Philippine Opposition “thought leaders” look to Joe Biden’s victory with envy

Philippine Opposition partisans and “activists” are salivating over the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Seeing no less than a former colonial master “triumph” over “tyranny” is an inspiration for these folks as they scrounge around for “parallels” with their own plight. With the 2022 national elections in the Philippines just around the corner, they now reflect on the challenges they face going up against the anointed candidate of a formidable incumbent, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

At the moment, all the Philippine Opposition has to go for is an anti-Duterte platform and not much else. Nonetheless that doesn’t seem to stop them from drawing inspiration from Biden who also ran on an “I am NOT Donald Trump” platform. Both the US and Philippine Opposition camps also enjoyed the support of their countries’ respective mainstream media outlets and entertainment celebrities.

Unfortunately for the Yellowtards (the leading partisan bloc within the Opposition who are loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan), the similarities end there. Biden ran under the banner of a robust and mature party with a relatively coherent liberal ideology. In contrast, whoever will be leading the Philippines’ Opposition against Duterte’s endorsed candidate in the campaign for the 2022 election will be faced with the daunting task of hewing a motley collection of religious cult leaders, showbiz starlets, and power-hungry oligarchs and warlords into a pointed force that could be thrust into the heart of the Duterte edifice. Good luck with that.

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Firstly, the various Opposition camps are united only by a hatred for Duterte and not much else. This means nothing will stop any one of these camps from fielding their own presidential bet for 2022 effectively spreading wide and thin any hope of any one of them posing even the slightest challenge to Duterte’s formidable following.

Second, most Opposition camps remain enamored by current “vice president” Leni Robredo whose claim to the role of “Opposition leader” seems to remain unchallenged for now. However, even in the unlikely scenario where all Opposition camps were to back Robredo as a single candidate against Duterte’s endorsed successor, it is unlikely that she could muster a strong enough following on her own to pose a threat specially considering her persistently strong association with the Yellowtards and their diminished political brand.

Third, the Opposition offers no vision or strategic alternative to the Duterte way. It is only the communists who offer a mature and consistent ideology which, many observers dismiss as more a liability than an asset to the broader Opposition community. The all-too-familiar ouster rhetoric which the Yellowtards share with the communists only raises a question both seem reluctant to answer: And then what?

Two familiar words describe the quaint fascination with this year’s elections in the US exhibited by members of the Philippine Opposition: colonial mentality. It is all a waste though seeing that the lessons underlying these events that abound seem to fly over the pointed heads of their “thought leaders”. There really is nothing about whatever turn politics in the US take that changes the fortunes of the Yellowtards. There is still that inconvenient detail of winning elections that they hadn’t gotten around to figuring out. Until they get around to thinking seriously about that capability gap, there really is nothing more they can offer to the Filipino beyond being the sad waste of space that they are. Filipinos deserve better.

6 Replies to “Philippine Opposition “thought leaders” look to Joe Biden’s victory with envy”

  1. Except in the US, the election is being contested by Trump with, maybe, an electoral plus judicial and congressional process that may figure it all out before new years. The media pre-emptively reported it.

  2. Election come and go, but our lives seems not to change a bit….

    The U.S. election is yet to be determined, who the winner is…the camp of Biden had already celebrated , as the 46th President of U.S. Most of the U.S. states, has not yet formally declared , any winner.

    There are too many voter frauds, that they are now investigating…like : dead people voting in ” mail in ballots”. Counting machines counting votes, in favor of Biden…the votes were for Trump…

    People who had moved, however, some people voted for them…. There are cases where people voted multiple times, and the dead people are still in the voters’ roll and voted.

    It may take many weeks, before we know the winner…this election will end up in courts to determine who the winner is !

    As the case of the Philippine opposition. Lugaw Robredo, is their standard bearer …this woman , won the 2016 VP election by electoral fraud, HOCUS PCOS and SMARSWITIK. She has a low IQ, that , she flanked her Law Bar Exams, 3 times… I don’t want my President to be like that, unless you are a “thick skull” individual also, like her…

    Lugaw Robredo, is the “willing puppet” of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the oligarchs; the commies and other political opportunists. “Diretso siya sa inodoro, like we did to the “otso diretso” in the last election…”

    The opposition has to present us, a political platform, that we all can understand…of how they will improve our lives, and give us solutions of problems of the country. Politics of Destruction, will never work in this age of social media…neither endorsement of the mainstream media…

    So, we are waiting for these political issues, to be defined and solutions presented to us, by the opposition !

  3. I still sort of laugh when people say, “oh Biden’s a great leader,” “look he’s a shining example of leadership,” when he has achieved nothing yet. People love to jump the gun on account of starstruck ignoramusness, or just because he’s not Trump.

    1. I don’t care who win in the U.S. election. Biden is being painted as a “great man and a saint ” by the U.S. mainstream media. However, he has a coming corruption issue, on the Ukrainian , and Russian corrupt dealings.

      It is the first time, I have seen electoral frauds on a massive scale in the U.S. election. Their election has already degenerated to a “third world country” level.

      There is a computer software called : “Dominion Software”, that counted the votes for Trump to Biden.
      People who had died, voted in droves. Fictitious people, voted in groups. People who had moved from their former residence, voted in their former residence.

      The Dominion company that made the “Dominion Software”, for election cheating is owned by Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House.

      There was also a “sharpie pen”, that they gave to the voters, when they vote. The ink of that “Sharpie pen” erases itself, after the voter voted. And the election people, marked the ballot for Biden…

      There is a massive investigation now, done by the U.S. Department of Justice, regarding this U.S. electoral fraud on a massive scale. A vigorous recount on ballots by hand are being done…

      It may take many weeks, before we know who the winner of the U.S. Presidential election. The U.S. electoral fraud, surpasses the Lugaw Robredo electoral fraud in 2016 VP election…

      So, we just wait and see , what happens !

    2. Here is da Pilipins, people said the same thing about BS Aquino when he was elected, in essentially the similar vein of “not Gloria Arroyo”, “when he has achieved nothing yet”.

      BS Aquino was unremarkable in his stint in the legislature, supposedly Biden’s critics point that out of him too.

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