3 possible outcomes that may come off the Hong Kong riots

The Hong Kong “protests” have now degenerated into a violent and destructive riot. What started as a peaceful “activist” display has become a menace to the very future of the once prosperous former British colony.

Whatever way China is doing in response to these riots, their goal is quite clear — to bring Hong Kong back in line. The same cannot be said of the rioters. Their goals remain unclear. What exactly do they foresee to be the outcomes of what they are doing? Regardless of what they think or believe they are achieving, there are only three possible scenarios that could play out.

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1. China’s patience runs out.

Already, People’s Liberation Army personnel and resources are massed at the border ready to march in. The police have already exhibited a downward trend in their tolerance for the protestors’ anarchic behaviour. What they do next is becoming quite obvious as it has, in fact, already started.

2. China waits.

Yes it can. China is a big empire that is thousands of years old. It can wait. More importantly, there are many cities within it that can, if some already hadn’t, eclipse Hong Kong in economic importance. What happens next does not really require much else to happen.

3. The protesters “win”.

And then what?

Unlike the Philippines’ own history of mass civilian-led “revolution”, the Hong Kong protests are “leaderless”. Indeed, this is put forth as a source of pride of this “movement”. Unfortunately, while this works in a situation where anarchy is the goal, it may go on to become the key source of failure for this endeavour.

The reality is that the answer to the question of what happens next is a scenario where adult supervision is key. You need an adult leader to bed things down and talk with the adults in power once the circus leaves town. At this point, however, there is no clear picture of what collective success might mean or look like for these Hong Kong “activists”. That’s because the participants in this “activism” do not speak beyond what the situation on the streets demand. Do they aim to beat the police and, perhaps later, the Army, into a retreat? Very unlikely. Perhaps the only possible way these protestors can get what they want is gain representation within the Hong Kong government. You can’t do that without adult supervision.

The rest of the “free world” may be watching, but the most vocal cheerleaders amongst them don’t have any real stake in what happens to Hong Kong. That fact alone should be making the Hong Kong rioters a bit more circumspect in what they believe to be doing.

5 Replies to “3 possible outcomes that may come off the Hong Kong riots”

  1. In this case it is good that there are no leaders. China can pick them up (arrest them) and then make the rest be as paralyzed. So if the protesters show clearly they have no leader – or every day someone else do the talking – China doesnt know who to arrest. BUT behind the scenes there are – for sure – a few leaders of the pack.

  2. Or better yet, here’s a possible 4th option on the outcomes that may come off the Hong Kong riots if those 3 lists on the above won’t work:

    4) Let the country of Singapore handed over Hong Kong (and even the city of Macau) from China & then the Singaporean gov’t do the job to control these 2 cities, not the Chinese gov’t. At least there’ll be no fear of a Communist takeover of Hong Kong & Macao if Singapore would control & annexed it unlike in the mainland China since this is the REAL reason why Hong Kong people are making protests to their city since 2014 (started on the so-called Umbrella Revolution). But the people of Hong Kong & Macau should follow the strict Singaporean laws like it’s forbid to chew bubble gum in public places, pay a hefty auto tax that could increase more than a 100% every year from the price of a car that you’d bought it, etc., etc. Although Singapore is quite “free” than in mainland China but they have strict laws that they should follow it or else they’ll pay higher fines or even death by hanging when they violate the laws.

    1. And speaking of Singapore, here’s a link below to read it for the Hong Kong people in order to learn their lessons from that City State, if ever their city would become part of Singapore & not China someday:


  3. Another “Color Revolution”, there’s dissatisfaction and political disagreement, but unless these protesters have a concrete plan and dialogue with their Government, and aren’t just being naive and gullible protesters who just needed an excuse to vent, then there’s little resolution. And the only ones who profit are those who are China’s geopolitical rivals, and lastly, I hope there isn’t escalation, because it only takes an idiot to spark another massacre when a mob’s singular mind takes over.

    And hope you guys have something for BuCus to BuCor head Faeldon and the utter embarrassment of a DOJ and that idiotic law, it’s things like these that makes it harder to swallow that after Duterte, it will just be back to business for the Philippines Dysfunctional Political Clown Show.

  4. This Hong Kong situation of anarchy is very hard for President Xi Ping of China to face. China is facing a vicious Trade War with the U.S. ..President Trump is putting pressure on China thru tariff of their exported goods. Most of the companies, from the U.S. , that are in China because of cheap labor are going back home to the U.S.

    Apple Computer products are example, they are designed in U.S., but are mostly manufactured in China, because of cheep labor. Other electronic products and other products are manufactured in the same way. And, these products are imported back to the U.S. , to be sold at cheap retail prices… The problem now for these companies, is : the tariff, imposed by Pres. Trump. It goes up and up, until the company folds up, and goes back to the U.S.

    It is a vicious Trade War, waged between China and the U.S. The trade war “chess players” are : U.S. Pres. Trump and China’s Pres. Xi Ping…. Pres. Xi Ping will face huge loss of revenue thru these exports, and possible massive unemployment.

    So, it is a dilemma, for Pres. Xi Ping to crack down these Hong Kong protesters. If he does the crackdown … He will look bad to the U.S. and other countries. China’s export products, may be affected …

    We hope for the best result . This could affect us all !

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