Filipinos have so far proven that they do not need ABS-CBN

It’s been a month since Big Corporate Media network ABS-CBN went off air and life goes on for most Filipinos. For that matter, life goes on under the “new normal” which, as it turns out, is a “normal” that does not include ABS-CBN. Whatever “service” ABS-CBN had supposedly been delivering to Filipinos under the guise of their being “in the service” of said people (their mission statement) turns out to be not essential to life after all. So much for its starlets’ social media tantrums. All that circus really achieved was to further highlight how much ABS-CBN content subtracts from the national intellect with every second that it is allowed to be broadcast by its dishonest producers.

Imagine the damage to the Filipino psyche that could have been avoided had ABS-CBN been kept under the close watch of people whose job it is to nourish the minds of future generations of Filipinos. Instead, an entire Lost Generation lived on a diet of Wowowee, It’s Showtime, and Pinoy Big Brother to grow up to be the celebrity-worshipping hero-addicted hollowheads that went on to dominate an entire national narrative.

Fortunately, Filipinos find themselves at a crossroads. The “plight” of ABS-CBN, specifically the desperation its management exhibited in a scramble to save their corporate hide, had thrown under a harsh light the vacuous — even poisonous — nature of what they had been “serving” the Filipino public all along. A flurry of showbiz appeals to emotion led by their top starlets all but fizzled out after a brief bright blaze. All that is really left is a CEO who, after playing all his flaccid emotional blackmail aces, is now left to face the music of his and his executive team’s failure to mitigate, when they had the opportunity to do so, a risk that had materialised to the colossal corporate crisis we see today.

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The only people who are actually reeling from the shutting out of ABS-CBN from broadcasting via public frequencies is its CEO Carlo Katigbak and the shareholders he is directly accountable to. And the Filipino masses who supposedly “needed” ABS-CBN? Perhaps they flinched a bit after being deprived of their daily dose of Kapamilya rubbish. Unfortunately, they have bigger problems to contend with nowadays. The only difference is they will have to face those life challenges without the opiate of escapism that Kim Chiu or Coco Martin shoves down their throats.

Philippine Media — like the Government — cannot be reformed. Why? Simple: the Media industry is made up primarily of privately-owned or publicly-held business enterprises that compete for public attention (just like the Government is made up of politicians competing for essentially the same asset). Yet therein in that last statement lies the solution. For it is in the nature of the public attention that Media giants — and our politicians — compete for that determines the content that they produce. Indeed, Filipinos have it in themselves to bring Philippine Media down to its knees. In this instance, they only need ignore the sad flailings of a once-formidable agent of mass stupidification.

Why cry over ABS-CBN then when it now collapses under the weight of the banality of its own habitual dishonesty? There are more important things to worry about; a “new normal” that is waiting to be embraced and a lot of valuable lessons that one has no choice but to learn coming out of an unprecedented crisis. Sadly, ABS-CBN with all its power and wealth in its heyday did nothing to to equip Filipinos to do any of that.

11 Replies to “Filipinos have so far proven that they do not need ABS-CBN”

  1. After the EDSA 1986 coup d’ etat, Cory Aquino closed the Marcos Sr. KBS (Kanlaon Broadcasting System), that was used by Marcos as his propaganda media. Cory Aquino gave the ABS CBN, back to the Lopez family, together with the MERALCO, …all free…as a reward of their participation in ousting Marcos Sr.

    Unfortunately, the U.S./C.I.A.was not rewarded, because the U.S. bases were ordered to close down. This was a lesson of the U.S./C.I.A. , in dealing with the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. They were used by the Aquinos; after their usefulness is gone…they were kicked out….

    Cory Aquino and her bunch of Aquino Cojuangco political axis YellowTards ; together with the oligarchs and the CPP/NPA, used the ABS CBN, as their propaganda media machine. The Aquinos used the TV network, to promote Ninoy Aquino’s heroism and martyrdom…to cover his support and involvement in the NPA, and to blame Marcos Sr. of his murder. The ABS CBN was also used to promote the sainthood of Cory Aquino…so the Roman Catholic Church participated also in the promotion of the sainthood of Cory Aquino, thru the ABS CBN… The Oligarchs were happy, because this TV network propaganda media, covered their tracks, in scamming/stealing from the country. The CPP and the NPA, also indirectly used the ABS CBN , as their propaganda media.

    Other crooked politicians like: Grace TraPoe, Porky Drilon, Mar Roxas, Cayetano; and all those who aggressively defended ABS CBN are using the ABS CBN for their personal political agendas.

    On the other side; the ABS CBN was the source of fake news and media bias, to attack all political enemies and political opponents of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…The TV network produced shows, telenovelas, stories, to “dumb down” us all; so that we will all become ignorant and misinformed; and they can “harvest” our stupid votes, during elections…this is the reason , the management of the ABS CBN, can just violate any law of our country….They Are Above The Law…because the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, allowed them to do so…they did not pay their taxes…they borrowed multi billion loans , from government banks, without thought of paying them back…they also became U.S. citizens, to escape their criminality…

    It is for our better interest to put ABS CBN, ” diretso sa inodoro”…the TV network is the biggest scammer/thieve/fake news producer/liar in our country !

    1. Even though this video was shown on ANC, the cable news channel of ABiaS-CBenD, listen to what Solicitor General Jose Calida’s speech on the current issues that facing this network company & then on 24:58 he nailed his comments to a crybaby & ignoRANT Coco Martin. ?

  2. just wondering why the aquino admin didn’t sign up to renew abs cbn franchise last 2014? did the honcho and his accomplices knew it’s the end? i think they’re laughing right now. they’re the winner in this case. do we think the honcho will appear the next hearing #3 ?
    it’s a runaway train.

    1. Nah, he’s busy on playing online games so that’s why he didn’t prioritize on renewing the permit of ABias-CBEnd at that year. ?

  3. Just watched the hearing of congress with gabby lopez today june 3.
    I am just curious why the following simple questions were not asked.
    1) given his us citizenship was acquired by birth and not by choice, when he reaches legal adulthood, he should have been given a choice for his citizenship to be american or filipino. Mike defensor sort of hinted at this fact with the passport application form of usa where you have to confirm that you have no other allegiance. Keep in mind these happened before we had dual citizenship law.
    2) does gabby lopez own properties in the philippines before 2001 or before the dual citizenship law was enacted. My guess is most likely yes. So the question should have been what was his proof of filipino citizenship during the acquisition of these properties?
    3) the sec during the hearing said abs wrote gabby as filipino without confirming with supporting documents. There should have been questions in that line as to what other applications gabby did that he declared he was a filipino that needed proof of citizenship. What did he use?

    This is a past issue and needs clarification only. It shouldnt be a ground anymore for the franchise renewal given we have dual citizenship law now.

    But this should be looked at whether gabby lopez did end up making false statements or affidavits in his documents before 2001 and whether a separate case/cases should be filed.

    1. To continue with #1. If Lopez did sign the document with such wordings in his application for US Passport, Congressmen should have immediately asked DOJ, BOI and/or SEC what that signed document could mean?

  4. although his parents are pilipinos he’s not a natural born pilipino. He’s a natural born american in american soil and constitution. a natural born pilipino means you’re born in the philippines. let’s see if they can spin the SC on that.

  5. So much power given to somebody who thinks the law doesn’t apply to him. If they’re allowed to operate again what message will that send to the public?

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