Senator Grace Poe should RESIGN following the ABS-CBN conflict-of-interest fiasco!

Pressure is mounting on Senator Grace Poe to hold herself accountable for misappropriating public resources down a Senate “inquiry” into the ABS-CBN franchise renewal “issue”. The “inquiry” which Poe claimed was “in aid of legislation” has done nothing beyond giving ABS-CBN a platform for emotional blackmail. Poe is hard-pressed to report to the Filipino public what lessons were learned from the “inquiry” that could be applied to aid legislation.

Thus far, what did come out of this circus is working against Poe. Laid bare thus far is how much money her family is making off the cozy relationship her family estate enjoys with Big Corporate ABS-CBN. A recent eye-opening exposé into the Poe family’s financial interests in ABS-CBN (and vice versa) authored by former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao featured in the Manila Times details just how lucrative this relationship is. It starts with Poe’s mother, Susan Roces (widow of her late father Fernando ‘FPJ’ Poe Jr), currently being a major contracted talent of ABS-CBN…

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Her mother plays the role of a main character (Flora “Lola Kap”) in ABS-CBN’s hugely successful drama “Ang Probinsiyano,” which has been running for over four years, with about 1,136 episodes. Lola Kap is a village captain and the sagacious grandmother of the series’ hero Cardo (played by Coco Martin), who imparts life lessons in most every episode.

Assuming that Roces gets a very conservative P200,000 per episode, that means income for her of over P230 million so far from that ABS-CBN production. That’s a fair estimate, considering that lead actor Martin is known to have become a billionaire from his earnings from “Ang Probinsyano.”

Tiglao goes further to cite how the estate of FPJ — presumably under his surviving heirs’ management — very likely earns royalties from every commercial use of its intellectual assets; for example, everytime an FPJ movie is streamed via ABS-CBN’s extensive portfolio of global content distribution channels.

Thus the obvious next step, taking her up on her claim that this “inquiry” was done “in aid of legislation”, is for Poe to spell out what the next steps are. That is in assuming, of course, that Poe had thought things through that far ahead when she initiated this “inquiry”. By the way she and members of the Opposition had been giving one another mutual high-fives in the couple of days following the ABS-CBN “inquiry”, it seems that no such next steps were even thought about to begin with. Indeed, they are celebrating the dishonest outcome — the award-winning theatrics of ABS-CBN CEO Carlo Katigbak during the “inquiry” and his subsequent elevation to idol status by his newly-acquired fandom — as an end of itself.

This astounding use of public resources in the service of a private enterprise — the business interests of ABS-CBN — is a a clear case of plunder. Senator Grace Poe better give the Filipino public a good reason why she should not be charged for that crime. The first step in the right direction is to demonstrate that this exercise will lead to new legislation to improve corporate regulation in the Philippines. Failing this, it then becomes clearly evident that Poe lied about her stated intention — that this exercise was “in aid of legislation” — when she initiated this “inquiry”.

7 Replies to “Senator Grace Poe should RESIGN following the ABS-CBN conflict-of-interest fiasco!”

  1. I have been curious about these hearings (congress or senate).

    Is there a penalty for the committee chairman for not producing any output after conducting a hearing?

    We are, kind of, not blind to the fact that these lawmakers just use them as platforms to grandstand, get publicity or push their personal agendas.

    But is there really no recourse to immediately penalize them?

    Or is it the same ethics complaint body within the senate or congress that handle these? Thus, leading to a circle jerk as no one of our lowly honorables want to be on the other end of the firing squad of their peers come their turn.

  2. Grace “TraPoe” Poe, who is addicted to Senate hearing…did the ABS-CBN franchise renewal senate hearing, in Aid to her Financial Interests…

    “TraPoe” is the “running dog” of the Lopez family, and the oligarchs….the issue of the Franchise Renewal of the ABS CBN is a Legal Issue; and cannot be determined by any Legislative Hearings of any kind…

    Those congresspeople, senators, or any politician, who are working for the franchise renewal of the ABS CBN, are working for the Lopez family and the oligarchs, and not for us , who elected them.

    Remember their names…do not elect them in the net election, or any election !

    1. Do not elect or vote for Grace “TraPoe” Poe, or any politician who are for the ABS CBN franchise renewal in the next election or in any other election…they are traitors to us who voted for them !

      1. If Sen TraPoe would run again for the presidency in 2022 then I would NOT vote for her & surely she is siding with the Dilawan party & it shows on her true color right now.

        And the only way to beat that lady on the 2022 National election are either Sara/Paolo Duterte or BBM or Cayetano should run for the president & beat her literally & it’ll be the end of ABias-CBN!

  3. the AFP/PNP should secure the premises of abs-cbn days before May 4, or else paid yellowtards will gather there to protect it against government sequestration.

    1. For a meager sum, these payee yellowtards allow themselves to be used and abused, while their payers take things calmly and arrogantly in the comfort of their palatial abodes. These Pnoys surely are the ones that were and are dumbed down by the hollowness of ABS-CBN programming, including the Ang Probinsyano. Oh! I am really disappointed in Susan, being one of my favorites (Amalia pa rin! Hahaha), who remained mum on this. Maybe she has been consumed by the need for wealth, which only the ABS-CBN could provide. Alas!

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