Bikoy saga: a crooked Philippine media uncritically delivers a crook’s message

The world will never run out of scammers but the big problem, specially in the Philippines, is that mainstream media keep giving air time to them. Recent events in light of the “sudden” emergence of the supposed man behind “Bikoy”, Peter Joemel Advincula prove this.

In our more than a decade of blogging we’ve seen it all. The same modus operandi, specially in desperate times for candidates losing a campaign, still manages to fool people — and conscript the Philippines’ crooked media into the racket. One would at least expect that a bit of originality and innovation would be engineered into these circuses.

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But no. News of “Bikoy” escorted by nuns into the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) to “tell all” before waiting media personnel follows a template going back to the mid-2000s when “whistleblower” Jun Lozada was the poster boy of a media hungry for then President Gloria Arroyo’s head.

It is interesting that media “thought leaders” like Rappler CEO Maria Ressa keep crying bloody “assault on press freedom” when, in fact, the press has long been left free to its crooked devices delivering dishonest “journalism” to their gullible audience. In this instance, the media have simply taken the statements of Advincula, an alleged petty scammer and estafador, and delivered his message straight into the screens of their mass audience without a hint of challenge.

The important detail conveniently left out as reporters scrambled for the scoop yesterday is the fact that Advincula was reportedly Naga City’s most wanted back in 2012.

Advincula admitted that aside from his theft case in Sorsogon, he is also facing charges of illegal recruitment and large scale estafa in Naga City and Albay.

Indeed, very brave. The media are long overdue for a robust critical evaluation. Or perhaps not, seeing that there is, in fact a real media crisis unfolding in these times. But it is not a crisis of “press freedom” as bozos like Ressa are screeching about. It is more a crisis of credibility which, in turn, feeds that other crisis creeping up on the industry and profession — one of relevance.

19 Replies to “Bikoy saga: a crooked Philippine media uncritically delivers a crook’s message”

  1. they even forgot that bong go already showed his back wayback hahaha i think there’s one higher than pnoy.

  2. How far would the Yellow circus masters go to deceive the Filipino people? This latest version of Bikoy, might as well call him Bikoy-koy, which rhymes with kuyakoy, is another of those desperate creations of the Yellowtards to subvert the administration. But the more they do it, the more they’re sucked into the mudhole of their incompetence and irrelevance. Bikoy-koy is a mosaic of Otso Diretso, Ms. Lugaw, Trilliling, Gary Alimango, and their idol Abnoy.

  3. I’d recently read this latest blog from RJ Nieto’s Thinking Pinoy website & he shows a proof & evidences that Peter Advincula aka Bikoy & the Liberal Party had orchestrated & its a well planned to topple down or oust President Duterte through the creation of the controversial video “And To too ng Narco list” & this should be a limelight to the continuous investigation by the NBI & DOJ at sana hindi sila ningas kugon sa imbestigasyon nila:

    So there you go folks & those Yellowtards will never escape the long arms of the law & the threat they’ll receive by the angry Filipinos who are very supportive to our president. They’re days are number! Next step is an impeachment of VP Leni.

  4. The media and opposition won’t investigate nor verify any of his garbage “expose” because “Dragon tattoos” straight of a Hong Kong triad movie is more believable then the adage of “Innocent until proven guilty” and keyword on “Proven” is more of a burden on the accuse than the accuser, and this is telling that a liar, thief, scammer is still doing his rounds without repercussions and is given the time and day by the Church, Media, and a group of lawyers. This is Philippine opposition, media will report but not investigate and the opposition after the media blitz will drop and forget about this, so damn brave of them.

  5. The target audience are not the critical few, but it’s causing confusion on who’s really involved in the drug trade. So if Aling Leni is implicated, there wouldn’t be as much impact. So might as well carry on and not be distracted by the nonsense. They want to divide people’s attention.

  6. I watched this ruckus last night. And I was like, “Is THIS what the Opposition is showing to us? A con man? And the Integrated Bar would stoop so low to make this guy credible?”

    This is laughable day by day. That’s why no one is taking Bikoy seriously.

  7. LoL, makes me wonder if the opposition just lost their marbles. Maybe later on, they’ll claim to have resurrected Leo Echegaray and made him say that he was unjustly executed by Duterte. hehe

  8. will he come to sen Lacson’s invitation? maybe the guy is already dead.
    who is she behind bikoy’s accussations and all these to get rid of pres duterte? i don’t think it’s pnoy.

    1. As long as they’re leading the conversation, they remain relevant.
      Seriously, how can there be so called free press in today’s context?

  9. Would you believe the testimony of a scammer, iiar and thief ? Even if the Dude is escorted by nuns; the Roman Catholic Church itself, has problems of its own on its , priest, bishops of child molestation and other sex cases.

    Journalism has long been dead and buried in our country. Journalist became the propaganda machines of
    crooked politician to further their political agendas. It is now :”prostituted journalism”.

    As the voting comes near, we will find all kinds of “pautot” from politicians and political parties, who have no Platforms, or have no plans to improve the country and our lives. They want to distract all of us from the real issues of this election. They may be even busy planning fro a HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK.

    SO, be on guard !

  10. He whose mouth is out of taste says the wine is flat.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, has been nearly perfected by a person named Peter Joemel Advincula. Pathetic!

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  11. there’s a ‘she’ behind marie xie, the financer and planner to discredit president duterte. this name marie xie is a ghost no where to be found. find the ‘she’ behind them.

  12. The fact that they can get away with this absurd Bikoy story tells us they still have some control over the predictability of Pilipino politics. We shall see if the upcoming elections will turn out to be another joke.

    1. They will again use the USB Flash Drive, loaded with the Votes for the Otso Diretso, with software programs to manipulate the 2019 election, like they did in the 2016 National election.; with the help of the crooked COMELEC…

      At the opportune time, when the votes canvassing will take place…there will be a PAUSE. That will be the time they insert the Loaded USB Flash Drive into the input Port of the SMARTSWITIK machine…then, a HOCUS PCOS will occur again. The COMELEC will declare the “winner” who paid them a good sum of bribe to do the dirty work .

      What a country we really have …Election or no election, the one who can bribe most COMELEC most, will win the election !

  13. if the enemies of the state succeeds in destabilization/stopping the election, president duterte should declare revolutionary government.

  14. Welp, too bad, Bikoy’s retraction issue got buried by media faster than Cocoy Dayao’s issue. By the way, do you guys wanna see Cocoy Dayao?

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