June 12 “Mañanita” for Philippine “Independence” Day hijacked by communists!

It’s that time of the year again when the quaint story of a country that fought for independence in 1898 and lost then became “independent” because a bunch of shrill people said so unilaterally gets told. The authors of this story evidently take to heart an old truism often attributed to the chi chi profession of “journalism”: Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

It is no coincidence then that the little clique of “thought leaders” who propagate the idea of a Philippine “independence” dating back to 1898 is the very same one that was behind the propagation of a more recent narrative that misled Filipinos for three decades. The idea that “revolutionary change” happened in 1986 after a street mob supposedly shouted down (or mass rosary-beaded) then President Ferdinand Marcos was a lie that an entire mass media industry went on to conspire with this mob to ingrain in the Filipino psyche. Small surprise that both the Mob and the entire industry now suffer a crisis of credibility.

It seems that this ideological wasteland left by the collapse of Big Corporate Media credibility and the catastrophic discredit of the narrative of the Yellowtards (the rabid bloc of the Opposition loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) now serves as the foundation for the opportunistic resurgence of communist “activism” we are seeing today. The communists after all claim to own Filipino “nationalism” and this is evident in the dishonest names they give to the barely-legal fronts they put up that pretend to participate in legitimate politics.

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The so-called Makabayan Bloc led by the communist Satur Ocampo representing the biggest coalition of communist front organisations in Congress is an example. This group claims that “Makabayan” in this regard stands for “Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan”, literally translated: “people’s nationalist coalition”. Sounds like a communist name, doesn’t it (think “People’s Republic of China”)? That’s because they, in fact, are communists. This group consists of people who are so confident in the effectiveness of the thin semblance of legitimacy they cloak their crooked intent with that they couldn’t even be bothered to pretend to distance themselves from that old Cold War ideological cancer.

This year, a rally dubbed “Grand Mañanita” that aims to piggyback on general festivities on the occasion of the June 12 “Independence Day” idea to push the agenda of opposing the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill is being organised by this suspect bunch.

One of the leading promoters of this rally is a group that calls itself the Movement Against Tyranny. It seems to be closely affiliated with Filipino communist fronts as evident in the Community section of its Facebook page where listed under its “Related Pages” section are known communist front groups such as the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), the People’s Alternative Media Network (Altermidya), Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU, or the Fist of May Movement), and IBON Foundation, among others.

A rally around an event that is supposed to represent the aspirations or sentiments of the general Filipino public had, in this instance, been politicised and, worse, co-opted into the narrow agenda of an extremist mob that aims to suppress a law that clearly targets the criminal elements they openly coddle. It is quite evident that the communists are filling a void in the rhetoric — one, perhaps, left open for hijacking by less radical cliques in the Opposition.

What hope then is there of any kind of true national movement that all Filipinos can relate to when every conversation and every occasion is bathed in a harsh partisan or ideological colour by a small but shrill community of radical “activists”? It is high time normal Filipinos take back their political chatter and redirect its focus back to what really matters.

If the framers of the notion that the Philippines did become “independent” in 1898 are truly serious about making that idea fly, they should reconsider allowing a bunch of crooked “activists” to simply hijack that notion and use it for their dishonest agendas.

7 Replies to “June 12 “Mañanita” for Philippine “Independence” Day hijacked by communists!”

  1. We may had been independent in 1896…but, we were already sold by Spain to the United States, thru the “Treaty of Paris”…It was a “false independence”, because we were already a part of America.

    The communists in the Philippines, are not really “ideological communists”…they are “ideological opportunists”. They use anything to advance their opportunistic racketeering agendas. Communists are atheist…they don’t believe in any God. Mananita is a religious song, used by psuedo religious Roman Catholic devotees. So, the communists, pretend themselves, to be religious people ….some Roman Catholic priests, who adhere to the Liberation Theology doctrines, are their friends ; if not supporters of the CPP/NPA communists agendas. These communists are supposed to be with the poor, and the working class. Yet, some of their supporters are the well known oligarchs in our country. The ABS CBN owned by the Oligarch Lopez family, is the CPP/NPA propaganda TV network.

    The CPP/NPA is not an ideological movement. It is more of a MAFIOSI extortionist, protection racketeering movement ; using the communist ideology as a cover/pretense in their racketeering/extortion criminal activities and agendas….

    Just look at how rich the CPP/NPA is, at present. Jose Maria Sison is living as a multi millionaire in Amsterdam , Holland. Satur Ocampo and his minions are receiving government pays, and multi million pesos Pork Barrels. Abnoy Aquino, and his crooked gang, gave the generous amount of DAP and PDAF, to them as his support for the communists movement…

    What a crazy country we have ! We are all dumb people being “robbed blind” by these criminal commies !

  2. what a shame to some congressman/representatives trying hard to twist the constitution in public. what will happen to them isn’t they already committing ‘sedition’???

  3. What I still don’t get about those arranging the Mananita and the more prominent groups supporting it is this, if they are so concerned about provisions in the Anti Terror Bill, why don’t they submit or propose the correct wording the remove ambiguity, concern, vagueness and increase safeguards as provided?

    Are they so afraid that their inability to provide such changes will show the actual lack of substance to their cause?

    We are all against abuses of those in power. We are all against Terrorism. Yet why is their DEFAULT setting to just go AGAINST anyone in power for whatever SLIGHT they seem to feel?

    It doesn’t change with whatever administration. Cory, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo, PNOY and now Duterte. Then, now or later… it won’t change. They will always be vehemently against something or everything. Is it so they can justify their existence? Is it their sole purpose to cause discord?

    I am for not bowing down to what the other person says is “good for you”. That’s fine. But that should move just beyond a simple FOR or AGAINST, a YES or NO. We all have VOICES. Yet their VOICES only seem to be used to OPPOSE, not to HELP. Not to AID. Not to GROW. Only to SOW DISCORD.

    It has been tiring to see it in the PAST. Can’t people see their METHODS are FRUITLESS?



    And to add, Hontiveros and Gatchalians complaint about taxing online sellers… I just have one thing to say. ARE THEY DENSE/STUPID? All business are taxed. That hasn’t changed before, nor has it changed now. They are acting like the tax requirement for online sellers is NEW. No it isn’t. The memo is a reminder to the sellers that sprouted up and became prevalent. They are actually lucky that the MEMO seems to provide a waiver of penalties as long as they registered before end of July.

    Yet the complaint only stems from “WE DON”T WANT TO PAY TAXES.” Is that a correct stance? NO.

    “COLLECT THE POGO TAXES!” Has the government actually waived it or stopped themselves from enforcing their right and collecting them? My view is NO. But the enforcement is lackluster/lacking.

  4. it’s again this time of the year our Independence Day all i see monuments of heroes who want to throw their government. where is the memory who named our nation ‘Philippines’? lapu lapu isn’t even authentic pilipino he’s a malaysian. the real pilipinos are the negritos/aetas a polynesian blood in south east asia.

    1. The CPP/NPA is committing many crimes: sedition, protection racket, extortion, rapes, murders, destruction of properties, arson, etc…

      Cory Aquino, their supporter legitimized them. Ninoy Aquino, Jr., founded their army, the NPA. …Abnoy Aquino, further financially supported them thru; Pork Barrel Briberies, DAP, PDAF, etc…

      Aside, from their extortion of “revolutionary taxes”, from businesses, wealthy individuals, etc…The Oligarchs and the Roman Catholic Church, supported them financially also…

      Thw NPA/CPP is the MAFIOSI or the COSA NOSTRA of the Philippines !

  5. Pffft goes the mañanita rally. At the end of the day, no impact or effect will happen and their so-called outcry will be forgotten as days, weeks, months and years go by. Such protests are powerless and just mere manufactured noise.

    They can protest all they want, but the only effect they will get is the bigger chance of them getting the virus and sickness out there in streets, hahaha.

    Bad luck to them…

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