Scratching the ChaCha itch: Why an Opposition VP like Leni will never work well for the Philippines

Who else can come up with that idiotic provision in the Constitution of allowing a candidate from the Opposing Party to serve as co-pilot in running the country? None other than one with a Yellow-logic-infested brain of course. Yep, the 1987 Cory Constitution, like the stupid Lina law that protects squatters from getting evicted unless you give them “a million pesos on a silver platter”, guarantees all hell breaks loose in providing maximum chaos and pandemonium for a given administration.

Just imagine – would you ride a jet plane knowing full well the pilot and his right-hand man are sworn enemies, distrust each other, and are prone to having fist fights in the cockpit? What if the pilot wants to turn his steering wheel to the left, while his side-kick co-pilot prefers steering his to the right?

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Why do you think the President and his/her VP under the same ticket are elected together as a tandem in the United States? Well that’s because they are mature enough of a society to apply common sense in their political system. Why does China have only one Party to run the country? That’s because they know the importance and efficacy of being united in advancing and executing strategic plans and visions for the long term.

What we see now with Leni Robredo taking her role as Opposition messiah too seriously is a circus at the highest level of government. It’s like a husband and wife who rather than hold hands while walking (HHWW) go out of their way to make life miserable for the other. The father makes rules for the kids only to have the mother blatantly negating and dismissing the rules in front of their confused children.

A house divided shall not stand.

Yellowtardism is an overreaction to dictatorship, authoritarianism and tyranny due to Martial-Law-phobia; thus, they swung the pendulum all the way to the opposite extreme to ensure maximum “checks and balances” and anything-goes “freedom” – unfortunately, to the detriment of harmony and progress.

Having someone keep pulling a leader down while he strives to move the country upwards is like taking two steps forward only to take one step back. The Philippines is filled with situations and setups that bring a lot of effort to waste. We build, plant and sow only to have calamities like typhoons, floods and earthquakes tear things down.

Filipinos not only chose a bad place to set up a country, they also chose the wrong people to make the rules for them.

If there’s one thing we need to change in the Constitution, it’s all these crazy provisions that ensure a government that is inefficient and counter-productive. The minimum qualification to hold office should be at least a College degree (not just ability to read and write), and that to vote should be a High School diploma. The latter is all that’s really needed to solve the problem of politicians pandering to vote-rich squatter colonies.

But if a classroom had 10% smart and 90% dumb students, in a democracy the rules will always be in favor of the latter because they are the majority. They will elect a class president that represents their interests. This is probably why the Henry Sy empire does not ask all their Sales Ladies to vote on who gets to be at the helm of their SM super tanker.

The wheels are in motion for changing the constitution. Congress is moving ahead towards Federalism. Hopefully this time we will be luckier – since in a country where you have to cross your fingers just to get from point A to B in time, we need all the well wishing and heavenly favor we can get.

9 Replies to “Scratching the ChaCha itch: Why an Opposition VP like Leni will never work well for the Philippines”

  1. The Aquino constitution was made up, and tailored for the Aquino Cojuangco political axis to be always in power. This was the reason , the fake Vice President was elected by the HOCUS PCOS , and the SMARTSWITIK counting machine,,,they had calculated and surely they wanted that Fake VP Lugaw Robredo, will take the Presidency, once Digong Duterte is impeached in the Senate by the drug dealer : Leila de Lima, and the SODOMA coup d’ etat initiator : Trililing Trillanes…

    Up to now, with Press Con addict, fake VP Lugaw Robredo, is always on the move to demonize , Pres. Duterte, and minimize his administration’s achievements…and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, with the oligarchs, and the NPA/CPP allies are, in the background, creating trouble for the Duterte presidency.
    They wish , Duterte will truly to drop dead…they wish him not to succeed in his Presidency…

    The Aquino era has produced many kinds of idiotic laws, that needed to be removed. Most of these laws were made to pander for the votes, of the illiterate and uninformed masses.

    We hope that they will put the Cory Aquino constitution into the trash; and make a constitution that will make us all united and serve all Filipinos !

  2. No, it does not make sense. Since July 2016 all we got from Leni is backstabbing. Leni, like her idol Noynoy cares more about her party’s wishes than the people . Which actually makes sense. The people did not vote her. The Liberal Party installed Boy Latigo the Party Whip as COMELEC chair . He got her in and since then abandoned his children like the coward he is since he was put in place by the biggest coward of them all. Mr Walang Corrupt Walang Mahirap. Well said for a guy who could not author one law. Moronic law drafted by morons . How did that quote go again run like hell by Filipinos?

    1. What’s worse is that Leni’s stye falls under the category of Frontstabbing – defined as Backstabbing someone right in front of their face (urban dict). Like an artistic serial killer – she takes great pride in her work.

    2. With the Taal disaster going on, Leni seems to be more interested in her relentless pursuit in becoming the president using her disappointing, doctored and lousy “expose” about the drug war.

      1. Since Leni won’t be getting anywhere near the PH “Oval office” by way of public validation, yellow wishful thinkers were probably dreaming of the scenario where Duterte after reading Leni’s drug war “analysis” turns pale stupefied and drops dead as he succumbs to a heart attack.

        But since that didn’t happen an American drone/UCAV (armed to the teeth with ATGMs) loaned out by De5-aligned crack-snorting US senators might just pop out of the ash clouds when Duterte visits Taal victims.

        Tom Clancy might just get new material to draw up the plot for his next novel.

  3. For one thing, our election system is broken. Having the president and vice president voted separately, I now understand how dumb it is. In other countries, such as the U.S., they have both voted plus some legislators as part of a package deal. You vote for the party and cannot cherry pick, allowing for a smoother government function. The Philippines’ system of cherry picking makes you vote people so they can quarrel while in office, giving me the impression that the system was rigged to fail. Whether we go parliamentary or not, this can be fixed by just requiring the election system be package deals, and disallowing cherry picking.

    1. There’s, ideally, some sense in the system that you’re talking about. However, that would have made Allan Peter our VP by virtue of his having donated, I heard, a P100M to Duterte’s campaign fund.

      The scenario is, he who has the money automatically becomes the running mate by default of a popular presidential candidate… and then, you just happen to be not wanting to elect a spoiled brat! You have to remember, this is The Philippines!

    2. “Rigged to fail” – that’s even worse than “built-in obsolescence”, which at least is somehow “good” for keeping wheels rolling in a consumer-driven economy.

      If the Cory constitution were a product on a grocery shelf, its expiration date would be on the day it was bought.

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