Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David hints at inviting UN-backed military incursion into the Philippines!

Philippine Opposition “thought leaders” are desperate. Their camp had been thwarted in all their legal efforts to seize power. Having failed to appeal their value to the Filipino voter they now adopt an astounding strategy — appeal for foreign intervention.

Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David in her latest piece, for example, is up in arms over the Philippine government’s flirting with the prospect of withdrawing from the United Nations. In her rather sophomoric pitch to her readers, Jimenez-David inadvertently reveals the root of all the Philippines’ troubles. The key argument — or threat — she issues for the case to remain cosied up with the UN is that the Philippines is dependent on it.

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The Philippines also depends on UN agencies, as well as other governments, for humanitarian aid during such disasters as “Yolanda” as well as for ongoing crises like drought and famine. Emergency food aid, medical and health interventions, even postdisaster support have also been provided by UN agencies.

David, in short, misses a big point and, in the process, highlights a really important one. Much of what ails the Philippines and makes its collective ego far bigger than what it is actually capable of as a nation is its pathetic dependence. It is dependent on continued validation by former colonial powers and their modern-day agents. In essence, the Opposition and its “thought leaders” have gone insane. They are suggesting that this dependence be cured by, get this, more foreign intervention.

The Philippines is, lest we forget, a democracy. Its government is the outcome of successive popular votes. As such, the national character is a product of internal dynamics. Thus if there is any fixing that needs to be done, it can be executed through the internal systems that created this dynamic. There are institutional measures available to Filipinos to do just that.

But what is really disturbing is Jimenez-David suggesting that the Opposition would support a military incursion into the Philippines.

The United Nations, upon the vote of the assembly or the Security Council, could send a multinational force for either peacekeeping or responding to humanitarian disasters to any member country.

Of course, there is a vast gulf between what defines a “humanitarian disaster” of the sort that requires deployment of blue helmets to the next basket case state and the “crisis” the Opposition insists is transpiring in the Philippines. The catastrophic loss of the leading Opposition coalition in this year’s elections (plus the fact that there was an election to begin with) proves people like Jimenez-David are just issuing shrill lies — to themselves and to their overlords in the West.

Even just suggesting that her country is a candidate for UN intervention is an affront to the concept of strong nation the majority of Filipinos aspire to build and be personally accountable for. Filipinos should strive to build the capability to take care of themselves and sort themselves out on their own.

Being beggared to the UN, various two-bit “human rights” councils on the other side of the planet, one or the other Parisian “rapporteur”, and those celebrity lawyers is just not on. This is the 21st Century — 73 years after being granted “independence” by the United States and more than 120 years after “winning” it (if we are to believe our snowflake “historians”) from Spain’s conquistador empire. Filipinos need to grow up, cut the umbilical cord with the old Galleon Trade, and embrace their region as their real home.

Perhaps Jimenez-David and her Yellowtard pals should be reminded of just how lame a command UN “peacekeepers” are subject to and how, back in 2014 at the Golan Heights, Filipino commanders worked that out on their own and decided enough is enough. A contingent of Filipino UN troops surrounded by Islamic terrorists chose to fight rather than surrender as ordered by their UN commander.

After encircling the troops on Aug. 28, Nusra militants communicated to the Filipinos and to the Fijians, who were being held elsewhere at an unknown location, an offer of safe passage if they handed over their weapons. The Filipinos did not trust the militants to keep their word. Philippine military officials in Manila have said openly that General Singha ordered the surrounded troops to raise a white flag, abandon their positions and leave their guns behind for Nusra, a group that the U.N. Security Council last year added to its blacklist of al Qaeda-linked terrorists.

Taking their orders from home, they ignored General Singha. Rather than abandoning their position and weapons, they stayed put and prepared to defend themselves while Philippine military officials and their UNDOF contingent discussed escape plans.

Goes to show these “United Nations” people are not really looking out for anyone beyond the sancitity of the obsolete charter that binds their international order. Filipinos should take heed.

9 Replies to “Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David hints at inviting UN-backed military incursion into the Philippines!”

  1. “The United Nations, upon the vote of the assembly or the Security Council, could send a multinational force for either peacekeeping or responding to humanitarian disasters to any member country.”

    Really? REALLY????

    This is such an over-reaction! Most people in Luzon and Visayas are living peacefully, as far as I can see. Citizens who have nothing to hide are NOT living in fear of their lives, especially not from the government. And the government is doing a good job down in Mindanao. So why the hell do we need “force for peacekeeping.”

    UN has better use of their resources in countries with ACTUAL armed conflict and peacekeeping issues like in Sudan and Syria. Not countries like Philippines where the former parties-in-power are just being whinny brats, pretending that our country’s situation is in some sort of crisis.

    The only reason they think this is a crisis situation is simply because no one is listening to them anymore. They think their way and their ideas are the only true path that we should take.

  2. Also, is no one else bothered that the opposition is more concerned in sending foreign humanitarian organizations to attack Duterte and his unruly mouth instead of rallying humanitarian services to places in Mindanao with ACTUAL armed conflicts – you know, those places in the Philippines where we ACTUALLY need peacekeeping and humanitarian aid.

    They’re making it too obvious that the best for the country isn’t really what’s on their mind.

  3. I would appreciate it if the UN were called in to terminate the NPA and insurgencies in the country. But no, David wants to overthrow the government. Talk about messed-up priorities. And I do know the floppy capabilities of the UN Peacekeepers to handle their jobs, most glaring among them, the Rwanda and Yugoslavian civil war massacres.

    And also laughable is how David emphasized “dependence,” in a way that she actually supports dependence on other countries! How self-contradictory if ever she claims to support the “independence” of your country.

  4. i think someone from the yellows is puppeteering their yellowtard pals to spread fake news as their weapon of destruction. who is she/he?

  5. The Inquirer Newspapers is one of the propaganda newspapers of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Rina Jimenez David is one of the Fake News and Biased opinion writers and promoters…

    It is laughable, that the opposition is using fake news to feed foreign media, in order to create a “crisis” in the Philippines. They want to overthrow, Pres. Duterte…they were not successful in the recent “Bikoy – Stella kudeta”. So, they now resort to inviting the United Nation Peacekeepers, to overthrow a duly elected President.

    They are still in their EDSA delusion, when the late Pres. Marcos Sr., was removed from power, by foreign intervention of the U.S./C.I.A. and the U.S. State Department.

    Venezuelan Pres. Maduro is still in power; inspite of the many tries of the U.S., to remove him from power. Putting Venezuela into many economic U.S. sanctions. Mexico drug problem is worst than us; yet I cannot see any U.N . intervention on the country. The Mexican Police is too corrupt to perform its duties of law enforcement. So, the Mexican Army has to take over the duty of enforcing the law.

    Maybe the opposition is still drunk with power, or still on hangover on their 30 years of power, that they want many more years of power …

    These idiots give a false narrative of crisis in our country, to invite foreign intervention, and put themselves in power !

  6. Shame should be put in the proper place like, one should be ashame that inspite of being physically and mentally fit chooses to be a burden to society, a country who chooses itself to be dependent on other countries is just making itself a burden to to those countries inspite of many of its citizen are all capable of working on their own, it really is a shame if we ask other country to solve our problem for us.

  7. History has proven again and again that whenever countries interfere with a less developed country, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results are invariably disastrous.

  8. … and hopefully rina david’s employers will get Mile Long back again and profit from it once this “dictator” is removed by the UN

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