-loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) are scrounging around for opportunities to pick up the pieces of the shattered dreams left by super-typhoon Goni (codenamed “Rolly” in the Philippines). In the lead up to what they hoped would turn into a catastrophe for the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the Opposition had mounted an intense campaign to pre-wire the Philippine public into thinking that what was coming would be a scourge that would put blood on the hands of Duterte. Instead, what they got was an abject PR fail — one that leaves them with nothing but their hypocritical calls to “donate” to the relief effort. Of course, these calls come with some strings with these same partisans suggesting that the only worthwhile charity channel to donate to is none other than the office of their “vice president” and party leader Leni Robredo. Convenient, right?

The Yellowtards are indeed distinguished in their achieving something that no other Opposition camp had achieved before — turning a typhoon into an Epic PR Fail.

If the the chi chi members of the Opposition would only pause to reflect, they will easily note some distrubing aspects in the way they conduct themselves that would explain why their best efforts to appear virtuous before the public turn them into sad laughingstocks. At the core of their dysfunctional political messaging is their self-righteousness. They make like they hold a monopoly on being the “good” while all the rest who oppose them are the “evil” ones. This monomanic binary nature in the way they regard things is likely a product of the chi chi private Catholic school upbringing that their foremost “thought leaders” grew up on. It is a small mindedness that is amplified further as a result of their penchant for cocooning themselves in social media echo chambers blocking anyone who challenges their Holy views and carrying on amongst themselves exchanging mutual high-fives.

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The short saga of how the Yellowtards’ Reverse-Midas-Touch syndrome turned Typhoon Rolly against their dishonest agenda is a classic Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf story. Too much criticising of any sitting incumbent while offering no pertinent solutions or alternatives merely makes one a pathetic whiner. They should have waited for facts to surface from the ground first before they passed judgement on a government disaster response effort they had not yet seen in action. Unfortunately for the Opposition, even if all the bad news and piles of dead bodies they were hoping for start to emerge from the rubble left by Typhoon Rolly, all of this effort to set themselves up on a pulpit to deliver their heroic I-Told-You-Sos will already have been wasted.

Filipinos will simply pick up and move on like they always do after every typhoon and see all the hype about why ABS-CBN “should have been there to help” and all the other dishonest messages the Yellowtards shove down their throats as mere noise coming from an irrelevant Opposition. Filipinos deserve better than an Opposition mob of people who salivate over the political capital they could amass every time a potential disaster looms in the horizon. Filipinos don’t the kind of Opposition the Yellowtards and their communist comrades have become (or have always been). Filipinos deserve better.

3 Replies to “Typhoon Goni (Ph codename #RollyPH) an epic PR fail for the Philippine Opposition”

  1. Hoping for a Typhoon disaster, to be a “political capital”, that would promote their political agendas, is the most stupid political idea, that I have ever seen, in a political campaign.

    Typhoons changes their directions, at every moment; and sometimes, they lose their power, and just become storms, or they go to the oceans, and do not do any destructions. Many factors, affect this phenomena…for those trusting in prayers, and their Gods: “it could be the hands of God, at work”…

    These political opportunists are too evil, that they even use the sufferings of their fellowmen, to win some political capital, for their political agendas.

    So, to those who believe in their Gods: ” God taught them a lesson” !

  2. Typhoon Goni is an Epic Victory for all Filipino Born Again Christians!

    Our around-the-clock prayers, asking for mercy from our all powerful creator, have been heard!

    We thank our Lord, Jesus Christ, for interceding in our behalf. With the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus was able to weaken the storm to save many Filipino lives.

    We are forever grateful and humbled by you greatness, Oh Lord. Thank you for having mercy on us.

    Salamat po Lord.

  3. What’s built on dishonesty will crumble. Maybe we all need to face the music and not oppose ourselves, so that the cycle breaks.

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