It is the job of “activists” to react hysterically and the job of the President to stay composed

Opposition “thought” leaders of late have now focused on monitoring Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s public responses to various circuses stirred up by the Philippine media. Like kibitzers in a street fight, they are egging the President to issue more provocative responses. This, in essence, is the “activist” call of the Philippine Opposition brains trust:

Hawakan mo sa bayag!

For its part, the Philippine media has done nothing more than report blow-by-blow accounts of each swing and connect being launched and won respectively by each side. Reporting timeframes are measured by the hour with no helicopter view providing intelligent insight on the bigger picture over a longer timeframe. Big Corporate Media seem quite happy (quite understandably given their shareholders’ financial goals) to rouse an emotional audience. Emotional people, after all, are in the most profitable frame of mind to consume advertising and make fast purchasing decisions.

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Low-brow ‘activism’ is the only form of engagement the Opposition are capable of applying to their ’cause’.

The behaviour and level of discourse of both “activists” and Big Corporate Media “thought leaders” mirror the low bar with which they regard the Filipino public. They are using the same marketing strategy of noon-time television shows like Eat Bulaga. The only difference is that Eat Bulaga pretends to be no more than pedestrian entertainment and a delivery vehicle for ads and marketing gimmicks. What makes the Opposition and their lackeys in the media far more nefarious in character is in how they pretend to be a lot more than that.

Are Filipinos still buying all that? They may be, perhaps, while watching Eat Bulaga but it seems they are not in the same frame of mind when watching merely bemused as their “activists” do their dance numbers before the cameras. If we step back to analyse the intent of the Philippine Opposition which, despite sound advice coming from many quarters, continue to allow themselves to be infested by Yellowtards and communists, all roads in their little intellectually-stunted political roadmap lead to just one thing: seizing power at all costs. They propose no alternatives to how things are done and, instead, only find ways wreak a scorched earth approach to winning.

There is, however, only one legal way to determine who the winners are in a democracy and that is through elections. If the nature of the Opposition campaign that resulted in their catastrophic loss in this year’s elections is examined, one could easily conclude that they have not learned a thing. They continue to apply the same method to their “cause” today. Thus it is very likely that any politician who associates herself with the brain-dead manner with which today’s Opposition engage their constituents will likely lose again.

One would understand the typical “activist” who, with only the streets as their medium, can only deliver an appeal to emotion to get their quaint messages across. It is, however, quite reasonable to expect a lot more of educated and seasoned politicians — that they not succumb to the temptation to pander to these rabble-rousers. Interestingly enough, bozos like former Ambassador Albert del Rosario and “vice president” Leni Robredo seem to find warm comfort in the embrace of adolescent emos. It becomes clear in the example that they exhibit who really is looking out for the well being of the public over the long haul.

Childish hysterical tantrums may draw the crowds, but these are crowds that quietly dissipate as soon as the circus comes to a close. There is something to be said about real leaders who are able to retain their following and sustain public confidence in their leadership over the longer term. It’s high time the Opposition learn that skill, and, more importantly, learn how to win national elections again.

5 Replies to “It is the job of “activists” to react hysterically and the job of the President to stay composed”

  1. Well, what do we expect from pea-brained thought leaders personified by the so-called opposition led by the cutesy Leni Robredo? They pay lip-service to everything, that’s all.

  2. It’s easy to stay composed for the leader who is focused on his job.
    Mrs Leni Robredo is a performer of some sort. She seems too happy to occupy the post she doesn’t really care about.

  3. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the YellowTards; the communists ; the leftists; the Roman Catholic Church and other various opposition groups are teamed up with the Big Corporate Media, forming the so called: “alternative opposition”…

    They are all addicted to “EDSA like politics”, whereby they foment activism on the streets; then go to ask for help to various international groups, to remove Pres. Duterte; and put themselves in power. They don’t offer any alternatives or programs for us and the country. They are led, by stupid people like Lugaw Robredo, Porky Drilon, and other remnants of the Aquino era.

    They showed their dismal performances , when they were in power. Full of corruption and incompetence. They even cheated in the 2016 National Election, by bribing the Former COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista to HOCUS PCOS the Vice Presidential election, putting the fake Vice President Lugaw Robredo.

    They don’t know how to win an elections. All they know is to grab power by Kudeta with the help of foreign power . They are hoping that EDSA is still a potent force in our country. EDSA politics is already obsolete, and is now bypassed by Information Technology and the Filipino bloggers !

  4. what’s the importance of a diplomatic passports when it comes to banking? Is there any non questioning at all transfering deposits to other banks? just curious why is it so important to holders?

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