Dutch Joint Investigation Team (JIT) pursuing Russians behind 2014 Flight MH17 tragedy show how it’s done

The Philippines’ “woke” activists have been calling for those responsible for an accident involving a Chinese vessel and a Filipino fishing boat at Reed Bank to be held accountable and brought to justice. Unfortunately, they fall short of proposing exactly how that could be done. The accident happened outside of the scope of any surveillance assets (if any) wielded by the Philippine government and the Philippines’ Big Corporate Media community, despite their vast resources, have so far “reported” nothing more than hearsay factoids on the matter.

For answers, perhaps it is worth looking to recent progress so far made by a Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) pursuing those accountable for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH17 in 2014 killing all 298 people on board. The plane was flying over Ukraine territory held by pro-Russian separatists when it was shot down by a BUK surface-to-air missile. News had recently come out that the JIT are now ready to lay charges and prosecute three Russians and one Ukrainian national tagged as the prime suspects directly responsible for the massacre.

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International arrest warrants were to be issued on Wednesday and a criminal trial at The Hague was due to begin in March 2020.

Three of the suspects, however, are in Russia and one in eastern Ukraine, out of Kiev’s reach, so they cannot be extradited. Instead, investigators have asked them to present themselves for trial, and warned that the trial will take place with or without them.

The four suspects’ “plan, co-operation and acts have led to the shooting down of flight MH17”, [Dutch chief prosecutor and JIT coordinator Fred Westerbeke said at a press conference in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands].

That the investigation delivered clear, tangible, and actionable results attests to the focus and resolve of all involved in the JIT to see to it that justice is served. This despite facing a world power even more formidable and unfriendly than what Filipinos face today. Westerbeke was very specific in his account of Russia’s participation in the initiative he led for five years…

He accused Russia of refusing to co-operate with the investigation and “that is a slap in the face of all relatives of the victims and the bereaved. I call out to them to start co-operating.”

If the best minds of the Philippines’ cadre of “thought leaders” are too lazy to think beyond their quaint sloganeering, perhaps this example of how the JIT systematically pursued an international case for five years could serve as an example and, more importantly, an inspiration for Filipinos.

Indeed, the JIT are by no means finished as they intend to fry even bigger fish up the Ruissian chain of command.

[Chief constable of the Dutch police, Wilbert Paulissen] said the JIT “want to know who was involved in the decision-making process in the Russian federation” to send military equipment and support to Ukraine.

“We want to get a good overview of the chain of command that contributed to the fact that a buk missile was furnished,” Westerbeke said.

Investigators said this was not the end of their investigation, and appealed for more information about the movement of Russian military units at the time and in the area of the crash.

The Philippines’ ‘woke’ activists need to think past infantile hashtag activism and propose REAL solutions.

It takes courage, resolve, and, more imporantly, brains to mount an initiative as brilliant as what the JIT has pulled off so far. This is a challenge to Filipinos. Do they possess all three of these characteristics to mount a similar project? Or are they content pandering to their world-renowned Victim Mentality to assure themselves their place and their dose of nebulous biblical “justice” in their Almighty God’s “kingdom in heaven” in the “afterlife”? Only time and results will tell.

4 Replies to “Dutch Joint Investigation Team (JIT) pursuing Russians behind 2014 Flight MH17 tragedy show how it’s done”

  1. It’s not gonna happen that the Pro-Russian Ukrainians will heed their demands to extradite those found responsible for this, which is also strange enough that in a war zone there in Ukraine, the International Civil Aviation Organization didn’t bother to call on both sides to divert civilian flight paths away from the conflict zone, and just like the recent incident here, the jingoists and propagandists did their thing and inflamed the situation further for their own benefit and agenda.

  2. The Dutch Joint Investigation Team, is just wasting its efforts to try these three Russians and one Ukranian. They have placed the trial in the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, a court that has no police power to arrest the ” guilty.”

    The suspects in the downing of the Malaysian Airlines, will be tried , “in absentia”, may or may not be found guilty. But, for sure, no one will arrest them; and they will never spend any minute or any second in jaIl. They will never pay any compensation for the victims; and they will never participate in any trial in the ICC “Kangaroo court”…

    This is what the activists, or the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, are trying to do with the Reed Bank incident. Put the case in the ICC “Kangaroo Court”. Have a “Circus Trial”. Proclaim China as the “guilty party”. The Fake mainstream media, will use the incident to foment activism, to cover the failed kudeta, that Trillanes and Lugaw Robredo had initiated and attempted.

    We will see more political activism in regards to this Reed Bank incident !

  3. The real value of intellectuals is not just the value of their intellect but the impact. The distinctive footprints they are able to leave on minds with their wit whilst they live and how such footprints give latter days minds something to ponder over long after they are gone!

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