ABS-CBN Reporter Doris Bigornia Faces Raps For Pushing, Shouting at MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago

Reports have it that ABS-CBN reporter Doris Bigornia has been slapped with a complaint for allegedly pushing and shouting at MMDA Spokeswoman Celine Pialago.

According to a report published in The Filipino Times, Pialago accidentally bumped into Bigornia and apologized.

Apparently not appeased, Pialago said that Bigornia retaliated.

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“I accidentally bumped into Ms. Bigornia. I apologized to her but instead she struck me and kept shouting at me as if I deliberately did it,”

In the article, it was also said that Bigornia had been making disparaging remarks against Pialago.

“She was backstabbing me, saying my nose is fake, my body is fake, and everything about me is fake and that is totally below the belt,” Pialago added.

Pialago further recounts another instance when Bigornia told her cameraman to cut her out of the frame of video footage being shot.

“During a press conference she shouted to her camera operator, Si GM lang kukunan mo sa frame wag mo isama yang katabi niya’,” Pialago said.

These and other instances of seemingly unprofessional behavior on the part of Bigornia prompted MMDA Spokeswoman Pialago to file a complaint against her by writing a letter to ABS-CBN’s Head of News and Current Affairs Ging Reyes.

Perhaps Reyes should shed light on Bigornia’s behavior, which if Pialago’s account is to be believed, exhibits unprofessionalism.

At a time when ABS-CBN’s franchise is up for renewal, I would assume that Reyes would exert all efforts to show that ABS-CBN takes journalistic professionalism seriously and does not tolerate behavior such as those allegedly exhibited by Bigornia.

This is the second time that Bigornia was called out for misbehavior.

Four years ago, Bigornia figured in an altercation during a concert.

Below is an excerpt from the Facebook post of Richard Lim, the man Bigornia had an altercation with. (You may click here to read the original account.)

The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia

Last April 17, 2015, I, my wife and youngest son went to Mall of Asia Arena to watch the concert of The Script. We were seated at the VIP section in Row A seat numbers 18, 19 and 20 and it happens to be right at the center of the stage. For you to see how it all started, I’m attaching this video, which my son took for his file when we arrived, you will notice at the last part of the video wherein Doris and daughter rush forward and evaded the bouncers but since there was so much confusion, he had to stop it. The concert was a seated concert but to my surprise when the artists came out Doris Bigornia and her daughter Nikki Bigornia run straight in front covering our view which initiated the others to rush forward too (since she is a “celebrity” they assumed it was ok). The event bouncers instructed them to go back to their seats explaining to them that it was a seated concert but instead of seating down, she shove off the bouncers and didn’t mind them. Chaos started with people running in front hitting me and my son. My food and drinks spilled all over the place, being stepped on, bumped and to the point that they were already pushing me and my son out of our seats. Bouncers were able to control the crowd by pushing them back but Doris and her daughter and a few people beside her resisted to leave. I went to her and ask her politely and said “mam favor lang I’m seated right behind you and you are blocking my view” and she didn’t even reply but instead looked over to the other side. My son was already hyper ventilating because it was starting to get crowded again. Bouncers tried to push Doris and company away but her daughter shouted on top of her voice to the bouncers and said “paalisin nyo muna lahat bago kami umalis dito”. I went back and ask her politely again “mam favor lang nahihilo na ang anak ko baka pwede naman tumabi na kayo para gumaya yung iba” and Doris replied “WALA AKONG PAKI KAHIT MAMATAY SYA DYAN”. I was shocked! I was not expecting that kind of an answer from a so called media personality who runs a show titled “MUTYA NG MASA”. I wanted to keep my cool, so I replied and said “ganyan ba kayong mga taga media, sa TV lang matino, sa totoong buhay eh wala palang pakiaalam.” I was shouting because it was noisy and telling her that as a celebrity she should be the one showing good example, but to my dismay she just didn’t react. As if we were not there.

After the show, people went back to their seats and so did Doris and company. On our way out, we passed in front of them, his son was looking at me with a grin so I confronted them and ask the son, Lorenzo Sungalon, if he had any problem with me and he said why did I keep on looking at them. Doris said “yan ang hirap sa inyo eh, porque media ako iniipit nyo ako tapos youtube nyo agad” you are doing in purpose so that people will take a video of it and post it in youtube I replied by saying “ yun ang problema, media personality ka tapos ikaw pa ang nag pasimuno ng pag harang sa harap kaya tuloy nagayahan lahat” the daughter started shouting and cursing me and I responded by saying “ I’m not talking to you so please shut up”, then her son pushed me and said “fuck off and don’t ever tell my sister to shut up”. I told him “don’t touch me again, you don’t know me and you don’t know what I’m capable of”. He told me again to “fuck off,” I didn’t want to argue anymore, because he didn’t know what transpire earlier between me, her mom and his sister. I know this boy is just a second year college student at De La Salle Taft, because my niece who happens to be in the concert also told me not to mind him because he is just a kid and the same age as my eldest son who happens to study in La Salle too.

A girl whom I met in the concert overheard and saw the whole fiasco asked me if I wanted it viral because she didn’t want this incident to pass without people knowing the truth. I said yes, why not, if it can correct some mistakes media people do to ordinary people like us. She got my name and said she will add me so I can view what she wrote. She was able to take a video when Doris and I were arguing, but, unfortunately, according to her when Doris saw that she was taking video she told her children and they went to her and I am quoting her “I don’t know if you saw it but the daughter hit my phone with her hand while I was recording. I wasn’t able to record it”

After that futile argument, I didn’t see the point of continuing the conversation because she wasn’t apologetic for what she did, the son was telling me to fuck off and the daughter was cursing me in front of thousands of people still inside the Arena as if I was at fault.

I just hope that this will never happen to you and your loved ones wherein these people will take advantage of their position or name. I hope this reaches the management of ABS-CBN because this is conduct unbecoming of a media personality. For those who were able to witness this incident and have a video of it, (I’m sure 1 or 2 have this because everybody was taking videos during the concert) to please post it.

To Doris Bigornia : “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you”

6 Replies to “ABS-CBN Reporter Doris Bigornia Faces Raps For Pushing, Shouting at MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago”

  1. I love how high profile personalities who represent  Pinoy media outlets that already show minimal objectivity walk around as entitled pricks. Ms. Bigornia represents one of those things that are a poor excuse for a “news source”.  One mental image I can never get out of my mind was a campaign advertisement with First Couple wannabees and future parents of twins :  Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez. Someone pointed out that it played like an ABS-CBN station ID.  Which brings up the question whether the station obligated their on air staff to be part of it or is being yellow brained a prerequisite for working there? Anybody who is proud to be employed by this cult truly is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.


  2. Doris Bigornia is just one of the girls, who have an attitude problem. Maybe, this is the corporate culture of the media people in ABS CBN. ..Korina Sanchez Roxas , who is also from ABS CBN, had a case, wherein she assaulted her maid servant, some years ago. She was not yet married then to Mar Roxas . But was having an affair with a guy named: Aquino…not Pnoy Aquino…

    These media people have a “Sense of Entitlements”. That because, they are in the media, they think they are above all people. They can do that they want, because they think, everybody is afraid of them.

    Most of the media people in the mainstream media have lost their credibility already, because of fake news and biased opinions. Some of them became “prostituted journalists”, paid for by crooked politician, to further their political agendas…

    Anyway, in life we have to deal with bad people and good people…but it will be worst, if we will be dealing with bad people with bad attitudes from the Media !

  3. Awww come on, guys. She’s just bitter because after all these years working there she’s just… “there” doing whatever she does… and not having as much exposure to the limelight as those as senior as her.

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