It’s Funny When Propagandists Mistakenly Accuse News Media of Fake News

On Twitter a friend in the public relations circle pointed out an exchange between Trixie Cruz Angeles and Nic Gabunada which he found funny.

I looked it over and found it a bit ironic.

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If you didn’t know these people, you’d think it was just one popular Twitter user talking to another popular Twitter user accusing various news media outlets of putting out false stories.

Thing is both Trixie Cruz Angeles and Nic Gabunada are propagandists, and here they are crying foul over the spread of fake news.

Nic, having been widely recognized as the “head of Rodrigo Duterte’s social media in the 2016 presidential campaign” and Trixie whom I know from a communications project with a boutique PR firm are talking about false news as if they are complete strangers to this tactic.

Come on guys! Get a hold of yourselves. Para namang di niyo alam na there is such a thing as deception o na may nangyayaring panloloko ng kapwa.

Here’s the kicker, in NIck and Trixie’s Twitter convo only Ricky Velasco was named . I don’t know if you’d agree with me but it seems Nick and Trixie were imputing that the fake news he put out had the imprimatur of ABS-CBN.

Funny, but there doesn’t seem to a way for ABS-CBN to order or otherwise compel Ricky Velasco to knowingly publish a false news story.

Thing is, according to ABS-CBN’s statement regarding Velasco, the man was already retired from the TV Radio network since 2015.

ABS-CBN’ statement reads:

ABS-CBN News did not vet or approve the social media post made by former DZMM reporter Ricky Velasco.

Mr. Velasco retired from the network in 2015. His post showed a Philippine flag purportedly used as tablecloth during a meal for SEA Games athletes.

ABS-CBN News has social media guidelines and gatekeeping layers to prevent erroneous and misleading posts.

Mr. Velasco’s post did not go through any of these processes.

ABS-CBN News does not spread disinformation.

Even funnier, Trixie lets out a bit of lawyerly knowledge (does this mean her suspension from the IBP has already lapsed?

Anyhow, here’s Trixie hawking her two pesos worth of legal advice.

Trixie says: “Those who have been damaged by a malicious imputation of a crime, vice or defect can sue for libel. But the gov’t could try Art 154 of the revised penal code that penalizes false publications.”


Thing is, between Trixie and Nic, I’d think Nic would be liable for accusing ABS-CBN for publishing fake news.

But of course, I’m no lawyer.

Then again, Nic was the one whose pages were penalized by Facebook for “inauthentic behavior” or so says an article published by ABS-CBN News:

“A public relations expert, whose pages were taken down by Facebook for supposed “inauthentic coordinated behavior” called the social media giant’s move as “unfortunate” and surprising.

“Nic Gabunada, who has admitted to being behind the social media campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, on Friday said it was “unfortunate” that Facebook associated his name with the 200 profiles and pages that were taken down due to misleading behavior and fake accounts.”

My only question is,  WAS NIC AUTHENTICALLY SURPRISED? Baka peke din yung surprise niya.



10 Replies to “It’s Funny When Propagandists Mistakenly Accuse News Media of Fake News”

  1. Wow, here again is Paul Farol whom Trix and TP has unabashedly dismissed for this “trollish” behavior in the Internet.

    You are not as logical and as bright-minded like the rest of the writers here like Ilda. Please… you just have an “axe to grind” to Trixie who all we know.

    Nagiging “dilawan” ka na rin, whether you admit it or not. Period.

  2. ABS CBN is a known political Propaganda Machine and media tool of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Our News Media has now become politicized…full of biased opinions, Fake News, political disinformation, and political propaganda…The Fake News, Journalist , Maria Reesa, who is on world tour to promote her anti Duterte political agenda is a product of ABS CBN…

    Even in the U.S., the mainstream media has become too liberal and too progressive…it is mostly anti Trump. The mainstream media here in our country, has become mostly , Anti Duterte. So, Duterte has put on his own media people to counteract the anti Duterte media…

    From now on, we have to be skeptical of all the news , social media infos and opinions that come out from any media outlet… Check and recheck any news, information or opinions. They may be Fake, contrived or biased.

    Readers Beware !

      1. @ Paul Farol:

        ABS CBN is the Propaganda Machine of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. It became a political power thru the Aquino political entity.

        It is unfortunate that our news mainstream media are almost all politicalized, and became mouthpieces of the Aquinos. Up to now, they are still doing it. ABS CBN is just one of those news media that prostituted itself, to serve the Aquino propaganda machine. It uses: fake news, biased opinions, internet trolls, outright political propaganda, false information, indoctrination tools, etc…to dumb us down to make us all “non thinking robots”…

        So, news media consumers/readers , beware !

      2. Follow the money trail of this media companies and who gave them favors. Good example is Chavit Singson who, despite his ties with Duterte, illegal activities and his treatment of women (which we all know is a huge no-no this days), doesn’t get heat from the media, and if it does, it dies down in a day.

  3. This mainstream media propaganda tactic was the idea of the Italian Fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. The Italian Fascist dictator himself was a journalist by profession. So , he made the Italian Press, controlled when he imposed Fascist Rule in Italy during World War II.

    The German Nazi Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, just copied the control of media, with his propaganda Minister, Joseff Goebbels. Then, came the Indoctrination tactic. The printing of false narratives of their greatness, to be taught on children…Hitler had his Hitler Youth. Mussolini ordered his false narratives of his greatness , taught in Italian public schools and colleges…

    Along came the Fascist and Nazi arts, monuments and shrines…with Nazi and Fascist holidays to glorify the Fascist and Nazi leaders.

    These were done while Hitler was poison gassing , the Jews, his German oppositions, and other German minorities. And, Mussolini was killing people in Ethiopia…

    Can you discern the similarities between the Aquino era and the Italy Fascist era and the German Nazi era ?

    Up to now, the mainstream media is controlled by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis !

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