Filipino ‘wokes’ and communists demonising their own police and the military is un-Filipino and ILLEGAL!

Apparently, it’s become somewhat of a fashion statement nowadays in the chi chi “activist” communities to be parroting “woke” sentiments about the “evils” of the police and the military. What is interesting about this fashion trend is that its fashionista “thought leaders” offer no alternatives to legitimate state security forces and law enforcement agencies that they demonise in the quaint and unoriginal slogans they mouth in their “protest rallies”. Who does one run to then when one is in trouble if one can’t trust the police? The New People’s Army?

That last one is an interesting concept. The NPA is a terrorist band being put up as some sort of “people’s hero” by wokedom. Strange. On one hand, commies and “ativists” decry the police for being an “ill-trained” bunch. On the other hand they would put up as a public messiah a ragtag terrorist “army” made up of youths armed with AK-47s that had been suckered out of their university studies. Even more baffling, “activists” who are actually brave enough to categorically deny they are communists and condemn the atrocities of the NPA seem to discourage people from respecting their men and women in uniform but offer no alternative to who one might run to when threatened by criminals.

It gets even more idiotic when one considers how commies and “activists” seem to suggest, when encouraging Filipinos to reject the authority of the police, that this is license to engage in illegal activities. As such they wear with with pride the righteousness with which, for example, they destroy or deface public property. While they might think their “cause” justifies this, the law is quite clear on the criminal nature of these activities. More importantly, they should consider how the broader public feel about having the funds they fork over in the form of taxes spent cleaning up the mess and repairing the destruction left by these “activists”.

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‘Activists’ vandalise public property with impunity and believe this is all justified by their ’cause’.

Worse, they take up arms illegally then cry foul when said armed elements are met with similar firepower delivered by officers or personnel of legitimate state forces. The goal of these terrorists is to kill police officers and soldiers yet they waste no time playing the Victim Card when one of their own gets plugged in a police or military operation. In reality, they stay true to the tradition of Filipino necropolitics in the way they routinely use the stiffs they pile up as collateral for their campaigns and “activist” circuses.

Communist ‘combatants’ routinely display their terrorist activities with impunity.
(Photo source: @pasabilisSMR)

If one really comes down to thinking about first principles here, the real outrage is in why the police continue to handle these crooks with kids’ gloves. Terrorism should be regarded with zero tolerance. Groups that hide behind a thin veneer of legality using front organisations should not be spared proper investigation and appropriate consequences if and when found to be aiding and abetting terrorism. They have insulted Filipinos’ intelligence for so long pretending to be unaware of the reality of communist-sponsored terrorism or, even more bizarre, outright denying any linkage or alliance with communist organisations.

3 Replies to “Filipino ‘wokes’ and communists demonising their own police and the military is un-Filipino and ILLEGAL!”

  1. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis and their allies are the financial and material supporters to these commies…Ninoy Aquino , Jr. was the founder of the New Peoples’ Army…I believed Ninoy Aquino was murdered by the commies, under the order of the “NPA Godfather”, Jose Maria Sison, who is living a “rich and famous” life in Amsterdam , Holland…this was to trigger the “mass rebellion” of the Filipino people…and enable them to grab power…the “mass rebellion ” went kaput…instead, the oligarchs were the winners…and Cory Aquino, became their puppet…

    The commies have legitimate fronts and organizations inside the government; they suck our taxes through their “partylists”…the commie fronts are the people , rallying, denouncing every “evil” that they see,”real or imagined”…we have to take into consideration the : “Bayad Muna” people who rally and who demand immediate payments, before they conduct rallies…

    The communist ideology of Karl Marx is an obsolete ideology, and was a failure…Just look at the communist nations: Cuba, North Korea, and others…they are of of a monarchy – family members of their communist founders , rule as family dynasty.

    In our country, the commies have become some sort of a Mafia or Cosa Nostra organization. …They do contract murders; extortions; protection rackets; scams; and other illegal money making scams….

    They recruit students, who are “too much of an idiots”, to become their soldiers in their New Peoples’ Army…they destroy the lives and the good futures of these students…

    Anyway, they are looking for Suckers, to join their failed cause !… KAPUT !

  2. We all need peace and order, in order to progress. We need the military for our defense, and for our safety from external to internal threats.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, thru their commies surrogate, tries to weaken and demonize the Police and the military. Aquino jailed Gen. Palparan, who was a good military leader in the fight against the NPA Mafia. Aquino encouraged the commies to advice him, during his term of office…he did not bring out the Land Reform program to protect their Hacienda Luisita. He impeached, the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, to protect their Hacienda Luisita.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis gang , is a bunch of “swapangs”, very greedy and corrupt on all fronts !

  3. If they’re really against corruption the targets are out there in plain sight. That is if they’re not on the same side.

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