Manila is the Philippines and the Philippines is Manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and, as such, “imperial” by its very nature. Through no fault of its own, it was seen as the seat of “evil” emperors by generations of Filipinos living in its hinterlands. By no means, however did Manila — the city and the country’s melting pot and, therefore, its cultural capital — purposely exclude anyone. Proof of that is current President Rodrigo Duterte who hails from Davao City.

It therefore baffles to no end most normal people who are seeing a shrill minority criticising the choice of the iconic 1976 Hotdog classic “Manila” as the theme for this weekend’s 2019 Southeast Asian Games opening ceremony. Manila, after all, is not just a city of Tagalogs. It is every Filipino’s city. Warts and all, bad days and good days, Manila is in every Filipino’s heart. Nobody can presume to take Manila away from any Filipino.

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Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Dennis Garcia is one of the song’s creators and among the few authentic authorities on what the song is all about. In a Facebook post, Garcia clarifies…

Rene and I created ‘Manila’ not thinking of ourselves as Tagalogs, Bisayans, or Ilokanos but as Filipinos missing the Philippines.

Garcia also defers to the words of his friend Pancho Alvarez who writes;

The song resonated so much with generations of Filipinos some thirty plus years ago till now, and it’s evolved into an anthem of sorts, specially for those homebound on a PAL plane flying from Dubai, Heathrow, JFK or any other part of the world where they fly to and return.

It is worth considering, therefore, that the kneejerk response from some “thought leaders” of the Opposition who are only too quick to find reason to be a source of negative vibes in an otherwise festive occasion (and season) comes from an ingrained regionalism — no, tribalism — that is the source of many of the problems that plague Philippine society today.

This is a time when Filipinos should be coming together and not succumbing to the divisiveness being fomented by one of the most brain-dead Opposition movements in Philippine history — one so desperate as to ally themselves with a communist insurgency that had for so long engaged in heinous acts of terrorism that had resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Filipino soldiers and civilians.

It is becoming more and more evident that Filipinos, as a people, have matured past the cancer of tribalism that has long hobbled progress and are now embracing inclusiveness even as they celebrate their wondrous diversity. It is high time they turn their backs to that clique of power-hungry carpetbaggers who presume to lead the Opposition in a bid to claw their way back to power — by dishonest means if they could.

Leave Manila to Filipinos and negativity to those who seek to destroy what Filipinos are working hard at building.

10 Replies to “Manila is the Philippines and the Philippines is Manila”

  1. I like that song but this song called “Man From Manila” which was sang by the late Francis Magalona & sang it by his son, Elmo on his performance at the opening of the 30th South East Asian Games are much better & more patriotic, and we’d almost forgot that one as well that we must love our country & the heart of the capital city of the Philippines just like the song “Manila” by The Hotdogs. But there’s another thing that we should learn & we must do this for the sake of our country besides loving our country but also we must be ready to defend our land & our freedom for the Philippines as what Francis M. had sang it. And here’s a bonus part for that song, he’s the first guy who’d said “Make Philippines Great Again!” and it’s a clear message that we could do this possible task if we are all united & start loving & caring for our country from any threats or dangers. Good thing that that the PHISGOV organizers included this song for the opening of the 30th SEA Games. And if you want to know the lyrics of that song, “Man from Manila”, here’s a video of it with complete lyrics of the song:

  2. I beg to disagree with Inday Sara about the song “Manila” used in the opening ceremony of the 30th to boost Filipino athletes’ patriotism. Manila is the Philippines.

    A Capital city’s name where the seat of the country’s government is located usually serves as an alternative name for the country where it belongs.

  3. Manila is not the Philippines; and the Philippines is not Manila. When the American author, Dan Brown wrote the book: “The Gate of Hell”…I hope he was thinking of this idea…

    Manila is like any other old Spanish colonial city. It has its bad and good history…as of now, it is over populated; full of squatters. It has problems with its sanitation and crime…

    Metro Manila is the seat of power; no longer Manila. It has its own attractiveness, but its attractiveness can be deceiving !

    1. City capital of represent their whole country, and it is logical to think that Manila is Philippines.
      And if you disgust of what is happening to Manila then don’t bend that logic that Manila is not Philippines.

  4. Why is there no Gogs article of the 30th SEA Games from GRP? Is he perhaps has not decided on an angle yet that would suit his western-adoring reverse-pride?!

    1. 1. It is good to be missed.

      2. Not one country cares about the SEA Games if they are not participating. Translation it is just glorified barangay games. Have your fun but outside of you guys who cares? It is not entertainment for any culture outside of South East Asia.

      3. Gilas considers themselves a power house?

      4. You may be annoyed by what I write but I do meticulous research. If you put a gun to my head , I could not give you one SEA games memory in my lifetime. So why devote my time to writing about it when I could be doing meth?
      5. I find your chosen phrase "western-adoring reverse-pride?"quite curious. This is a Filipino blog after all and Filipinos only care about one sport and one final every year that is not played in Cubao/ MOA. Can you tell me where that is and what it is? If you are drawing a blank. Ask your friends or read the local sports coverage. What one sporting event not played here do the yosi holding, kamiseta and tsinellas wearing crowd care about? I am waiting for your answer Babe Ruth.

      1. You’re not missed, unfortunately, but what country exactly cares for you and what sort of personal achievement have you contributed to speak proudly of?

        1. I can think of think of one accomplishment, Herman. I did not write an article about something and you are looking for my viewpoint. And you went on record looking for it. To quote a huge hit from a better vanished time . ” And it’s my heart that’s breaking Down this long distance line tonight But I ain’t missing you at all ”

        2. Funny but you’re only fooling yourself, Gogs…

          For someone who has no actual contributory achievement to share to the Filipino collective, who always brags about the Western World but doesn’t even know if he does exist or not nor doesn’t really care whether he does it for them or not, in the spirit of the Christmas season, here’s something cool to cheer you up, a classic tune from Mr. Stevie, especially donated to you with genius lyrics in part that goes something like ….

          “We are amazed but not amused
          By all the things you say that you’ll do
          Though much concerned but not involved
          With decisions that are made by you

          “But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
          Tellin’ how you are gonna change right from wrong
          ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
          You haven’t done nothin'”

        3. You are an expert on me I guess. All I can say is that pinoys aspire to baduyness and you are proof of that . That can not be denied. Whether I exist or not.

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