Filipino “activists” are using demands for COVID-19 “mass testing” to further their DISHONEST political agenda

Filipino “activists” and Opposition partisans calling for COVID-19 “mass testing” to be implemented have so far failed to issue precise definitions of what they mean exactly. This reveals evident dishonesty in their intent. It remains unclear what it is exactly they want to happen beyond what continues to be the broader perception of their agenda — to make the Philippine government look bad by claiming it is not “doing enough”.

Reports in early May suggested that the national testing capacity stood at 3,000 per day with a backlog of almost 10,000 test results to be analysed or released. The government also says it aims to test up to 2 percent of the population or about two million people. It is unclear whether the government’s stated target of increasing testing capacity to 30,000 per day is consistent with that sample size target. In any case, there is mounting evidence that the testing capacity target will not be met by the end of May.

What then do the “activists” and Opposition partisans mean by “mass testing” exactly? Is it the government’s 2 million people sample size target? Is it its 30,000 testing capacity per day target? If neither, do Opposition partisans and “activists” propose a quantitative target of their own? It seems they are not up to the job of doing their own maths.

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“Social news network” Rappler, for example, offers no such number even as it makes itself a sounding board for the Opposition “demand” for mass testing. In one of its “reports” it regurgitates the opinion of “UP expert” Professor Jomar Rabajante of the “UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team” who says (translated in English by the report author), “A good way to fight this pandemic is not prolonged ECQ but mass testing, isolation, and contact tracing. This is where we should invest.” Other than that, no number to serve as a comparison to the quantified government targets is offered by said “expert”.

The author of this Rappler “report” Bonz Magsambol, instead, goes on to cite his expert’s “wisdom” on the matter…

Rabajante said that although the coronavirus test kits are expensive, the government should invest in them instead of always extending the ECQ.

“Ano ang gusto natin? Mag-invest sa testing and puwede mag-open ang economy? Or forever closed ang economy at walang dadaan na pera?” Rabajante said.

(What do we want? Invest in testing so we can reopen the economy? Or forever shut down the economy and not have money circulating?)

It seems said Rappler “expert” source is not only being put up as an expert on the disease but also made out to be some sort of “economist” seeing that his less-than-expert opinion on the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the Philippine economy is also given space here.

The Facebook page Mass Testing Now PH also offers zero clarity on the matter. In a note spelling out their “demands” to the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, no such number is offered either…

We, the Filipino people, plead for your urgent action in response to the COVID-19 crisis our nation is facing. Here are our demands:

1. START MASS TESTING NOW. Implement free mandatory mass testing nationwide and mobilize the local government units (LGUs) to set-up local testing centers.

2. Distribute free face masks, hand soaps, alcohol, drinking water rations, and vitamins to every barangay. Conduct massive disinfection in high-traffic locations regularly.

[blah blah blah…]

A total of ten demands are listed but no precise numbers to compare to the government’s quantitative targets can be found — which means there is no precise basis offered by this group either to clearly define why they think the government is not “doing enough”.

Opposition partisans and “activists” also latch on to celebrities like actress Angel Locsin for thought leadership. A tweet by the starlet that had been “trending” recently illustrates the same intellectual bankruptcy of their lot…

Translated… You have the nerve citing “common sense” in your argument. You don’t even know the meaning of “mass”. If there is a mass burial, would it mean including yourself in all 110 million of the population who you would argue would be buried? No, right? So why be angry? Calm down!

Despite all the rhetoric, whether coming from a “UP expert”, a Facebook “activist” group or a showbiz starlet like Locsin, it is still unclear what is meant by the “mass testing” the Opposition is calling for.

The mystery persists.

What do the Opposition mean exactly when they call for “mass testing”?

Until they define “mass testing” in clearer more precise terms and not just get all snooty and shrill about it, the Opposition will be seen as no more than dishonest opportunists who are up to no good and are just out to sabotage Philippine democracy.

12 Replies to “Filipino “activists” are using demands for COVID-19 “mass testing” to further their DISHONEST political agenda”

  1. Read this posted FB message coming from RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy on why nationwide mass testing on COVID-19 is impossible to do here in our country. We don’t have enough resources both money & manpower and this kind of testing are very sensitive & complicated. And we’d seen the problems on it for the past 2 months since President Duterte declared a lockdown here in Luzon & some parts of the Philippines. It’s the awful truth!!!

  2. How can you test 110 million Filipinos ? Those who are advocating mass testing are some kind of idiots, with no common sense.
    The COVID 19 is a pandemic; the virus is airborne, and is easily transmitted. It can kill in many ways. It can destroy: the lungs, the kidney, the heart, etc…

    We can just implement : social distancing; wearing of mask; and other precautionary measures. Added to these problems are the “hardheadedness” of some Filipinos. Hydrochloroquine with zinc, are the present prescribe cure for this disease….

    Unless an effective vaccine is discovered and can be used; we just have to do what we can do.

    It is not time to politicize the COVID 19 pandemic…it is time to unite together, to prevent more spread of this corona virus.

    These YellowTards and opposition idiots, think that this problem is easily solved. Unfortunately, it is also affecting the economies of the world also.

    We don’t need criticism, as if you can do better… If you can do better, and have an effective solution to this massive problem: speak up in a sensible way… Do not contribute your ignorance and your nonsense…

    We are tired of nonsense from opposition people !

    1. So what’s their agenda from the oppositions (both the Dilawans & Reds) in coping with COVID-19 crisis besides demanding for mass testing? Or rather if they’ll gonna do their mass testing to 100+ million Filipinos consider they have more money & manpower, then what’s next? They’ll gonna kill a COVID-19 patient with a gun on their head in order to prevent the spreading of that virus to the people who didn’t infected it just like what the North Korea do?

      God, we don’t like our country to become the next North Korea because of their idiotic demands to our government without the use of their brains! If they don’t like President Duterte then pack their bags & go to that country & they should never come back! At least they’ll be executed by the North Korean armies if they carry the virus.

    1. @Sean Akizuki I’d read the 1st link and unfortunately there’s one virus that is worst than the COVID-19 & it’s been a while since the Spanish era in our country and that virus is called AIDS or also known as ANTI-DISCIPLINE INFECTIOUS DISEASE SYNDROME and we need a vaccine for that one for the Filipino people besides a vaccine for COVID-19.

  3. I think the government is already working to the goal of being able to test as many as they could. The woke “activists” just want to make it look like the government is doing nothing. Even if the government seems slow in doing it, it does not warrant the stupid manner the “activists” do their protests.

    And, as I said in the GRP Support page, mass testing does not assure no more lockdowns. Even if mass testing is done and we know who all the Covid-infected are, there still be lockdowns in areas where the patients were found. It is hard to lock down only the patients, even if you have enough facilities. You have to lock down a lot of people to go with them, since most likely, you can’t leave the locked down patients alone. They need support crews.

  4. What do the Opposition mean exactly when they call for “mass testing”?

    Don’t even bother.

    As much as possible, ini-increase natin ang capacity ng testing kaya nga we’re aiming na aabot tayo sa 30,000 (a day), pero in terms sa mass testing na ginagawa ng Wuhan na all 11 million (residents), wala pa pong ganyang programa at iniiwan natin ‘yan sa pribadong sektor.

    Kaya nga po ang ginagawa natin is a systematic program of targeted testing.

    I hope I have made myself very clear and if you need further instruction or education on the country’s testing program, please approach me.

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